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This page provides more information about the Accredited MIPA scheme. Want to register your interest or have any queries? Please email membership@ipa.co.uk

What is Accredited MIPA?

Accredited MIPA is a learning-based personal membership programme, designed in the long-run to put advertising on the same professional footing as accountancy, architecture and the law. It’s part of CPD, our Continuous Professional Development scheme that encourages agencies to provide development opportunities for employees to help build their expertise and enhance their skills. Being an Accredited MIPA will show you’ve met the highest standards.

Four steps to becoming an Accredited MIPA:

1) Sign up to the MIPA pathway

This will give you access to a free, personalised CPD Diary on the IPA website and to IPA qualifications and assessed courses at the discounted member rate. There is no charge to join the pathway if you are employed by an IPA member agency, but if you aren’t, a £600 registration fee will apply. This fee will cover you for 3 years.  See the savings you can make on qualifications and courses via the pathway in the table below.

2) Achieve CPD compliance in each of the previous 3 years

CPD compliance requires you to record at least 24 hours of eligible learning each year using your IPA CPD Diary.

3) Accumulate 5 stars of IPA qualifications and/or assessed courses

You can achieve the 5 stars you need via any combination of the qualifications and assessed courses listed in the box below.

4) Set up your individual profile on the IPA website

Once you have become an Accredited MIPA, you can profile yourself, your qualifications and career highlights on the IPA website. Accredited MIPA status is free if you are employed by an IPA member agency. But if you aren’t, an annual charge of £200 applies (once your 3 years on the pathway have ended).

Once you become an Accredited MIPA, you will have access to the member rates for all IPA courses and qualifications, events and publications.

You will be awarded Accredited MIPA status officially on the date you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

In summary, here’s what you need to do to become an Accredited MIPA:

MIPA calculation pic

Here are the costs of the qualifications and courses listed for members and non-members, not including VAT.  If you are on the pathway, you will have access to the member rates*.

Leg RegsFundamentals
of Branding
Team Leadership
& Management

The Value of Ideas
& Creativity
Eff TestBusiness

Stars &
Learning hours
1 star
8 hrs
1 star
8 hrs
1 star
20 hrs
1 star
20 hrs
1 star
20 hrs
1 star
20 hrs
1 star
20 hrs
1 star
20 hrs
2 stars
35 hrs
3 stars
80 hrs
3 stars
30 hrs
3 stars
24 hrs
4 stars
40 hrs
5 stars
150 hrs
Free Free £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 £250 £2,200 £350 £1,100 £1,000 £5,000
£250 £250 £750 £750 £750 £750 £750 £750 £500 £4,400 £700 £1,650 £2,000 £7,500

Visit individual qualification pages for more details:

*Accredited learning prices are subject to change, please email erika@ipa.co.uk or see individual pages for confirmation of prices.

Got any questions?  Email membership@ipa.co.uk or click here to find out more.


Last updated 07/02/2018

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