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Submit your social media case studies

#IPASocialWorks – a unique multi-industry initiative from the IPA, MRS (Market Research Society) and the Marketing Society - is calling on agencies and clients to submit their social media case studies by 31st January 2014 as part of a drive to identify good practice in social media effectiveness and measurement. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are sponsoring the project which will be rolled out globally.


The first stage of the research has involved an analysis of 100 publicly available case studies, in-depth case interviews, a peer review by leading social experts, exploration with measurement experts and a review of many of the existing research reports, to pinpoint what seems to be working in social, how, and some of the metrics used. The results can be found here.

Further robust social ROI case studies are required to create a comprehensive knowledge bank of effective social campaigns in order to provide blueprints of best practice in social and to build on future industry learning and measurement. Any agency or client interested in submitting a case study can contact by 31st January 2014.

Submissions should include a clear narrative and evidence of the KPI/metrics used to measure the commercial value of the work to the client.

The pioneering #IPASocialWorks project will create a comprehensive knowledge bank of effective social media; it will report on robust methodologies for measuring its commercial impact and will produce a detailed ‘how to' guide on the various research techniques.

Says Stephen Maher, Chairman, Marketing Society, and CEO, MBA: “Social media is already a cornerstone of the communications strategies of many brands. And yet a lot of the commercial rigour that is applied to other activity is often not applied to social media. It’s new of course and so there’s no effectiveness legacy such as there is in TV - and the platforms are changing all the time - but there’s a real opportunity now to provide definitive guidance as an industry on measuring social media’s true business impact. Our #IPASocialWorks initiative has just started this journey and we will continue to review as many cases as come forward, with a plan to ultimately deliver to the industry the best practice in measurement of ROI that social truly deserves.

Last updated 16/01/2014

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