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If you are of a beardy manner, be likened to our beardy planner...

Hairy, hairy quite contrary,<br/>How does your facial hair grow?<br/>With various gels, and some questionable smells,<br/>Or pretty braids all in a row?


Do you, or someone you know, have a beard to rival the Beardy Planner’s? If so, why not enter the IPA’s Beardy Planner look-a-like competition for your chance to win a ‘Mighty Beard Box’ along with the title of adland’s facial hair extraordinaire.

I’m beardy, what do I do?
You may be beardy, but are you beardyful? Firstly take a long, hard look at his photo and then, if you think you bear a striking resemblance to the Beardy Planner, email your photo to, with your name or the name of the person you’re nominating (with their permission of course), the job title and agency name, and it will be uploaded onto the IPA Facebook page.

The uploaded images will then be available to ‘like’ on Facebook and the person in the photo with the most ‘likes’ will win a ‘Mighty Beard Box’ filled with grooming essentials. So spread the word to your colleagues and friends and they can vote if they believe you have the beard to be revered.

You can enter, and vote, from now until 5.30pm on Friday 6th December. The winner will be announced after the competition closes.

Who is this Beardy Planner?
The Beardy Planner permanently resides in the Plan-o-matic; an interactive machine offering Effectiveness insight and tips. Find out more about the Plan-o-matic.

You can also make conversation with and receive (styling and planning) tips from the Beardy Planner on Twitter @BeardyPlanner, use the hashtag #IPAEff.


The Beardy Planner has been designed as part of a campaign showcasing the IPA Effectiveness Hub - the one-stop-planning shop for effectiveness insights.

The Beardy Planner was developed by Publicis London.

Read the competition terms and conditions.

Last updated 07/11/2013

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