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Beware changes to BCAP Codes

BCAP has made a number of recent changes to its Codes regarding Sales Promotions, Direct Exhortations to Children and On-screen Text and Subtitling Guidance, as the IPA’s Legal and Public Affairs Director Richard Lindsay outlines below.


Removal of “Sales” from “Sales Promotions” in CAP & BCAP Codes

CAP has now published the new CAP Code title and changes to section 8 of the Code on its website. The full title of the CAP Code is now “the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing”, and section 8 of the Code is entitled “Promotional marketing”.

BCAP has made one small change to one of its rules on alcohol advertising, rule 19.11, to state:

19.11 Advertisements may include alcohol sales promotions but must not imply, condone or encourage immoderate drinking.

Changes to BCAP Code on direct exhortations to children

The pdf editions of both Codes that may be downloaded from the CAP website have also been changed accordingly.

BCAP has made changes to the BCAP Code to ensure that rule 5.9 (which prevents “direct exhortations” to children) is compatible with the law. Since this issue was specific to the BCAP direct exhortation rule, no changes to the equivalent CAP Code rule were needed.  BCAP’s full announcement can be found here.

BCAP On screen Text and Subtitling in Television Advertisements guidance note

BCAP has made a variety of changes to the drafting and formatting of this guidance note, taking an opportunity to tidy up the document and make it clearer for users. A copy of the updated guidance note is available here.

Last updated 25/08/2016

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