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Foster's - Tackling men's worries, with a 'no-worries' attitude

IPA Effectiveness Awards Case Study 2014

Forty years old and once an advertising icon, Foster’s had lost its way and lost touch with its drinkers. adam&eveDDB decided to look beneath the ritual of male camaraderie so that Foster's could learn to reconnect with a new generation of UK men. They found that the modern man no longer subscribed to the ‘tribal drinker’ ethos, and amidst the banter and fun of drinking, their mates were acting as a sounding board for how to deal with issues of the day. Critically, humour was an important part of how they helped soothe each other’s insecurities. By changing the way beer brands talked to blokes and exporting Australia’s famed ‘no worries’ attitude through a TV-led campaign, Foster’s moved from third place to market leader, delivering £32 of revenue per £1 spent on advertising.

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