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Sign up for free relationship counselling

Clients and agencies are joining forces to undertake free relationship counselling, with the view to help strengthen client agency relationships.


The initiative is being offered by the IPA as part of the first strand of President Ian Priest's ADAPT agenda, focussing on alliances. You can sign up confidentially by emailing

The first Adaptathon saw clients and agencies hack out the future of their relationships. To assist with the process, the IPA, in conjunction with relationship counsellor, Alison Bone will be offering free consultations; workshops and drop-in surgeries to help IPA members and their clients create better relationships. The sessions will be available for the next one hundred days.

Clients and agencies, who think their relationship would benefit from Transactional Analysis intervention, should enter the IPA Relationship Challenge to receive pro bono support. The IPA will provide up to five free private sessions, in return for participation in a controlled experiment which will be written up anonymously.

Also on offer are theory into practice workshops that investigate the use of Transactional Analysis at work. These half-day workshops are being held in October, November and December. In addition, the IPA will run Transactional Analysis surgeries on a fortnightly, drop-in basis until December

Says IPA President, Ian Priest; "Relationships are the high road to collaboration. I want to see a headline in the press that says 'number of pitches falls'; because we should be celebrating the length of our existing client-agency relationships rather than just focusing on the number of new pitches we are taking part in. In order to achieve this aim, clients and agencies must open themselves up to analysis and confronting issues that may otherwise lead to a breakdown in relations."

Says Alison Bone; "Ideas and thinking from the world of Relationship Counselling can be very useful when applied to the working environment. Using these models we can review patterns of interaction, understand and learn to manage intensity, solve problems and renew our capacity to enjoy life. This is a great opportunity for IPA members to explore their work challenges in a safe setting."

For further information about the 100 day Adapt Experiment please email Find out more about the ADAPT agenda.

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