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IPA commends outstanding learning cultures of 11 member agencies

Eleven IPA member agencies were today (22nd April 2009) awarded a Gold Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation at the IPA Members’ Lunch, for their exceptional people development programmes.


Eleven IPA member agencies were today (22nd April 2009) awarded a Gold Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation at the IPA Members’ Lunch, for their exceptional people development programmes.

Says Patrick Mills, IPA Director of Professional Development, “Annual CPD Accreditation is now in its tenth year and is a mandatory requirement for all agencies to continue in IPA membership. However, the vibrancy of the learning cultures of these specific agencies is commended and their higher level achievement is recognised by awarding them with this special Gold CPD Accreditation.”

The awarded agencies include:

Bartle Bogle Hegarty
All the elements of BBH’s CPD are exemplary, from business planning to the systems in support of personal development. There is a rich spread of learning activity across all departments, with the agency’s most senior management actively participating and leading by example.  This is an agency that fully understands how its development goals can help drive its business success.

DDB London
DDB’s is an all-encompassing thorough submission, impressive in both its quality and scale. The company’s training plan is extremely well-focussed in support of three clearly-defined business objectives, whilst also encouraging the pro-active and spontaneous involvement of all staff.  Here also, it is pleasing to note the participation and good example of the agency’s senior management team.

GT London
The submission from GT London clearly demonstrates how learning and develop-ment can be ingrained in the fabric of an agency.  The delivery of professional development has style, wit, charm and everything is seamlessly interlinked. Staff are well looked after through comprehensive and innovative inductions and appraisals; and they are kept up to date on courses and learning available through a brilliant monthly newsletter.

Hunterlodge demonstrated its commitment to excellence in all aspects of its people management by fully incorporating CPD practice into its way of working.  With the Founder and Managing Director managing the CPD programme, the staff benefit from a huge amount of managerial input, an excellent appraisal process and extensive use of in-house mentoring. This was a focussed training plan compiled with genuine strategic skill.

McCann Erickson Advertising Ltd
The participation of McCann Erickson in the CPD initiative is led by a clear vision from senior management, which is efficiently and imaginatively executed by the Training Manager. The agency’s submission stands out for the sheer enthusiasm with which it embraces learning and development, for its excellent appraisal process and its first-class induction programme.

McCann Erickson Communications House (Manchester)
This agency has a clear philosophy running through the business, which the whole learning and development programme is in tune with.  Everyone in the agency benefits from senior management down, and there’s investment in ‘Stars of the Future’ and a summer school for the next generation of employees. This submission shows the agency to be fizzing with energy and committed to ensuring staff thrive: it is clearly a great place to work.

MediaCom Scotland
Over and above its formal core craft skills training, MediaCom Scotland brought about attitudinal and behavioural change amongst its workforce, through its excellent ‘Time 4 Change’ programme. All employees had access to personal coaching and mentoring and provided quarterly confidential feedback on their progress. By putting their people first, the company helped to drive its business success in 2008.

Mediaedge:cia demonstrates a robust and intelligent approach to its people development, consistent across all aspects of its CPD practice, but exemplified particularly in the new format of its personal review and development planning. A refreshingly straightforward and user-friendly process, it integrates easily with the focus of the agency’s business, while attending to individuals’ career aspirations.

Posterscope’s submission conveys a genuine sense of its knowledge academy being used to support the company’s strategic positioning. The planning of the agency’s professional development goals is impressive, as is the approach to inductions and appraisals. Staff at Posterscope benefit from an unusually high number of average learning hours, notable for their quality as well as quantity.

The Searchworks International
The company’s strong commitment to developing its staff is palpable. Employees enjoy a huge range of learning opportunities and one of the highest levels of development time in the industry. Development goals are well planned and The Searchworks International runs an exceptional induction programme of the highest quality.

Total Media
Total Media deliver all aspects of the required CPD standard in a comprehensive and thoroughly professional manner. A very broad programme of learning activities is provided to meet the company’s development goals and staff are supported via excellent induction and appraisal processes. Further rigour is introduced to the business plan by encouraging staff to define how they will contribute to the key areas of the business.

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