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IPA Scotland Student Advertising Awards 2016 Shortlist

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for this year’s Student Advertising Awards. Links and summaries for all the entries can be found below.

Announcement of the winners will be made on 12th May at the IPA Scotland 50th anniversary party in Edinburgh. Email if you would like to join us.

Mo Sriskulpinyo from University of Edinburgh

Summary: Loris is a downloadable app that connects to the energy meters within households to monitor and display useful data in real-time to help people save money, energy and wildlife.




Dora Shen from University of Edinburgh


Summary: Many people set their screen brightness to the highest setting, requiring their devices to be charged more frequently, which in turns increases carbon footprints.  This specially designed keyboard cover highlights which key to press to reduce screen brightness levels.




Julie Geiger & Corina Cristea from Edinburgh Napier University

Climate Change Challenge 2020 from Julie Geiger on Vimeo.

Summary: To save the planet this campaign encourages parents to become their children's green superheroes.  The message will be delivered via an ecological fair which will educate families on how to take action for the environment.




Laura Scott & Kendra Bodles from Edinburgh Napier University

Summary: This campaign uses the humble worm – the recyclers of the planet – to highlight the extent to which humans waste food, the subsequent money they lose and the harm this does to the environment.  This idea could be used in television sponsorship spots, as well as physically brought to life through worm composters for people’s homes.




Diarmuid Corkery & Diana Skof from Edinburgh Napier University

Summary: The smartphone app "standby me" identifies and switches off all appliances which are on standby at any one time, saving both money and the environment.  It also takes the form of a game in which a character moves, but only when all appliances are turned off.  This allows individuals to win environmentally-conscious prizes and see how much money and energy they are saving each month.




Mirjam Perkmann & Chris McCance from Edinburgh Napier University

Summary: According to Malcolm Gladwell, 150 is the tipping point at which the action of individuals becomes a movement, hence this solution: the ‘150’.  The ‘150’ habituates greener behaviour through galvanising a community via a nomination chain - up to 150 people in each chain - that is fun and meaningful, while also offering financial rewards.  Individuals can share their eco-friendly behaviour and build their chains through a website and app.

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