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Bakers Complete and Travelocity tie Grand Prix in the 2005 IPA Effectiveness Awards

The Bakers Complete Dry Dog Food paper by Burkitt DDB and Travelocity paper by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy have been awarded the Joint Grand Prix at the 2005 IPA Effectiveness Awards held at Belfast City Hall last night (30th November), for UK agencies with incomes up to £20m.


The Bakers Complete Dry Dog Food paper by Burkitt DDB and Travelocity paper by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy have been awarded the Joint Grand Prix at the 2005 IPA Effectiveness Awards held at Belfast City Hall last night (30th November), for UK agencies with incomes up to £20m.

This is the first time in the 26-year history of the Effectiveness Awards that the Grand Prix has been awarded to two papers. The Baker Complete paper was recognised for a campaign that propelled the brand to number one in its sector. The Travelocity paper was honoured for rapidly establishing the brand as a market leader.

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Said Les Binet, European Director of DDB Matrix and Convenor of Judges : “The Bakers Complete paper is a classic example of a long-term campaign that created a market leader and still a growing brand from a position of obscurity ten years before. The paper isolates the contribution of advertising to demonstrate the campaigns’ enormous scale of effect. The Travelocity paper shows how a brilliant idea can be brought to life through a clever use of communications channels, transforming the brand with an almost immediate effect on growth, proving that communications can produce big paybacks, even in the short term. Two different, but brilliant campaigns, that proved inseparable for the judges.”

The 2005 IPA Effectiveness Awards are jointly sponsored by THINKBOX and The UTV Group . They are also supported by WARC – the official publishers of the case history material, Xtreme Information, Independent News and Media (Northern Ireland) and Campaign.

Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy was the biggest winner of the night receiving the Joint Grand Prix, Best Idea and a Gold Award for the Travelocity campaign, and Effectiveness Agency of the Year, Best New Agency, and a Gold Award for the Inland Revenue paper. Burkitt DDB was the other big winner of the night receiving the Joint Grand Prix, Dedication to Effectiveness and a Gold Award for the Bakers Complete Dry Dog Food paper.

Special prizes were awarded as follows :
Effectiveness Agency of the Year was presented to Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy
 Best New Learning was awarded to BDH\TBWA for the ATS Euromaster paper
 Best Integration was won by Frame C for the University of Dundee campaign
Best Idea went to Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy for the Travelocity paper
Best Read went to BLM Media for the Roundup Weedkiller paper
 Best New Client was awarded to the Fire Authority for Northern Ireland entry by Ardmore Advertising
Best New Agency went to Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy
Dedication to Effectiveness was awarded to Burkitt DDB for Bakers Complete

Gold Awards were presented to :
 Bakers Complete by Burkitt DDB
Inland Revenue by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy
Roundup Weed killer by BLM Media
 Travelocity campaign by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy

Silver Awards were presented to :
Broadband for Scotland by The Union Advertising Agency
Fire Authority for Northern Ireland by Ardmore Advertising
Hidden Treasures of Cumbria by Alcazar
Northern Ireland Office - Community Safety Unit by AV Browne Advertising
Oral Cancer Awareness by The Bridge
Tizer by BDH\TBWA
University of Dundee by Frame C

Bronze Awards were presented to :
Arriva Busses by Cogent Elliot
 ATS Euromaster by BDH\TBWA
 Blood Donation by The Bridge
 Children’s Hearings System by Barkers Scotland
 First Choice by Walker Media
 Fox’s Biscuits Rocky by PWLC
Lancashire Short Breaks Campaign by Radford Advertising
Noise Awareness by LyleBailie International
Scottish Power by The Bridge
 Silentnight My First Bed by Feather Brooksbank
Unibond Sealant Range by BDH\TBWA
 West Midlands Hub of Museums by BJL Group

There was an even spread of winning papers from across the UK with eight from regional agencies, including five from Manchester, and one from Coventry, Leeds and Newcastle. Seven papers were from Scotland, including five from Glasgow and two from Edinburgh, five from London and three were from Belfast.

Eleven out of the winning 23 winning papers used four or more media channels. Papers awarded Gold, Silver and special prizes used an average of 4.8 forms of media, compared to 2.6 forms of media used by Bronze awarded papers, demonstrating that the more integrated a campaign is, the larger the scale of effect.

Said Les Binet, European Director of DDB Matrix and Convenor of Judges : “The Effectiveness Awards are the gold standard for marketing communications. This years’ winning papers yet again demonstrate, with utmost rigour, the dramatic effects that marketing communications can have on businesses and society in hard financial terms. The new Awards scheme has been a real success as the breadth and depth of quality, from agencies across the UK, was most impressive. These cases demonstrate to the world that small budgets, if used intelligently, can have large effects and document the latest learning in effective communications. This was a strong competition, that showed the value of effective and powerful communications.”

Said The Right Hon. The Lord Heseltine CH, Chairman of Haymarket Group Limited : “The IPA Effectiveness Awards are the true litmus test of how effective advertising can be. These awards demonstrate the crucial role of advertising to the success of businesses as they evaluate the real impact of marketing communications and its central role in shaping the success of a brand. I’d like to congratulate this year’s winners on great campaigns that had profound results.”

“The success of public sector papers at these awards celebrates brilliant campaigns that have generated impressive and crucial results. The success of government-funded advertising demonstrates its vital and justified role in informing the public to the benefit of society and the economy.”

Public sector advertising campaigns triumphed at the awards winning one Gold, five Silver and three Bronze awards including two special prizes. The travel and tourism sector was equally honoured winning the Joint Grand Prix, One Gold, one Silver and four Bronzes including one special prize.

The 23 winning entries from 18 agencies were shortlisted from an original longlist of 48 entries from 27 agencies by the industry specialist judging panel and a client judging panel, chaired by The Right Hon. The Lord Heseltine CH, Chairman of Haymarket Group Limited. Les Binet, European Director of DDB Matrix was the Convenor of Judges, and Richard Storey, Planning Director, M&C Saatchi London was Deputy Convenor of Judges.

The Client Judging Panel consisted of :
Peter Buchanan , Deputy Chief Executive, Central Office of Information
Jeremy Caplin , Marketing Director, UK & Ireland, Nestlé Purina PetCare
Ann Francke , Chief Marketing Officer, Yell Plc
Stephen Grimason , Director of Communications, Executive Information Service, Northern Ireland
Justin Sampson , Director of Customer Relationship Marketing, ITV Sales
Chris Searle , External Affairs Director, Bacardi-Martini UK
Simon Sheard , Group Marketing Director, BUPA
Nick Smith , former Director of Marketing and Strategy, British Gas, Chairman of the Marketing Society
Helen Stevenson , Director of Group Marketing, Lloyds TSB Group

Winning case summaries by award were:


Bakers Complete Dry Dog Food by Burkitt DDB – “10 Years of Success is More than just a Shaggy Dog Story”
Bakers is the story of success with a long-term campaign. The brand overtook the big players to become the UK's number one and fastest growing dry dog food brand. This story starts in 1994 when the dog food market was dominated by tinned 'meat' and Bakers was one of a number of small, dry dog food brands. To challenge behaviour, and the major brands, Bakers needed a significant difference in brand personality, not just product. This led to the idea of 'dogs would choose Bakers', 10 years on this powerful campaign is still running. Bakers achieved both its short-term objective of becoming the market leader and long-term objective of increasing the size of the market. The length of the campaign is testament to the strong sales response, having so far delivered an estimated £58.3 million for the brand.

Inland Revenue – Self Assessment by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy – “Self Assessment: How a change in advertising direction proved that tax doesn’t have to be taxing”
This paper tells how the Inland Revenue took a dramatic change of advertising direction with impressive results. Record numbers of taxpayers are now filing their tax returns on time and internet filing now stands at over 20 times the level prior to launch. Perhaps most remarkably, there has been a dramatic uplift in the sense that the Inland Revenue is changing for the better, and that self assessment is getting easier. Altogether, the campaign has generated savings of £185 million on a total spend of £22.5 million: a return on investment of £8.22 for every £1 invested. Given a fresh insight and a powerful change in advertising direction, even the most difficult marketing task doesn’t have to be taxing.

Roundup Weedkiller by BLM Media – “Making a Killing”
From 2002, Roundup began promoting the benefits of weedkiller with straight-talking advertising, taking it from a failing 3rd ranked outsider to the undisputed market leader in volume and value. Advertising in its first year helped grow the market by nearly 50% and delivered an 86% rise in volume sales. This was despite that fact that Roundup was a very young brand costing 43% more than the advertised competition. TV advertising drove down the perceived effectiveness of the competition and made Roundup the No.1 for key weedkilling properties. In doing so, it has delivered £19m additional sales and millions of extra profit.

Travelocity by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy – “Travelocity – Hello World”
Travelocity started 2004 as a little-known travel brand, overshadowed by its higher spending rivals. But the company saw an opportunity for differentiation by targeting regular online travellers who had been neglected. Travelocity was able to corner the market by stressing its own expertise and by using the ultimate travel ‘Aficionado’– Alan Whicker – to convey this positioning. After 15 months, Travelocity had boosted brand awareness by 54%, visits by 123%, sales by 135% and market share by 44%.  All with the lowest acquisition cost and a return on investment of £5.60 for every £1 spent. This paper demonstrates that you don’t always need to wait to reap the rewards of your communications investment.


Broadband for Scotland by The Union Advertising Agency – “Market Stimulation Campaign”
The paper demonstrates how a £5 million integrated advertising and marketing campaign took Scotland from a position of weakness, addressing a threat to the nation’s future economic prosperity and competitiveness, and generated between £900 million and £1.6 billion annual GDP growth. Prior to the campaign, Scotland was a nation of apathetics, confused and befuddled by the noise and clutter caused by the Internet Service Providers’ advertising. The paper illustrates how a populist idea, founded on a consumer insight of underlying frustration with dial-up technology, provoked the Scottish people into embracing this new technology. The rate of growth in Scotland was three times that of the UK as a whole, during the period the campaign covered.

Fire Authority for Northern Ireland by Ardmore Advertising – “Writings on the Wall”
This case study demonstrates how advertising has educated the public on the causes of fire and fire safety behaviour, raised awareness of safety practices, effected significant change in habitual behaviour, and in turn reduced fatalities and injuries. Human handprints strewn across walls became the creative basis of the campaign across TV, radio, press, outdoor and sponsorship. The communication strategy executed strategic and integrated campaign planning and showed extraordinary results, including a 14% decrease in the total number of household fires year on year, a 12% decrease of overall fire injuries year on year. As a direct result of the advertising 60% of respon-dents were influenced to take practical preventative action.

Hidden Treasures of Cumbria by Alcazar – “Hidden Treasures of Cumbria”
Cumbria includes one of Britain's most popular tourism destinations – the Lake District. The areas outside the central Lake District area are much less visited by tourists and actually have some negative perceptions. The campaign utilized destination marketing to overcome those negative perceptions and attract new visitors to forgotten areas of Cumbria. The campaign broke the mould of UK destination marketing by applying industry-leading audience targeting, a single-minded strategy, distinctive creative execution and a commitment to research to generate substantial results. On a total campaign spend of £315,000 over two years this campaign generated £13.9 million economic benefit for the regional economy.

Northern Ireland Office – Community Safety Unit by AV Browne Advertising Ltd – “Theft from Vehicles”
In the run up to the Christmas shopping season, the campaign set about changing the laissez faire attitude of vehicle owners in Northern Ireland as part of an initiative to drive down instances of theft from cars and vans. The strategy a

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