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Account Management Breakfast Session: What Clients Want

17/09/2014 Book Tickets

Digital strategy

17/09/2014 Book Tickets

The central focus of the session will be what this new environment means for business planning and to answer the question – so what?


The Future Consumer - Birmingham

18/09/2014 Book Tickets

The future consumer; there is no more B2C or B2B – it’s H2H: Human to Human

Search Certificate Online Exam

18/09/2014 Book Tickets

This is the online exam for the Search Certificate


Account Management Breakfast with Martin Reynolds, Glasgow 2014

19/09/2014 Book Tickets

Making creative briefs brief & creative briefings creative

19/09/2014 Book Tickets

In this course we will explore the key parts of a Creative Brief and how to write them in an inspiring way.

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22/09/2014 Book Tickets

The IPA LegRegs Certificate ensures that agency practitioners especially those interfacing directly with clients in account management are fully conversant with the legal and self-regulatory measures that determine our business.

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The future consumer; there is no B2C or B2B – it’s Human to Human

24/09/2014 Book Tickets

The IPA Head of Insight, Jim Clark, will be presenting his key learnings gleaned from The Future of Consumer Intelligence - which is taking place in Los Angeles this May.


The Future Consumer - Tunbridge Wells

25/09/2014 Book Tickets

The future consumer; there is no more B2C or B2B – it’s H2H: Human to Human

Eff Test Online Exam

25/09/2014 Book Tickets

This is an online exam for the Eff Test

Business Leadership - Commercial Creativity Programme

25/09/2014 Book Tickets

Eff Test

25/09/2014 Book Tickets

The Eff Test is a qualification on effectiveness and measurement for mid-level planners.
The qualification, which combines unscheduled free online learning, with a timetabled paid for online exam, promotes the unique contribution that planning provides and would suit planners with a few years of experience.

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IPA Annual Dinner - Belfast

30/09/2014 Book Tickets

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