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New: effective marketing strategies for food and drink brands PDF

In this free report, Andy Nairn explores the challenges faced when advertising in this sector.


The Databank consists of over 1,200 case histories entered into the IPA Effectiveness Awards since 1980. Two hundred and seventy seven papers, spanning four decades and covering 200 brands is being launched today (27th September 2013).

British households spend over £90.5 billion on the food and drink category every year and manufacturers spend in excess of £751 million on advertising. Many of the UK’s most well-known brands are in this sector. Written by Andy Nairn, Founding Partner at Lucky Generals and a former convener of judges of the IPA Effectiveness Awards, it explores the link between advertising and effectiveness within this category.

The case studies are drawn from entrants to the IPA Effectiveness Awards, the longest-running and most robust advertising effectiveness scheme in the world. The report is free to download and highlights the big issues faced by the sector.

It discusses the key ways in which advertising can be used to face these challenges and citing case studies by way of example. Says Andy Nairn; “Food and drink advertising is data-rich and campaigns tend to be thoroughly monitored with far fewer methodical difficulties. The latest evidence shows that the most successful brands combine a long-term view with short-term activity, but that the balance should be in the former’s favour. Advertising is an essential part of the food and drink industry. This study – the largest of its kind ever undertaken – shows that communications can work in many different ways, to help manufacturers overcome the key business problems which they face in these challenging times”.

Advertising effectiveness is often more easily proven in this sector than elsewhere, with the long-term benefits being frequently more pronounced. For more than three decades the IPA Effectiveness Awards have set the global benchmark for excellence by requiring entrants to provide detailed proof that they generated a return on their marketing investment to separate juries of advertisers and industry leaders.

The IPA has just launched a new Effectiveness hub for the Awards; it is designed to be a treasure trove of learning and inspiration, where all the past effectiveness awards papers and case studies will be collated in a user friendly way.

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