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Behavioural Economics - Let's get practical Lets get practical

Let’s get practical is a compilation of IPA member learning about the application of Behavioural Economics principles to the real world of client briefs, problem solving, campaign planning and execution. The publication contains nine live case examples from member agencies; practical guidance on running a Behavioural Economics workshop; an investigation into relevant Behavioural Economics principles by sector; a think piece from President Rory Sutherland (2009-2011); a section on Behavioural Economics and TouchPoints; and finally an overview of Behavioural Economics’ integration into Professional Development.

We're All Choice Architects Now: Second edition

We’re All Choice Architects Now 2 explains how everyone uses Choice Architecture to answer questions, large or small and outlines the different biases that need to be considered as well the two principles of Choice Architecture that should always be applied to any marketing campaign: relative choices and all effort counts. It also contains marketing examples to draw on and an outline of the first findings and reaction from the IPA ‘Test and Learn’ Workshops, where IPA agencies responded to four different clients briefs from a solely Behavioural Economics angle.

Click here for more information/download PDF of 'We're all Choice Architects now' first edition

Behavioural Economics - Red Hot or Red Herring?

Behavioural Economics - Red Hot or Red Herring? is the first in a series of publications the IPA is creating around the topic of Behavioural Economics and its potential application to the advertising industry. Covered in this publication is a brief introduction to and history of Behavioural Economics and an outline of several of its key principles as they relate to advertising.

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