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You've been Vinnied - How the BHF taught the UK to save lives

IPA Effectiveness Awards Case Study 2014

Every year around 60,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK, whilst only an average of 7% (4,200) survive. The ‘You’ve been Vinnied’ campaign brought together Vinnie Jones and the Bee Gees to teach Britain how to step in and tackle a cardiac arrest before the arrival of a paramedic. The campaign achieved 86% recognition in four weeks, increased people’s likelihood to perform ‘Hands-only CPR’ from 54% to 71%, and 30 lives to date have been directly saved by people who saw the campaign and employed the technique. With the cost to society of each fatality measured at £1.6m, minus the BHF’s financial investment, this equates to a saving to society of £48.5m.

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