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Training and Development Agency for Schools: a class act - 2006

IPA Effectiveness Awards Case Study

Brief Description: The paper shows that the teacher recruitment campaigns from 1998-2005 have averted a major teacher supply crisis. The campaigns have reversed a situation of rapid decline and recruited an additional 67,000 graduates to become trainee teachers and helped lead to a 70% rise in applications. This rise has allowed training providers to cherry-pick the best candidates, improving quality alongside quantity. The campaigns have repaid the investment and provided savings of £4.9bn. Furthermore, the campaign has helped to increase the quality and quantity of teachers in schools which has made our children measurably better educated; this in turn has helped create a more productive economy and left the next generation better equipped to face the challenges of the global marketplace ;---(TAGS)--- Full Title: A class act : how communications averted the teacher recruitment crisis, 1998-2005 ; Number: 2006/39 ; Brand Name: Training & Development Agency for Schools ; Teacher Training Agency ; Client: Training And Development Agency For Schools ; IPA_ProductCoding: Education (Teacher recruitment) ; Agency: DDB London ; Author: Ric Nicholls, David Bassett, Sergen Ozbek ;


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