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Women of Tomorrow Awards 2016 Winners

200 entrants. 36 finalists. 13 winners.
Here are the outstanding women who have been named the IPA and Campaign's Women of Tomorrow 2016.

Read Bianca's submission

I am a Managing Partner of iProspect, London. I lead the agency’s Direct client services team & am impassioned by our people agenda. I drive client happiness & growth & inspire my team to do the same. I love my role & am fiercely proud of iProspect; the proposition, the brilliant brains & our impact on the industry. At home, I am equally as proud of my 4 sparkling children.

There are 4 pillars underpinning why I'm a Woman of Tomorrow (beyond my offspring ;-) ).


My ability to connect with people is pivotal to my success. I'm warm. I smile. I form strong, trustful, positive bonds with clients & colleagues alike that enable genuinely mutually enjoyable work. Building ties founded in honesty, expertise & collaboratively identified goals make negotiations & challenges easier. I achieve high CRR scores & regularly leave meetings to find a heartfelt, personal request to mentor an attendee freshly l&ed in my inbox. I'm currently mentoring 4 rising stars & designing a broader mentorship programme for ambitious young women in the agency.


I work hard to be an exemplary, directive & motivating leader. I make it known I enjoy what I do & will unfailingly honour client & colleague promises & deadlines. Infectiously enthusiastic, I raise the energy in a room making meetings more positive, productive & focused. Having introduced fortnightly Client Leadership Invigorators I've successfully driven collective higher performance with tighter client services team unity.

My 'nurturing' line management & passion for CPD enhances staff retention successfully avoiding churn in my team, a real challenge in our promiscuous industry.

Being a full time working mother, I am perceived as a role model & frequently approached confidentially by women nervous about entering the realms of juggling family & work. I feel privileged to be able to reassure them & am seizing this ambassadorship to drive our 2016 Women in iProspect programme which launches Feb '16.

3. Commercial Savviness

Having run my own business, I am fastidiously commercially astute & fervent at driving profitability for both clients & the agency alike. Business results speak for themselves with agency revenue growing at an unprecedented rate. I am quick to renegotiate contracts where staff utilisation puts margin at risk & continually seek out & propose client growth opportunities.

4. Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway Mindset.

I have always taken risks in life. Setting up my own business in 2005, taking a board level role in a huge network with 4 young children, initiating & running a public speaking forum to combat my own fear of public speaking (to a terrifying first audience of 100), offering to step up & lead high profile projects eg iProspect's Agile Working agenda, to joining the IPA's PDG board. I feel afraid but push myself to sit on my shaking h&s & grow. I mindfully reflect each night on what I've done well & how I could be better, how I can use my strengths to deliver even greater business outcomes, how my work in iProspect impacts the broader Dentsu Aegis goals, how my personal energy & experience can be best used to inspire & motivate those around me. I've even now designed a 'Be the Best That YOU Can Be' programme initiative for the client services layer at iProspect.

In summary, I'm an authentic, positive, solution-centric Woman of Tomorrow driving results & most importantly enjoying the ride whilst doing so.


Read Karen's submission

My role is to move brands forwards, weaving together ideas and people using technology as an enabler. Whilst leading brands to achieve their ambitions through clever and innovative use of tech is part of my everyday, what really excites me is what's around the corner and the anticipation of what I might see when I turn it.

I can't turn my brain off, I'm constantly hatching plans, playing with tech, learning code, prototyping and seeking out cool 'stuff'. The question you'll hear me ask most is 'What else can we do?' In tomorrow's world brands have to cut through an increasingly cluttered space by connecting content and functionality. The bar is set high, so mine is too.

I'm a challenger, an instigator and a driver. But I know that you're only ever as good as the team around you so I invest a lot of time and effort into building teams as well as products and brands.

In the past I've taken unconventional approaches to recruiting and building those teams, breaking old school rules along the way to find the best talent and get them on board. In a previous role when HR couldn't find me the pan-europe team I needed for a client, I pulled my creative lead into a room and we hatched a world first social recruitment scheme that we designed and built in a week. We launched it, had over 1,500 applicants and hired the three people we needed. They still work for that brand today and are rising stars I'm very proud of.

When I joined adamandeveDDB I got asked a lot of questions about my experience in tech. A lot of the questions came up several times, so I lined up a series of guest speakers to come in and share their expertise on everything from Virtual Reality to Neuroscience, I ran six hour long sessions with huge attendance each time, the excitement was fantastic and the energy that came from what tech can do became infectious.

I love to write and share my musings, I've had a blog longer than most brands, it breaks geeky things down into simple bite size digests and due to it's jargon busting nature it's amassed a following of clients and piers alike. I also guest blog for others, and have most recently started a regular column for AdMap following my debut article for them on Artificial Intelligence and what it means for the future of brands. I sit on judging panels and speak at events, run workshops and collaborator sessions, hackathons, tech offs... the list goes on. If there's a spare minute, I'm looking to make the most of it.

I'm always looking for ways to be a better leader but more importantly, how to develop better leaders. Not just in those clever bods with me everyday but in our next generations. I believe passionately that an idea can come from anywhere and that diversity lends to better creativity, so when the working day ends I also give a lot of my time to mentoring the next generation of clever innovators, from schools to universities.


Read Olivia's submission

Olivia is a leader who makes the world a better place to live in.

A bold statement but when you look at what she has done you will see why.

She represents a new breed of 'authentic' business leaders in advertising who lead by example, by doing the right thing, and understands how advertising can be deployed as a force for social change.

She joined AMV in 1999 from Cambridge and rose through the ranks of account management to the agency Board in 2006, aged just 28. At AMV, she initiated and led the agency’s charity and cause-related programme, and brought in Samaritans and Kids Company as pro bono clients. She led accounts that made a real societal impact, such as DfT’s Think! campaign – which saw a decline in road casualties and accidents of 12% and 11% respectively during her tenure.

In 2008, she joined 4creative where her passion and drive for using creativity as a force for good continued to grow.

She led the multi-awarded Superhumans campaign, which brought about an important change in attitudes to disability. 85% of those who saw the work felt that disabled athletes were as talented as able-bodied athletes.

She also led an initiative to get young people to vote in the last election, where we switched off E4 for the day. A big, bold, risky idea that seemed impossible to pull off but she somehow persuaded the C4 corporation to make a reality. No small feat.

As a natural born risk-taker, she spearheads our Born Risky campaign, which champions minority voices and takes creative risks, including ‘Prototype’ a ground-breaking music video for a disabled pop artist, Viktoria Modesta. She constantly amazes us with how far she will go beyond her role. For example, she persuaded Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry to have a creative brainstorm with us for the next Born Risky project out later this year.

She also continually creates opportunities to push C4’s creative boundaries. Under her leadership of the digital department, her passion for driving innovation has found new creative expressions for the C4 brand. NewsWall, the first news service told in GIFs wouldn’t have happened without her.

But it isn't just about the work. She goes beyond her role to meet the needs of the department and instigates initiatives to improve our culture and create the best conditions for creativity.

She has introduced an innovative training and development scheme, including a series of inspiration talks with speakers like Richard Rogers and Jimmy Wales, and instigated a 10% scheme to give staff time to work on personal innovation projects. And she is always looking for new ways to champion people - especially our unsung heroes.

On her leaving AMV, Cilla Snowball wrote:
"Olivia has energy, drive, class and brains. She always does the right thing and she puts people first. She is a great leader because she exudes positive energy, creativity and enthusiasm. Under her leadership, AMV has created some of its finest work, happiest client relationships and strongest teams. She is a force for good."

At C4, she is the driving force behind our most outstanding and culturally potent work. She makes the seemingly impossible, possible and her ambition is infectious and rubs off on the team inspiring and pushing them to new heights.


Read Victoria's submission

I am Creative Director at Tribal Worldwide London. My job is to come up with great ideas, lead a team of creatives, some designers, some techy coders, work with data, user experience and make stuff. Stuff people like and stuff that changes people's perception, attitudes, behaviours or beliefs. I believe if you interact, get immersive, get virtual, get sensory it all is a bit easier to say something. Like interactive learning, acting out a battle, the experience creates a stronger feeling. I am constantly looking for new ways to tell stories for brands and business to be relevant and have a place in our lives.

I am a bit of a digital veteran starting in '94 and having to force myself into a very content, smug advertising world. A one woman band who could come up with ideas, scamped, could draw, write, design, and code. I was a bit unusual and talked a different language and I was a creative woman!!!! Well that never got in my way and I pushed my way into creative departments to have a go. I ended up educating an agency on how to change and grow for the digital transformation. I chose to work with data heads to crack creative stories and I invented interactive teams to work on briefs from multi disciplines so work didn't just rise through creative departments. I have worked hard to put dev and data with creative to create tensions and grow ideas in different ways. I am also very keen to work closely and educate our clients. I talk honestly and bring their business down to an emotional human level. Instinct and feelings are far more powerful than hard sell.

I'm also working hard to spread the word and educate the need to change the creative gender ratio. I mentored for 3% movement this year and am now an ambassador for Creative Equals organization that is going to challenge the adworld and help women get a better chance in our industry. I have been studying the reasons for our imbalance and this year I will help start a programme attacking the problem at the source - in schools. I want to inspire school girls to enter my digital, design, creative world and help them believe they can.

I have 2 children, I run the school PTA raising over £26,000 a year and I hold down a full on creative job full of shoots, travel and project based deadlines. I have to be a super woman and a super mum along with being a work mum and work wife to so many people in my office. A woman of tomorrow needs to work hard and be able to believe they can do it and be great without the prejudices our sisters before us had. I believe a woman of tomorrow can find a work life balance and do a bloody good job all on your terms.


Read Debbie's submission

I began working with Debbie three years ago when we launched Geometry Global. As a new brand activation agency, we created a game-changing proposition “to inspire people to buy well”. Debbie and I have been close partners ever since.

What really stands out about Debbie, is that whilst there is much talk about integrating digital into retail – Debbie is actually leading omnichannel shopper marketing strategies and executing it. Not only is she driving the thought leadership agenda, she is partnering closely with our clients to create and deliver innovative and effective campaigns.

Her outstanding ability is building our clients’ businesses by intuitively pushing creative ideas from a technology and innovative viewpoint, and understanding how key points of influence in the purchase journey come to life across digital channels to transform behaviour. Her digital leadership is helping us land and expand our iconic client portfolio including: GSK, Philips, Mondelez, Emirates, Vodafone.

Rare to find a woman as Head of Digital. Very rare to find someone who helps teams develop brilliant digital experiences with the personal expertise and track history to deliver them successfully. Rarer still for a young mum to carve such a successful career. Debbie is entrepreneurial, ambitious for our business and her team, and, an exceptional mentor.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Debbie is a Woman of Tomorrow.

Last year, amongst many ground-breaking initiatives, she encouraged parents and children to spend more meaningful time together after school thanks to a Mondelez digital gaming platform. She led the launch of branding and communication strategy, and eye-catching creative, for the innovative “click and collect” parcel delivery service, Pass My Parcel, with partner Global shopper marketing teams are being empowered by a unique and interactive platform that supports their digital retail marketing decisions via data and insights. While field sales teams are being enriched with the knowledge of company sales strategies and brand catalogues via mobile gamification.

In June, we promoted Debbie to Head of Digital – expanding her role from operational delivery of digital as part of an integrated campaign to strategically ensuring clients are future-fit for success by redefining and championing innovative and digital strategies. She is also partnering with global brands to help define their go-to-market eCommerce strategies.

Debbie is now creating our global network’s first ever Innovations Lab: exploring how new technologies such as gender and emotion recognition, Wi-Fi tracking, eye tracking, beacon and NFC technology, and geo-location marketing, influence shoppers, to deliver commercial growth for brands and retailers.

She is launching an intern programme via Youth Connexions placing young people in relevant work experience. 17 year olds gain real life experience of how digital operates in an integrated creative industry - we tap insights and trends of future shoppers.

Debbie has been interviewed by tech + fashion influencerTease+Totes “Wednesday Woman” alongside ground-breaking women former US Navy Lieutenant, Carey Lohrenz, first qualified female aviator to fly a F-14 Tomcat; and entrepreneur Iona Inglesby, founder of a DNA personalised product company. I was incredibly inspired to read Debbie’s story – which sums up beautifully why she is a Woman of Tomorrow.

Before Geometry, Debbie was Digital Business Director at Ogilvy Healthworld and OgilvyAction concurrently, leading multi award-winning digital and transformational campaigns for Triumph Essence, Bacardi Wetherspoon, 3M, Pfizer, GSK and BMS/AZ.

We are incredibly proud of Debbie!


Read Beth's submission

Hello, I'm Beth, Managing Director of Drummond Central. I've been in the role 7 months and in that time we've already won significant business and DC has been pushed on a global platform through the power of reactive social media. We made quite a big splash with our #DrummondPuddleWatch Periscope stream which clocked up over half a million views, gained international media coverage and was trending globally at number two on Twitter.

Internally, people weren't surprised when I became MD. For people on the outside though, they were perhaps shocked at my age (34) and gender. That stuff doesn't matter at DC; everything is based on your capabilities and your performance. I want younger women to look at me and think anything is achievable. Someone's got to do it, so why shouldn't it be me?

The main thing that drives me is my inner voice (she's tough!). I started off as a PA and this gave me a real insight into the world of advertising - warts and all. From the very start, I had clear ambitions - to be the very best whilst staying true to myself. Throughout, my business ethics have remained consistent; do good work. Play fair.

When I was appointed, I knew I wanted to make my mark on the way the company was run and go beyond my managerial duties; to inspire staff to take pride in the work they do and look forward to coming into work each day. I encourage my team to accept imperfection as it can be really liberating, to find the humour in it and share.

Motivating a team can be a real challenge and the drive to succeed can often be mistaken as a drive to earn money. I believe creating a working environment that's fun, supportive and diverse in its offerings is paramount to any wage.

In a bid to support the future of tomorrow, I run a work experience programme called 'Takin' Care of Talent' for young people who want to learn more about the industry. I also mentor students with learning difficulties and have sat as a representative on the approval board of the Hyper Island MA/PhD Digital Media Management course.

I constantly push myself out of my comfort zone, spurred on by that inner voice that does at times have to compete with another voice that says 'you can't do it, why try?' During the #drummondpuddlewatch phenomenon, I was asked to appear on a number of major global news networks for interviews which was an initially terrifying prospect and something I'd never done before. However, after appearing on CNN International, I loved each new media appearance. Receiving a direct message from Twitter's CEO thanking me for an increase in his share price and finding a use for Periscope is quite an achievement.

Outside of work, I run an event styling company and my best friend is a greyhound called Walter, with my husband a close second.

Why am I a Woman of Tomorrow? Because I became a Managing Director at 34 in a primarily male-dominated industry. Because in 2014, I was integral in establishing our office in Madrid and putting a team, operations and infrastructure in place. Because when Julie Drummond, my boss and mentor, announced my promotion she said, "The day I interviewed Beth, I knew one day she'd run the agency and that day is here'." It was a personal high. Because I'm an example of what can be achieved when you listen to your inner voice. And because it's usually creative work that wins the awards.

In truth, because my Chief Executive taught me to never give myself limits and that's what I'm doing.


Read Josefine's submission

Five years ago I walked in through the doors of a small independent interactive agency in East London, interviewing for a role as a Producer. Having newly arrived in London from Stockholm, Sweden, within my first few months I was the lead producer on a global pitch, the win resulting in the opening of the first global AnalogFolk office in Sydney, Australia.

I'm truly passionate about creating and boosting female role models. In 2012 I co-launched GeekGirlMeetup (GGM), a global network for women interested in all things tech, design and start-up. The goal is to highlight female role models and create new ways for relationship building, mentoring and sharing of ideas. GGM runs monthly meetups and an annual conference with over 200 participants. I speak regularly at events and do what I can to raise my voice to affect real change when it comes to getting more women into tech. The GGM network now exists in more than 10 countries, the latest additions being Singapore, Mexico and Tanzania.

In 2015 I was featured in Tech City Insider's TechNation 200, listed as one of the 200 most influential people in tech in the UK. I have continued to push GeekGirlMeetup to the next level, recently being featured in Elle UK magazine November issue and the #morewomen campaign and listed as one of the 10 best Meetups in the UK by TechWorld.

I've been part of a fantastic growth for AnalogFolk in the last five years, from a UK-based 20 person company to a global agency with offices across four continents, employing over 200 people. As the agency has grown, so have my responsibilities. Always up for a challenge and with the attitude of a global citizen, having lived in Stockholm, Paris, Los Angeles and London, I didn't have any doubts when I was offered to go to the AF New York Office on a secondment. I've always been ambitious, finishing my university degree in Media and Communication Science in record time so that I could spring into a career, winning prizes for my final thesis on Online Crisis Communication During the Financial Crisis '08 on the way.

As a Project Director, I'm in the AF New York office on a secondment to help build up the US production team, leading the production team across New York and Portland, Oregon, working to implement AnalogFolk production processes and ways of working from the founding office to make AF a well-oiled global agency.

Being Scandinavian, I have a leadership style that aims to empower people to take on responsibility, I work to inspire my colleagues to aim high and educate my team to expand their skill set. Something I'm determined to keep doing both through AnalogFolk and GeekGirlMeetup.


1. TechCityInsider, Geek Girls doing it for themselves

2. TechCity Insider, Almanac Finds 200 in Class of 2015

3. TechWorld, Women in tech: the 10 best meetups in the UK Elle UK, #MoreWomen campaign

4. Project Ada, Geek Girl's Josefine Hedlund on Getting Women on the stage

5. 1984 Bold Ideas, Meet the girls who are quietly disrupting the male dominated world of tech.


Read Claire's submission

"We'd follow Claire anywhere and I have no doubt that many will in the future."
James Denton-Clark, Managing Director, Karmarama

With joy, mischief, passion, care and ambition, I run the biggest department within Manning Gottlieb OMD. I create conditions in which people thrive; and I forge some of the strongest client relationships within and outside of the agency.

"Claire is an exceptional woman in a sometimes male dominated world."
Esther Jackson, Group Marketing Director, Age UK

My core role is to lead the Client Teams Department. In the last five years, we have grown from 60 people to 136, equating to 40% of the agency. Two years ago, we brought together the Comms Planners and Digital Planners, to form one mighty department. I've migrated these areas of the business into integrated teams, broken down barriers, and initiated hybrid roles. Online vs offline - pah!

I also lead specific client accounts. At the beginning of each year, my team and I write our plan - what do we want to achieve? The areas are: you, the team, the department, the agency, our clients. The plan can range from taking your training bursary, to knowledge gaps and training, to empowering our clients, to health and happiness commitments. And did anyone mention the Marker Cup, a weekly media knowledge quiz and trophy?

I care deeply about the wider agency, our people and talent. Seven years ago I started up MG OMD's mentoring programme, through which 220 people have passed thus far. I actively support working mums, and have created a 'what's happened in my world' programme which every returning mum participates in. They meet with every relevant stakeholder, who updates them on the changes in their world during said maternity period. It also allows them to get around the agency - I'm back!

I have created exceptionally strong client relationships, though professionalism and lightness. This results not only in close working relationships, but often, a desire to work together again. I have brought into the agency three accounts thus far and £39m of incremental media billings, without a pitch, by being reappointed by some brilliant marketing directors. "Claire is one of the outstanding talents in the Advertising industry. Over a number of years I've led marketing in a number of diverse businesses; with very different budgets, teams, and customers. In most of those businesses Claire has been my media partner and on each of those occasions she's delivered fantastic results. Her skills lie in collating, managing, and coaching teams to deliver exceptional results for the client businesses she manages...a leader of the future."
Mark Fells, CMO, Premier Inn

I've come to understand that there is not just one style of great leadership in this (or any other) industry. Authentic leadership is about understanding your strengths and values, and embracing these. I want to be a confident, courageous, inspiring leader, and my way of doing this will be through my strengths - humour, close relationships, honesty and prudence, and my values - joy, achievement, balance, learning, and friendship. I want to grow into agency leadership; be a bigger person within this industry; have a strong network around me; explicitly nurture talent in this industry; and leave a legacy of incredible client service.

"Claire is one of the most passionate, energetic, thoughtful, humble and empathetic leaders I know. If the measure of successful leadership is about growing an


Read Sophie's submission

After graduating top of her year at Oxford with a double first in mathematics, Sophie delved into the glamorous world of fashion and the not-so-glamorous world of strategy consulting before finding her true calling in PPC which combined creativity and her love of a mathematical challenge.

When Sophie joined in 2013, Brainlabs were 3 people operating from a living room. Three short years later and Sophie has led us to 50 full-time employees, won accolades such as the 'Best Large PPC Agency' in the UK, and become the fastest growing agency in the UK.

Since becoming Director, Sophie now runs all aspects of the business including:

- New Business - where she has pitched for and won £2M of new business including Which? Magazine, Unicef and Domino's

- Client Strategy - where she has delivered an average 42% increase in sales across her portfolio, picking up 11 industry awards in the process

- Designed and built game-changing technology including the first ever Real Time Bidding Platform for Search

- Recruited and designed training programmes for 45 new people in the last 2 years

- Spoke at conferences, including SMX and Hero Conf, as well as being featured in Campaign Magazine

She was recruited as a graduate trainee - and became our leader. A true demonstration of going beyond her role!

We know she is a Woman of Tomorrow from her achievements in innovation and technology - pushing our industry forward to unimaginable heights. But her greatest achievement is perhaps in creating an amazing and equal work environment at Brainlabs. Under her management, the gender balance has shifted from 25% to 42% female. This is an unusually high representation for a company within the tech sector (although something we're still working on). She has introduced a whole host of measures to address the gender imbalance within our company & industry, including:

- A new equality committee which gathers to discuss and address any issues

- A revamped performance review system which addresses the male prejudice in self-assessment and peer reviews

- A normalisation of pay structure to close the gender pay gap

- New guidelines for recruitment to remove the inherent gender bias in a broken recruitment system that looks for potential in men vs experience in women

- An anonymous forum for anyone to speak up about equality or any other issues that arise in the workplace

Most of all, Sophie is a role model for the women in our company and in our wider industry. Everyday, she bamboozles us with her Excel wizardry, wows us with her technical innovation, and inspires us to be better than we could be without her. Our industry is fortunate to have her: a Woman of Today, and let's hope a Woman of Tomorrow.


Read Nicky's submission


As Head of Operations I blend commercial efficiency, entrepreneurial flair and the delivery of diverse solutions required by the fast-expanding agency that is Anomaly London.

I have a deep understanding of every discipline within the agency. This has enabled me to create a working environment in which our people can develop and achieve their best work. I'm also building a commercially efficient business model that is allowing us to respond quickly to deliver the right solutions for our clients, all the while looking ahead to ensure we develop an agency that is flexible and future-proof.


I started my first company at the age of 19, in order to create a work-life balance that fitted around my children and I've made a commercial success of several businesses since.

At 26 I bought a grassroots football club, which I sold after 5 years of unprecedented growth. Under my leadership the turnover increased by 160%, the 1st team progressed to a semi professional standard and our youth set-up was highly awarded.

I successfully sold the business at a profit of £700K and took the decision to enter advertising 6 years ago when I offered to work at Grey, initially for free in 2010.

Working alongside Nils Leonard, I was a part of the team that kick-started Grey’s extraordinary change, having been a part of several major pitch-winning teams and overseeing the entire delivery of the Lucozade YES campaign.


After spending a brief period at AMV BBDO I joined The Corner as Head of Operations, where I led their most rapid period of growth, seeing the agency triple in size within 17 months.

Within that time I built up their in-house production facilities and introduced an efficient process and billing structure, creating a new integrated offering and opening up new revenue streams.

I was also responsible for creating a new way of working, and respective production model that serviced The Corner’s broad range of clients, whilst always keeping an eye on the overall bottom line of the agency.


I have used my experience and skills from my entrepreneurial background and adapted and applied these to my marketing career with great success.


I regularly challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and love responding to new challenges, which lends itself to working at an agency such as Anomaly, where projects range from fully integrated campaigns through to NPD.

I most recently delivered the ground-breaking Cancer Research UK 'Right Now' campaign where I led the team, also working with the country's best hospital documentary filmmakers, filming real people in hospitals over a 9 week period.

I also orchestrated the development and delivery of 'Access All Areas' for Universal Music, an innovative NPD music platform by Anomaly that will change the way we buy music and interact with artists.


I am straight-talking, honest, open and a calculated risk-taker, which (I hope) inspires those around me to push themselves without fear of failure.

I am passionate about creating tools and business solutions that ensure people work at their absolute best.

I enjoy nurturing talent and people, particularly encouraging those who don't feel they naturally fit into the industry or have an unorthodox background like my own.


Read Stacey's submission

At 28, Stacey is the youngest member of the Livity Senior Management team - with 10 years of HR and Finance experience she is a decisive and natural leader. Over the past 6 months Stacey has proactively overhauled our entire people strategy and HR processes, garnering buy in from an agency of 70, and ensuring that Livity attracts and maintains the best and brightest high-performing talent during increasingly challenging recruitment conditions.

Stacey had this to say about her nomination - "I take immense pride in my work, and I'm delighted that the agency has put me forward for such a prestigious award! It can be difficult in HR to showcase the work that you do as it tends to be of a confidential and internal nature. I have huge ambitions for this agency, and it's been so satisfying to see and feel how much of an impact my passion for people, performance, and purpose has had on the business so far."

Outside of work Stacey gives her time to the community, spending a day each week and some weekends with an isolated elderly person, and even volunteering on Christmas day at Battersea Rotary club, providing 450 isolated elderly people with company, care, and compassion on such an important day.

It's this nurturing personality that makes Stacey such a brilliant Senior People Manager, but she by no means shirks leading on difficult business decisions when the time arises. Stacey's HR experience spans global advertising agencies and beyond, has seen her manage numerous and varied employee relations issues such as; mass redundancies, complex grievances, employee health issues, disciplinaries, and many performance management cases.

Stacey is supremely, and continuously motivated. Although she didn't go to University, as none of her family had and her school encouraged their pupils straight into work, she has overtaken many of her graduate peers. Stacey also self-funded her CIPD training to further her understanding of the career path that she has chosen, completing the qualification in her spare time, and without having to resubmit any work.

Alex Goat, Managing Director of Livity, and IPA Woman of Tomorrow 2013 had this to say:

"Stacey has a unique skill of being able to balance the emotional intelligence you need to lead a People team with an astute understanding of the importance good HR plays within a successful agency. Since joining the Senior Management team Stacey leads Livity's Talent Strategy, amongst which she's initiated, designed and delivered our first cross-agency performance management programme which has already demonstrated clear business benefit. She's proactively designed a Happiness and Wellbeing programme to support a key Livity business goal set around Happiness. As her line manager I have the frequent pleasure to be on the receiving end of how well supported and led by Stacey my Management feel through difficult people issues. Her natural ability goes far beyond her years and I would confidently say she is one of the very best people I have ever worked with."


Read Hana's submission

Hana is a an award winning, multi-disciplinary designer who graduated from New York University, and later earned her MA in Communication Design from Central St Martins.

Her first role was as a designer at Mother London. From there she joined the Google Creative Lab in 2012 as one of the ‘Google 5’ (an 11 month placement program for developing creative talent). Two years later, she became the Lab’s Design Lead.

Today, Hana’s role extends well beyond the scope of her daily design tasks: she now recruits and mentors young creatives on the Google 5 program she was once a part of, helping them to improve their strengths and develop a strong sense of what they can achieve at Google and beyond. Many of the 5ers she worked with continue to meet with Hana after they’ve left, looking for guidance as they progress in their careers. And such is her talent for developing young creativity, she is often asked to mentor creatives from other teams at Google.

Hana is also an industry leader in her work pioneering new technologies, and using existing ones in innovative ways. She designed interactions and use cases for an entirely new interface woven into fabric (Project Jacquard), developed a captive mobile portal for NGOs to provide refugees with comprehensive, up-to-date information for safer onwards journeys (Refugee Info Hub), and developed a new, language-agnostic system of icons to describe Ebola symptoms in western Africa. Hana’s priority is always to harness the power of technology and use it to make things that matter.

Hana also has a particular interest in promoting the visibility of women in the creative industries, a passion of hers that plays out both within and beyond the walls of Google. She provides pro bono design and creative consulting for The GirlHood, a social enterprise that works with industry leaders and educators in the pursuit of a more diverse creative workforce in the UK. She also helped create the brand identity for Gucci’s global Chime for Change campaign, which seeks to unite and strengthen voices speaking out for girls and women around the world.

As testimony to her increasing influence and emergence as an industry leader, Hana was featured in the book “The Journey Is The Treasure”, which collects the personal stories of 33 inspiring creative women. 100% of the profits from book sales were donated to Refuge, who provide support to women & children escaping domestic violence in the UK.

Hana is someone who has her eyes focused on the future. She has a vision for how the industry needs to improve, and a clear sense of the ways in which she can help us all get there. As the first female hire in the creative department of our team, I feel that Hana has represented herself extraordinarily well and set an example of a much-needed female role model who is as courageous as she is caring and kind.


Read Nikki's submission

I would say my path has been varied to get to where I currently am within Publicis Groupe as a Digital strategy director at Blue 449

From an early age I have always been interested in expanding my knowledge, passionate about creating new opportunities for myself and embracing new thinking

I have always been a huge advocate of women equality. This started from a young age where I worked as a youth worker helping young teens, mainly girls to feel motivated and to see the opportunities available to them outside of Manchester. This continued whilst at university, I worked for the PFA (Professional Football Association). Being one of only two women who worked there in the early millennium had it pluses for a young 19 yr. old but also was my first introduction to my gender being in the minority. It struck a chord.

After moving to London I continued my passion to work with the community and volunteered at Victoria passage as a counsellor. Working with many women in differing circumstances was life changing in many ways and I learnt an enormous amount

My first role in London was at Dare. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by incredibly inspiring people at the helm who were loud and proud advocates of diversity, entrepreneurialism and women in our industry. It was from here I took my work ethic of thinking differently; how working hard goes a long way and to always see the opportunity. This continues to be my mantra at the other agencies I have worked at and is evident in my leadership style at work. I am driven to supporting, encouraging and helping others to think creatively different, especially women. I show my leadership flair by organising and encouraging creative development outside of the day job with trips to industry talks, art exhibitions and the lend of my own cultural reference books.

It was outside of work 7 years ago I had an idea. I wanted to facilitate female camaraderie, positive motivation and knowledge share. It was after a year of research, a meeting of some equally motivated women and dawn (Digital Advertising Women's network) was founded. Now in its sixth year dawn is a community dedicated to inspiring and developing women across the digital industry to fulfill their potential as people and professionals. Built on the mantra by Madeline Albright 'there is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women' and I am a firm believer of this!

I was selected in 2011 as one to watch in The Drums '30 under 30' and more recently in 2015 won the WACL future leaders Award. But my proudest achievement by far is that dawn has been recognised by WACL as an important and valuable resource for women across the advertising industry. I now lead a committee of 10 women who work across all disciplines of the digital advertising landscape. We continue to maintain being a free resource for women organising four events a year. With an organic following of over 400 women on our social channels and up to 150 women attending each event the need for dawn is still as relevant today as 6 years ago when we started

So to summarize I believe I am a great candidate for the women of tomorrow because I am more than my job, I strive to empower and celebrate women and fundamentally want women from all levels to have access to knowledge from leading industry figures. I am focused on becoming a leader in women equality communications for the foreseeable future Search Dawn London on facebook Search @dawnnetwork on Twitter

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