Government Consultation on TUPE changes

The Government has issued a Consultation on proposed changes to TUPE designed to help make the legislation simpler and more user-friendly. This follows on from its ‘Call for Evidence’ last year (January 2013) to which the IPA responded.

One of the most significant proposals is to repeal the ‘service provision change’ element under which, contracting out, contracting in and retendering exercises were expressly brought within TUPE’s scope.  This is welcomed by the IPA which has been lobbying for these amendments since 2006. Given the Consultation’s relevance to the advertising industry, the IPA will respond, highlighting industry-specific issues.  

Says Juliet Bawtree, Employment Lawyer, IPA: “The IPA is delighted that the Government is going ahead with a full consultation on TUPE.  It appears that BIS has taken on board business concerns that TUPE is too complex and time consuming to work effectively in its current form.  We welcome the most significant proposal to repeal the ‘service provision change’ sections of TUPE given the substantial effect that these have on the advertising industry. We will contribute to the Consultation and keep our members informed as to any outcome.”

Members are encouraged to submit their own comments via the BIS document.  The Consultation closes on 11th April 2013.

Read the full legal alert here.
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