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Ensure your ads are clearly identifiable as such

The IPA is reminding its agencies to ensure their marketing communications, from press ads to blogs and vlogs, are obviously identifiable as such so that consumers are not misled. The reminder follows a complaint against Mondelez in respect of vloggers posting videos on YouTube featuring Oreo biscuits which the ASA upheld yesterday (26 November).


The adjudication, in which the ASA concluded that the videos amounted to marketing messages and breached the transparency rules of the CAP Code, can be seen here.

Read the full IPA Legal alert on Transparency of Advertising: ASA Oreos Vlogging Adjudication here.

Says Richard Lindsay, IPA Director of Legal & Public Affairs: “The issue of transparency of advertising has become more prominent as advertisers become more innovative. ASA adjudications over the past few years from Snickers ads on Twitter to the recent Outbrain ads demonstrate that the rules on transparency apply whatever the medium. Advertisers must make sure that their ads are obviously identifiable as such. That applies to everything from press ads to blogs and vlogs. The ASA has made it clear that they expect ad disclosure statements not only to make clear that the content of the video is an ad, but that they feature earlyenough so that the consumer sees/hears the statement before engaging with the content.”

Last updated 27/11/2014

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