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CAP reminds advertisers about Advergames and Cosmetics

The IPA is today drawing its members’ attention to CAP’s update on the do's and dont's when using pre- or post-production techniques in cosmetics advertising and on the rules when using advergames.

Key highlights:

Advergames - "These fall under the ASA's remit and must conform to the rule that ads must be obviously identifiable as such."

Cosmetics - "CAP summarises its help note of April 2011 into some "do's & don'ts"

• Re-touch visuals related to any characteristics directly relevant to the apparent performance of the product
• Use false or artificial enhancements (e.g. lash inserts, artificial nails) for ads promoting the effects of the product on lashes and nails unless it can be shown the effect illustrated is achievable by the consumer without those enhancements.
• Remove skin blemishes or reduce wrinkles in ads making claims for the effects of the products on those areas.

• Ensure that pre- and post-production techniques do not alter the effect beyond what is achievable by the consumer
• Hold evidence (e.g. in the form of ‘before and after’ photographs) to demonstrate how production techniques have been used.
• Ensure that any superimposed text clarifies rather than contradicts a primary claim or visual effect.
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