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IPA relaunches copy test in search for new talent

The IPA is relaunching the copy test to help agencies find new writing talent. The test is free and will be available from tomorrow (22nd May) at


The IPA is relaunching the copy test to help agencies find new writing talent. The test is free and will be available from tomorrow (22nd May) at and will be vigorously promoted via university careers offices and the IPA student database.

As well as an explanation about the test and how to take it, the IPA copy test landing page also explains what it takes to be a copywriter, what agencies are looking for in a copywriter, a day in the life of a copywriter, the placement opportunities that are available, and examples of award-winning copy to inspire future wannabes.

The new test will also form an essential part of the entry criteria for this year’s IPA Summer School* competition where graduates and undergraduates from all backgrounds and disciplines can win work placements in agencies over the summer, and attend the IPA Creative Summer School. (The deadline for the IPA Creative Summer School is 12th June. For further details, please contact

In addition to the competition, candidates will also be invited to enter their work into a copy showroom to which IPA member agencies will have access, and in which they will be able to view new writing talent.

Neil Francis, a member of the IPA Creative Forum and Creative Director at Stephens Francis Whitson, is leading the initiative and says: “In recent years the copy test has faded away, deemed unnecessary in a world of advertising degrees, media studies courses etc. But the very reason for having a copy test is more relevant than ever. We are an industry that thrives on diversity and we need to draw people in from a greater variety of backgrounds and interests.”

“We also know that despite the plethora of media and advertising degrees, very few colleges treat copywriting as the specialism that they should, and that student teams are encouraged to think almost entirely conceptually. So it’s little wonder that we’re not finding the writing skillsets we’d all like to see in our graduate intakes. The industry is doing what it can to engage with the tutors on various courses but this still leaves us with a huge and interesting untapped pool of potential talent. The people out there that didn’t know they wanted a career in copywriting at the age of 12, and who now, with a bit of life experience in things other than advertising, would like to get into the business of writing for money.”

*The IPA Summer School is open to 1st/2nd/3rd/final year students and will run from the 6th July 2009 for five weeks. (The deadline to enter the IPA Summer School has now passed).



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