Nicola Mendelsohn addresses industry

Last night (10th January 2013) at the annual President’s Reception, IPA president Nicola Mendelsohn spoke about highlights and achievements from the past year, and looked ahead at what’s in store over the coming months in 2013.

Mendelsohn said “Naturally at this time of year we are all prone to making New Year’s resolutions that many of us will try and keep. But it's also a time of year when we can all reflect on what we've accomplished and what we can get better at. I have been so proud to serve the IPA. It has been of great importance to me – like many of you – from our first days in the industry to now.

The essence of what we do has remained but there have been many changes in how, where, what and when we do it. Our industry with its mix of science and art, of creativity and measurement is always evolving in a more precise and creatively demanding way.

And more than anything else for me, our industry and the IPA is about never being complacent – and taking risks, engaging with those who are already making a difference, and always thinking, ‘how can we make it even better?’”

Read the full speech.
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