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The Beardy Planner is in the house

The IPA Eff Fest tomorrow (Tuesday 15th October 2013) will exclusively feature the Plan-o-matic; an interactive machine offering insight and tips to planners. The machine is based on ‘Zoltar Speaks’ which famously transported Tom Hanks back to the age of 12 in the movie Big.


The life sized device will give attendees at the Eff Fest the unique opportunity to “Ask the Beardy Planner”, with a modern twist. Just scan the QR code on the box using a smart phone, and the Beardy Planner will respond with insights and wisdom for anyone looking for new strategic direction for a brand. The Beardy Planner will also direct users to the IPA Effectiveness Hub, the one-stop-planning shop for effectiveness insights. Some of the knowledge offered by the Beardy Planner includes:

  • Crank up the emotion with a need state.
  • Tradition might be the future.
  • Involve consumers as partners.
  • Be imaginative with data.
  • Think longer term.

The user is then able to see a more detailed explanation behind the tips.

The Beardy Planner has been designed as part of a campaign showcasing the IPA Effectiveness Hub. The campaign will continue in the form of posters sent to member agencies so the Beardy Planner can keep on offering Effectiveness insights even after he has left the building.

The Beardy Planner was developed by Publicis London.

Last updated 21/10/2013

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