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IPA issues statement on poor pitch practice

IPA Director General, Paul Bainsfair, has today reiterated the IPA's stance on poor pitching practice.


“We deplore any kind of poor pitch practice by brands that exploits agencies.

We have been working hard over past couple of years to address this through Ian Priest’s ADAPT agenda to engage with clients and agencies on the issues of pitching and rewarding performance. In doing so, we believe we have been dealing with the root of the problem through education, case studies and tools, such as the relationship contract, in order to help clients and agencies engage in mutually beneficial, longer-term, more valuable working relationships. View the alliance and performance documents for more information.

We will of course continue to monitor and highlight bad pitch practice and attempt to shame the guilty parties.

Regarding late payment practices, we have responded to and are supporting the Government in their proposed new law on this, which can be viewed here

As we have pointed out, late payments are the opposite of corporate social responsibility, something so many clients hold in high esteem.”

Last updated 08/04/2015

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