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Oystercatchers, The Observatory and AAR come out top in Q1 2013 IPA Post-Pitch Survey

The IPA’s new Post-Pitch Survey (Thursday 16th May 2013) reveals that in Q1 2013 Oystercatchers, The Observatory and AAR were viewed by agencies as the top three intermediaries, achieving scores of 75%, 71.5% and 60% in positive performance ratings respectively.


Moreover 50% of respondents indicated the performance of an intermediary where applicable, was excellent or very good, and a further 27% described it as good. Only 9% described it as poor.

In just over 40% of instances intermediaries were identified as being involved in the pitch, with the extent of their involvement having a positive impact upon overall perceptions of pitch management. Positive affirmations on the various stages of the pitch process increased in some cases significantly, the more intermediaries played a part.

Overall management of the pitch process was deemed by 29% of respondents as excellent or very good, with a further 30% describing it as good, 22% viewed it as poor.

Says Ian Priest, IPA President, “We are all too aware of the important role that intermediaries play in the pitch process, alongside clients and agencies. Last year over 400 pitches were conducted in adland so it is vital that we are as proactive as possible in this area. Both clients and agencies need to adapt together to continue to improve how we pitch and when we pitch, to achieve best practice for the benefit of all parties. We hope that the introduction of this survey will go some way in helping achieve this, and will ensure professionalism in an ever changing landscape.”

Areas seen to be done well during the pitch process in general include the business opportunity being clear from the outset, timetables and deadlines being agreed and kept, and RFIs being clear and concise. Areas where there is room for improvement include the client’s budget being clearer upfront, greater clarity about the numbers of agencies involved in the pitches, and ensuring adequate access to key stakeholders.

The IPA Post-Pitch Survey, formerly referred to as the New Business Monitor, for Q1 was completed by its member agencies with 79 responses received, representing 71 pitches.

Q2 results will be published in July. Any member agencies who would like to complete this survey can contact Zoe Mitchell on


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