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IPA awards 12 Fellowships

At its Members’ Lunch (25th April 2007), the IPA awarded nine Fellowships and three Honorary Fellowships to individuals who have made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the marketing communications industry.


At its Members’ Lunch (25th April 2007), the IPA awarded nine Fellowships and three Honorary Fellowships to individuals who have made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the marketing communications industry.

The nine new Fellows, which are drawn from IPA member agencies, are:
Jane Asscher (Chairman and CEO, 23red)
Will Collin (Founder, Naked Communications)
Laurence Green (Founding Partner, Fallon London)
Roy Jeans (Chief Executive Officer, International Poster Management)
Gerry Moira (Director of Creativity, Euro RSCG London)
John Owen (Planning Partner, Dare)
Jane Ratcliffe (Managing Director,MediaCom)
Tom Vick (Joint Managing Director, DFGW)
Richard Warren (Group Director of Strategy, Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners)

The three Honorary Fellows are:
Malcolm Earnshaw (Director General, ISBA)
David Wethey (Chairman, Agency Assessments International)
Ian Finlayson (Former Finance Director, IPA)

The individual citations for Fellowships are:

Jane Asscher (Chairman and CEO, 23red)

Jane Asscher has contributed to the Five Year Plan Forum and specifically to the Value Framework project.  She sits on the Value Framework Steering Group and is chair of the new cross-functional working party looking at ‘Getting Paid for Value’.  Jane has written an article for the Supply Management guide to purchasing marketing services; conducted a workshop at the CIPS Marketing Services conference in 2005; and has been interviewed for the second stage of Value Framework research.  Jane also helped both plan and present at the new Magic and Logic evening course ‘Procurement for non-procurement managers’.

Until recently, Jane has also been a member of the Advertising Skills Advisory Panel that supports the Creative & Cultural Sector Skills Council.

Will Collin (Founder, Naked Communications)

Will Collin has been a tremendous advocate and supporter of IPA professional development.  He has been part of the development team behind the IPA Excellence Diploma and has performed the role of Module Editor and Examiner on the Brands and Channel Thinking module for the past two annual intakes, as well as attending a number of associated events. 

Since 2002, he has spoken regularly on IPA 7 Stage training courses such as IPA Stage 4 ‘Excellent Account Planning’ and has supported the IPA’s programmes with tutors and delegates.  Will was also involved in the 2001 Metro project and contributed to the research into senior management development in 2005.

Additionally, Will has been a member of the IPA Strategy Group for over three years and has helped the institute in its liaisons with city analysts.

Laurence Green (Founding Partner, Fallon London)

Laurence Green became a MIPA in 2000, a member of Council in 2004 and has been a key member of the IPA's Value of Advertising Group since 2002.

From March 2003 until November 2004 he held the position of Deputy Convenor for the IPA Effectiveness Awards and in November 2006 he completed his responsibilities as Convenor for the 2006 competition. During this time Laurence has been instrumental in developing the competition to ensure its continuing relevance and has been the catalyst for the new format of the ‘Advertising Works’ books which now include industry-related commentary.  In 2003/4 he also edited Advertising Works and How’– the ITV- sponsored IPA publication which celebrates the learning from 25 years of the competition.  He has also authored a number of articles on effectiveness for the trade press.

In addition to his work with the Value of Advertising Group, Laurence is a key contact for the planning, strategy and new business communities and a keen supporter of the IPA's work in these areas through his attendance and often as a speaker at both internal and external conferences, debates, IPA 7 Stages courses and events.

Roy Jeans (Chief Executive Officer, International Poster Management)

Roy Jeans holds the training portfolio on the Media Futures Group.

Since joining the MFG in June 1999, he has been a key member of the Group, holding a range of responsibilities over the years which have included cinema and the regional press – through to, most recently, the development of the IPA’s ‘Advanced Certificate in Communications Planning and Execution’.

Here, he has not only been responsible, along with Daren Rubins, for fundamentally shaping this new, online course, but also for contributing content and recruiting a wide range of sponsors to assist funding its development costs. To date these sponsors include CBS Outdoor, DDS, Getmemedia, MediaTel, Metro, The Newspaper Society, Thinkbox, Thomson Intermedia and TouchPoints.

Gerry Moira (Director of Creativity, Euro RSCG London)

Gerry Moira is one of the industry’s leading creative people and has been closely involved with the IPA Excellence Diploma since its inception, both as module editor and examiner.

He has been instrumental in stimulating the delegates to experiment with creativity within and outside of the advertising industry as part of the ‘Brands and Creativity’ module.  His contribution, with that of the other module editors, has created what is arguably the world’s best post-graduate qualification in brands and branding.

Gerry has also contributed to IPA 7 Stages, in particular to the most recent addition, the new IPA/D&AD Stage 4 ‘Sharpen your Creative Ambition’ course which is designed to help experienced creative teams develop into the next stage of their career.

John Owen (Planning Partner, Dare)

John Owen was a long serving member of the IPA Digital Marketing Group and elected Chairman in 2003.  During his tenure, the Group has become one of the IPA’s most dynamic groups, producing regular events, championing creativity, addressing best practice and delivering very successful training.  Membership of IPA Digital in the last 12 months alone has almost doubled.

He contributed to the development of the hugely successful inaugural ‘Effective Digital Communications’ course and continues to participate as a key figure in course content and presentation.

John remains a staunch proponent of the IPA’s active role in promoting agency interests in the digital world.

Jane Ratcliffe (Managing Director, MediaCom)

Jane Ratcliffe has sat on the IPA Media Futures Group since 1999, taking only two short breaks for the births of her son and daughter.

During that time she has held several MFG portfolios, notably e-commerce, during which time she oversaw a pioneering study into several of the then new media trading systems.

Since 2003 she has held the press research portfolio, leading the IPA representation on the NRS Board.  Most recently, she has been extremely active in ensuring that agency interests are met in the restructure of the NRS.

Jane’s commitment to the IPA is both consistent and strategic.

Tom Vick (Joint Managing Director, DFGW)

Tom Vick joined the IPA Professional Development Group in July 2002 and took over as Chair in September 2006. He has contributed to several initiatives during his tenure, including Project Jericho, client training and opportunities for senior management development. In particular, he helped undertake research into MBA training and is currently involved with exploring options within the Government-funded cultural leadership programme.

Tom has also represented the IPA on joint industry bodies, such as MSSSB (Marketing & Sales Standards Setting Body) and the Advertising Skills Advisory Panel, reporting to Creative & Cultural Skills.

His commitment to helping improve the business knowledge of our junior managers has been outstanding. He chaired IPA Stage 3 (2002 – 2006) and has spoken on several others. He is also an active supporter of IPA courses, providing both tutors and delegates. In addition, he ran ISBA’s one-day creative briefing and evaluation course for four years.

Richard Warren (Group Director of Strategy, DLKW)

Richard Warren has been a longstanding contributor to the IPA Strategy Group.  He was Vice-Chair July 2003 – December 2004, and then Chair until December 2006.  During his tenure the Strategy Group has established itself as one of the leading IPA communities and has been instrumental in bringing together account planners and strategists from a wide range of member agencies to champion new thinking in the discipline and create a forum for debate.

Richard is a strong advocate of the IPA and has been involved in several initiatives, including the development of the Five Year Plan and the securing of sponsorship from Times Media for the Strategy Group’s conference and series of debates over two years.  He has also spoken on IPA Stage 4 on several occasions and has been highly successful in the IPA Effectiveness Awards, winning two Gold awards.


2007 IPA Honorary Fellows

Malcolm Earnshaw (Director General, ISBA)

Malcolm Earnshaw, the outgoing Director General of ISBA, has been a valued counter-party to the IPA and a longstanding supporter of the advertising industry in general.  Amongst many other contributions, he has:

• supported the joint-industry contracts initiative
• supported and co-funded the production of the joint industry best practice guides
• supported and co-funded the tripartite Value Framework initiative with the IPA and CIPS which has resulted in the publication of Magic and Logic and continuing work on improving the client/agency relationship
• been instrumental in the successful negotiations with Ofcom which resulted in the sub-contracting to the ASA of the regulation of broadcast advertising and delivered the essential client support and funding for the resultant ASA ‘one-stop shop’.

David Wethey (Chairman, Agency Assessments International)

As a former independent agency head with many years service, David Wethey has a sound historical perspective on the industry and a strong emotional bond with it.  In his capacity as intermediary between client and agency on both pitching and relationship audits, he has proved to be fair-minded, collaborative and a thought-leader.

During 2005 and 2006 David was lead author on the joint industry best practice guide, Agency Remuneration, and made a significant contribution to its development, presentation and subsequent promotion.  In particular he articulated why the industry should move away from the ‘default setting’ of the resource package fee to remuneration systems which reward agency outputs and outcomes, not just inputs.

Most recently, David was involved in the development of Magic and Logic, published by the CIPS/IPA/ISBA Value Framework tripartite.

Ian Finlayson (Former Finance Director, IPA)

During his tenure as IPA Finance Director from 2001 to 2006, Ian Finlayson made a very significant contribution to the IPA.

In particular he was instrumental in restructuring the IPA’s finance department, introducing rigorous cost controls and management reporting.  With the then Hon. Treasurer, Peter Walker, and through the IPA Finance Committee, he helped reform the IPA subscription system.

The result was a much stronger financial position, such that the IPA was able to embark on an extensive renovation programme at 44 Belgrave Square, the ambitious TouchPoints research project, and enter into negotiations with the Grosvenor Estate to secure a new 125-year lease.

In his role as Secretary to the IPA Finance Policy Group, he facilitated the development of the joint industry best practice guide Agency Remuneration, and helped the annual IPA Finance Conference secure new sponsors.
Additionally, Ian played an important role with Media Circle, serving on their Board, and helped assimilate the Healthcare Advertising Agencies Group (HAAG) and their annual 'Best of Health' creative awards into the IPA.

Ian has now returned to his home in Australia.

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