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AA counters AHA demand to ban alcohol advertising and sponsorship

The IPA has today welcomed the AA’s response to the Alcohol Health Alliance’s demand that “all alcohol advertising and sponsorship should be prohibited”, in which it states it is unsupported by evidence and undermines constructive change.


Tomorrow, Friday 5 September, the Alcohol Health Alliance – a group of 37 medical bodies, charities and alcohol health campaigners – will hold a “National Day of Action” tweeting, writing to MPs and coordinating press coverage. They claim that alcohol harm costs the British economy £21bn each year and are promoting a 10-point plan for inclusion in party manifestos. 

The AHA’s plan includes the demand that “All alcohol advertising and sponsorship should be prohibited.”

In response, the Advertising Association has provided some key messages about advertising and alcohol harm, outlining why the AHA’s evidence doesn’t stand up, including the following facts:

  • There is no evidence that advertising causes underage consumption or alcohol-related harm. 
  • Where the policy has been tried, it has failed. 
  • The vast majority of people drink responsibly and safely. 
  • Alcohol advertising and marketing in the UK is strictly regulated by the ASA and Portman Group. 
  • By almost every measure, drinking trends in the UK tell a positive story.

View the full briefing document here.

Says Paul Bainsfair, Director General, IPA: “We very much support the AA’s response to the AHA’s 10-point plan and strongly urge our member agencies to read their guidance to equip themselves with the facts to counter these non-evidenced-based demands.”

For additional information, contact the Advertising Association: 020 7340 1100

Last updated 04/09/2014

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