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Client agency scenarios wanted

As part of the IPA’s upcoming Alliances ADAPTATHONTM (3rd October 2013), we are looking for scenarios to brief our experts with and we want adland’s help!


We are looking for 250 words on a scenario where agencies and clients felt there was a communications and/or relationship breakdown that had a less than desirable impact on joint business performance.

The posts can remain totally anonymous; however, it would be good to know what sort of agency it is as well as the type of project. It would also be useful to know what sort of outcome was expected and why the relationship came unstuck.

The scenarios will be passed to our relationships expert, Julie Hay, Founding Partner of Psychological Intelligence. She will use them as part of her transactional analysis to explain and help optimise behaviours.

The Alliances ADAPTATHONTM is based around the following provocation: "More than ever before transactional short term supply based relationships lead to commoditisation. Whereas long term relationships lead to value added creativity which accelerates top line growth and bottom line profit".

It will highlight the importance of future proofing client agency relationships so they are fit for purpose. Participants will work together in three highly interactive workshops to hack out the future of their relationship; starting as they mean to go on, as well as learning to manage and model it for ultimate success.

To post your comments, visit the IPA ADAPTTM hub or email

Tickets for the Alliances ADAPTATHONTM are available here

Last updated 16/09/2013

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