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29 IPA member agencies awarded for excellence in professional development

Twenty-nine IPA member agencies have been awarded CPD Gold accreditation for their outstanding professional development programmes. These agencies have made a thorough commitment to learning and an evident improvement to the lives of their agency staff and to the development of their businesses. They were presented with their certificates at the IPA Members’ Lunch today (29 April 2015).


The gold accredited agencies are: 23red, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, Carat, DLKW Lowe, FCB Inferno, Generation Media, Havas Media Group, Hunterlodge Advertising, iProspect, J. Walter Thompson, Karmarama, M2M, Manning Gottlieb OMD, Material, MBA, mcgarrybowen, McCann Manchester, MEC London, MediaCom, MediaCom Edinburgh, OMD, PHD Media, Posterscope, Starcom MediaVest Group, Total Media, the7stars, VCCP, Vizeum, woolley pau gyro.

To achieve IPA CPD Gold accreditation, agencies were required to write a paper which demonstrated the effectiveness of their CPD programme on business success. Their submissions revealed that they take a holistic approach to professional development regardless of the size of available budget and that they show creativity in building an energetic learning culture, in support of real business objectives. The agencies also provided clear evidence that CPD practice is not merely an add-on to operations but lies at the heart of their business, fuelling commercial success.

Full details on IPA Gold CPD Accreditation can be found here.

The IPA’s recent publication Why CPD is good for your business reveals that IPA CPD gold accredited agencies report, on average, have a 65% pitch conversion rate, save over £123k on recruitment fees and have an 85% staff retention rate compared to an industry average of 70% (IPA 2014 Agency Census Survey).

Says Caroline Baldwin, Brand Strategy and Planning Consultant, 2014 Chairman of Judges, “This year we saw the highest standard of submissions to date, with 29 agencies being awarded the coveted CPD Gold accreditation. The judges were extremely impressed with how the winning agencies have truly internalised the importance CPD has on achieving their business goals; the approach they have taken to bringing it to life; and the sheer creativity in how they captured their efforts. Congratulations to all the well-deserved winners!”

Says Patrick Mills, Director of Professional Development, IPA, “Once again IPA CPD Gold Accreditation proves that developing talent is good for business. The bar has been raised yet again in terms of quality of submissions. The breadth of initiatives shown demonstrates the commitment of agencies to CPD and the data shows how valuable it is in terms of client retention, staff retention, pitch conversion rate, improvement in margins and agency growth.”

The IPA’s CPD programme offers inspirational career development and training through engaging and effective courses and award-winning qualifications, ensuring agency practitioners’ skills always match their clients’ needs.

Individual citations for the CPD Gold accredited agencies from the judging panel:


23red’s beautifully presented submission revealed how CPD has been fully integrated into agency life and how it has paid off in business results.

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

AMV BBDO has achieved the enviable feat of combining quantity with quality; this has been enhanced by the agency's persistent search for incremental improvements to a winning formula through its CPD programme. This is an exceptional gold submission.


Carat have showcased their impressive CPD activities, from how they have embraced those made available to them through their parent Dentsu network, and those that have come organically through the Carat culture. It is a winning combination.


DLKW Lowe’s well thought through and elegantly presented submission showed a real feeling of a vibrant and inclusive agency culture, where everybody counts and which delivers results.

FCB Inferno

FCB Inferno clearly believes in CPD as a cornerstone of a successful and happy agency and it is clear that their programme has paid off.

Generation Media

This excellent submission from Generation Media belies their size.  It is clear that they have acknowledged previous feedback and used it to inform their CPD improvements for 2014.

Havas Media Group

Havas Media Group has shown how adopting a strategic approach to CPD can really help to deliver notable business results. Their ‘Our People First’ philosophy is brought to life by an accomplished and creative learning and development team who delivered a comprehensive programme that was effective in underpinning the broader business strategy.

Hunterlodge Advertising

This submission clearly demonstrates that this is an agency applying an effectiveness discipline to CPD across the business to achieve extremely impressive results.


This submission effectively communicates considerable commitment to CPD as a central tool to the success of iProspect.  Evocative testimonials and clear commercial metrics are interwoven to present a compelling narrative. This was an excellent debut from iProspect which comprehensively connects the agency with the broader Dentsu Aegis network as well as clarifying the unique challenges faced by a rapidly growing organisation.

J. Walter Thompson

This submission provides welcome proof of the benefits of involving all sides of the agency in the CPD programme and the subsequent impact this has on business results.


Karmarama has a strong culture which is evident in their submission. They have undertaken a vast amount of CPD activity and have introduced a very impressive new appraisal system.


This extremely impressive submission reveals how focused CPD support resulted in a strong bounce-back.

Manning Gottlieb OMD

This submission shows very impressive business performance following a major restructure, led by an elite course alumnus, which has been supported with a variety of CPD activities.


This is a solid submission from Material, evidencing how by linking the four solid business pillars to some key learning goals it can help to embed a vibrant CPD culture into the agency.


This top-notch submission from MBA includes best-in-class metrics, confident ROI evaluations and deeply impactful testimonial evidence.  CPD at MBA is truly embedded with strong causal links made between CPD and business performance.


mcgarrybowen’s submission shows how the agency is benefitting from membership of the enlarged network, whilst striving to maintain a strong brand identity. They show excellent examples of small and major gains achieved through comprehensive CPD activity.

McCann Manchester

This beautifully presented submission from McCann Manchester details their CPD plan which is supported by some truly great, wide-ranging development initiatives.

MEC London

MEC’s submission detailed their strong metrics and fantastic learning initiatives.  The links they’ve made between their success story at MEC and the genuine CPD that underpinned it are exemplary.


The MediaCom London CPD programme is a showcase of best-practice CPD delivered at scale. MediaCom used a new positioning and a change of business approach to successfully embed, their ‘People First’ philosophy and strategic approach to CPD to great effect.

MediaCom Edinburgh

MediaCom Edinburgh once again submitted a powerful CPD Gold submission.  CPD is clearly important to the agency and how it aligns its business objectives to its CPD activity. What is noticeable is how it takes all the best MediaCom network material and initiatives and embraces them fully, but also adapts them very successfully to their particular situation.


It is clear that OMD really believe in their people development and this is something that touches everyone in the business. Particularly impressive is how they implemented an extensive eLearning programme which had very positive results internally and with clients.

PHD Media

PHD’s 2014 programme was first class and played a key part in delivering excellent results for the business. With the sharing of career profiles, they also demonstrated the beneficial impact that CPD has had for their agency over the longer-term.


This was a very impressive submission as a lot of change, both internally and in the OOH sector has been dealt with in a very professional way and CPD has in many cases led the way in this transition. It’s clear that there is a very positive CPD focus at Posterscope.

Starcom MediaVest Group

Starcom MediaVest Group continue to deliver a CPD programme of staggering scale that is rooted in the strategic needs of the business and that delivers results. The talented and dedicated learning and development team do an outstanding job of ensuring that the training needs of individuals and the business needs of the agency are both well catered for.

Total Media

It is evident that a strong CPD culture has been hard-wired into Total Media from its inception. Seeing so many senior members of the team taking such an active role in the ongoing training and the induction programme is testament to that belief.


The7Stars was awarded Gold this year because of their great people approach with the nurturing of people clearly at the heart of the organisation. The7Stars are clearly a group of happy, motivated and engaged employees, with a great roster of clients who rate them highly.


VCCP have delivered an innovative and large-scale CPD programme that has delivered great results for the agency, their staff and clients. Their drive for ‘Bold Creative’ has also been underpinned by commendable CPD efforts in a notoriously difficult area to fit within conventional learning and development.


Vizeum has shown a strong and clear ambition to be their clients’ most innovative partner, which is brought to fruition through their thoughtful and comprehensive CPD activities.

woolley pau gyro

This submission demonstrates how CPD can act as the driving force for changing the strategic positioning of an agency.

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