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Matthew d’Ancona, Amelia Torode and Luba Elliott to debate strategy in the age of post-truth

How will the age of post-truth impact brand strategy?


Matthew d’Ancona, the acclaimed Guardian political columnist and author of Post Truth: The New War on Truth and How to Fight Back; Amelia Torode, Founder of The Fawnbrake Collective and AI Creative Consultant Luba Elliott will be uniting to discuss whether the truth really matters to brands and agencies at ‘Strategy in the Age of Post-Truth: does it matter anymore?’ at The IPA on Thursday 23rd November.

The one-day course on advanced strategic planning will examine how the Brexit and US Presidential campaigns have ushered in an era where the truth can Strategy in the Age of Post-Truth often seem irrelevant.

Following an unpredictable 18 months in politics, ‘post-truth’ (when objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than emotional appeals) was named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries after its usage increased 2,000% in 2016.

The course also features talks from former political pollster and founder of Britain Thinks Deborah Mattinson on what Britain is really thinking, and Mark Bell, CEO of Oliver on why experience is key in the post-truth era.

Says Amelia Torode, “This is a not just a training course for Planners, this is a wake up call. This unique one-day session is for anyone regardless of discipline who would like to focus and sharpen their strategic thinking, it is as applicable and as important to creatives, designers and account managers as it is to planners and strategists. Each session will be followed by a “so what” debate on what to take out and most importantly what to do differently on return to agency life.”

Strategy in the Age of Post-Truth will be held at The IPA on Thursday 23rd November, with tickets from £500 for IPA members and £750 for non-members.

To hear more from Matthew d'Ancona read his blog on whether truth really matters in the age of post-truth.

For more information, and to book your place visit the IPA’s CPD Hub. Join the conversation on Twitter using #PostTruthStrategy

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