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MIPA Accreditation Terms and Conditions

Accredited MIPA is the IPA’s new badge of accreditation for advertising practitioners who can demonstrate their professional credentials. These are the MIPA Accreditation Terms and Conditions.

An important message from the IPA Membership Director

Congratulations on qualifying to apply for Accredited MIPA status, the IPA’s new badge of accreditation for advertising professionals. However, with the prestige of being an Accredited MIPA come certain responsibilities, and in order to proceed with your application, you must first read the following terms. If you agree with these terms, please tick the box at the end to confirm your acceptance of them. If you do not agree with these terms and do not tick the box, you will not be able to proceed with your application.

    • I confirm that, in accordance with the section How could I become an Accredited MIPA?’, I have achieved CPD accreditation (which requires the completion of at least 24 hours of eligible learning and development activity annually) in each of the previous three years, as well as at least five stars of IPA qualifications;
    • I understand that I shall be awarded Accredited MIPA status officially when I tick the box at the end to confirm my acceptance of these terms and conditions, and that this shall be my award date;
    • I understand that my Accredited MIPA status shall be valid until the end of the first full calendar year following my award date, after which in order to renew it for each subsequent year, I shall need to have achieved CPD accreditation for each preceding year (in accordance with the section What would I have to do to retain my Accredited MIPA status?’);
    • I understand that for such time as I qualify as an Accredited MIPA, I shall be required to use the IPA’s CPD Diary system (rather than my agency’s or any other) to submit for annual CPD accreditation;
    • I understand that, should I cease to be employed by an IPA member agency, I shall be required to pay a non-refundable fee of £200 (exclusive of VAT) to retain my Accredited MIPA status for the following 12 months, in accordance with the section What would happen if I were an Accredited MIPA but ceased to be employed by a member agency?’;
    • I understand that, should I lose my Accredited MIPA status at any point (by failing to maintain my annual CPD accreditation and/or to pay my annual fee, if applicable, within the stipulated terms, or for any other reason), I would immediately lose my entitlement to use the designation Accredited MIPA after my name and my Accredited MIPA profile on the IPA website would be removed, in accordance with the sections What would happen if I failed to maintain my CPD compliance? and What would happen if I were an Accredited MIPA but ceased to be employed by a member agency?;
    • I consent to the information contained in my Accredited MIPA profile appearing on the IPA website and to my name being included in any advertising or promotional materials relating to the Accredited MIPA scheme;
    • I shall notify the IPA (by emailing of any changes to my employment and/or contact details;
    • I shall be bound by the provisions of the IPA Rule Book pertaining to Personal Members (including any amendments to them) and by any other relevant rules and regulations of the IPA in force and as are notified to members from time to time;
    • I shall conduct myself at all times in a manner that upholds the reputation and standing of the IPA and its members, and shall do nothing that might discredit the IPA, any of its members or the advertising and marketing communications industry in general; and
    • I shall not, expressly or by implication, disparage other IPA members, either corporate or personal, or suggest a lack of professionalism in their work.

    Please also note the following:

    • The IPA may change these terms from time to time at its sole discretion. Any revised terms and conditions will be applicable from the date of publishing on the IPA website. Please ensure that you review these terms regularly as you will be deemed to have accepted a variation if you continue as an Accredited MIPA.
    • These terms are in addition to and run concurrently with the general terms of use of the IPA website and the associated privacy policy to which you have agreed already.

    Should you have any queries about any of these terms, please email

    Last updated 05/03/2018

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