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Women of Tomorrow Shortlist 2014


Kit Altin
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5 years ago we hired Kit as a young digital planner to help Leo Burnett transition from ATL to integration, but we had no idea how much of a change there was about to be for our creative work, mentoring strategy and even the structure of our Group.

On arrival she led the pitch that won the agency its first digital account (Pantene) and quickly synthesised the best of old and new planning skills to deliver ground breaking and award-winning multiplatform work on every account she has worked on (including a Gold at the Marketing Society Awards for McDonald's' "We All Make The Games"). She has inspired and educated her colleagues, and been tenacious in persuading clients to buy innovative work and in getting that work out the door.

However she has been a pioneer of new ideas far beyond this.

Kit had been enjoying her involvement with external charity projects including Festinho, a successful volunteer-run music festival, when her friend and colleague Alice Hooper returned from The International Exchange in Brazil. They envisioned a new agency collective dedicated to making powerful communications with a social impact: Change. It aimed to energise the agency from the inside; fill the gap left by the end of our 30 year collaboration with government agencies and give people exciting opportunities to feel rewarded by their work. Kit and Alice made this compelling case to the Board who launched Change in August 2011. Change pitch wins include UNICEF, RNLI and The Multiple Sclerosis Society. Their recently-launched experiential RNLI campaign has already won several DMA awards and is shortlisted for 5 MAA awards. Their campaign for Cocaine Unwrapped was a Campaign School Report creative highlight. Their BITC campaign Ban The Box was hailed worldwide as a completely innovative use of technology. None of this would have been possible without her truly integrated approach.

Kit leads teams in a hands-on and collaborative way,encouraging creative,strategy and account handling to work fluidly together rather than passing a baton. She enables people to broaden their skillsets and work in new ways: for her D&AD White Pencil briefing,she briefed the whole agency at once,inviting people to create teams from any area of the Group. The result of her engaging brief and innovative process was a real live missile launch.

When not running Change, Kit leads planning for an international portfolio of P&G laundry brands. She has transformed the way the clients work with their brands by developing a new brand model and always pushes for the most exciting creative possibilities.

Her talents as a teacher and mentor are extremely strong. She has been invited by D&AD to teach on their prestigious training courses, and has used her own experience of becoming an integrated planner to become the official mentor and coach for our digital-background planners,as they make the difficult transition from one skillset to another. Her colleagues recently voted her a Leo Burnett "Star Reacher"- someone who really makes a difference.
Fleur Andrews
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Since joining The Corner in June 2013 Fleur has made a significant impact; not only to new business wins but also to the culture of our burgeoning agency. Her insatiable energy and positivity are infectious and can be felt throughout 1 Richmond Mews. I am in no doubt that Fleur is 'one to watch' and is a great role model for young women in the advertising.

During her 8 months with us, Fleur has led pitch teams to win the Oasis (part ofthe Coca-Cola Company), Beagle Street (part of BGL Group) and Jigsaw accounts. Her leadership and drive are now instrumental in rejuvenating a popular juice drink, launching a new insurance brand and redefining a much-loved High Street chain. Within days of winning the Jigsaw business Fleur had sold and produced a Christmas gift campaign shot by Rankin, and a new sale campaign across all touch points.

Successes at previous agencies include launching online retailer, running the COl business, leading to it doubling in revenue in 2 years, and receiving awards from Cannes to The Marketing Society for the Home Office binge drinking campaign.

Her leadership manifests itself in a number of different ways -

- Leading client relationships from brand manager up to CEO level, quickly earning the trust and respect of clients at all levels.
- Putting herself in the firing line; managing the difficult conversations and problems in her own calm and strategic style.
- Nurturing others before her own self-advancement. In particular championing the female Account Executives at The Corner, ensuring they have clear objectives and roles in the agency.
- Maintaining high levels of positivity at all times and always focusing on the big picture.
- Generosity in her warmth and praise of others, always thinking how the team can work together in the best ways possible.
-A leading cultural beacon in the agency from organising yoga classes to developing an induction programme for new starters.

Fleur has mentored a variety of young people throughout her career. While at VCCP she advised one of the young campaigners from Channel4's Battlefront programme with his road safety campaign, and now at The Corner regularly meets with recent graduates, often young women, to advise them upon the best strategies for breaking into advertising.

Out of work Fleur is actively involved in a variety of charity initiatives. She volunteered at a rehabilitation centre for girls that had been sold into the circus business in Nepal, helped to build secure housing in the shantytowns near Buenos Aires and most recently began The Samaritans training programme to become a volunteer on their phone lines.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, in her travels around the world Fleur regularly takes on high altitude expeditions such as climbing Volcan Cotopaxi in Ecuador, Mount Meru in Tanzania and a 10 day trek in Peru around the mountains made famous in 'Touching the Void'.
Laura Chaibi
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What makes great leaders? Passion, Commitment, Charisma, and... Sheer grit
Our woman of tomorrow, Laura Chaibi has these qualities. She leads from the front and invests heavily in pushing her team and industry to keep running and preparing for tomorrow in this fast paced tech world. And why is she a leader for tomorrow? Because others rise to the occasion to follow her and she inspires others to aim higher.

Laura Chaibi manages an award winning team of 20 across 10 locations globally. Her vision inspires others, consistently delivering insights that shape how others think and plan for future success. This is affirmed through results.
• Helped sales hit their targets, and the business successfully take risks
• Recognised internally and externally as an inspirational leader
• Industry recognition having won numerous industry awards

Great leaders focus on the bottom line
Laura has strategically aligned her team to support the top 10% of clients, offering strategic consultative research programs. Since 2009:
• Revenue supported by her team + 400%
• Average deal size supported by research up +300%
• Sales had a +43% YoY growth target to achieve partnered with Laura’s team +60% YoY growth was delivered

Great leaders take risks and embrace change quickly
Laura successfully proposed 4 businesses invest cases in the last 3 years aligned with other business units. All were approved and driven revenue, business impact and innovation to Yahoo.
Examples include:
• Designing a consumer centric, strategic decision making framework for approving innovative ad formats. The EU leadership team met and decision making was done in record time for immediate use in 24 hours.
• Helped the Ad Technology unit secure 9 extra headcount to deliver gold standard solutions

Great leaders invest in tomorrow’s leaders
Laura’s internal reputation is also unprecedented - In Yahoo’s 2013 annual employee survey, CEO Marissa Mayer flagged Laura as one of the few managers with a 100% manager effectiveness score. Another internal survey revealed Laura to be one of the most effective leaders out of 8000 managers within Yahoo. Within her Industry, she has been invited twice by the Market Research Society to be a judge for the annual awards.

Cultivate success
In 2013 Laura’s research team claimed 9 industry awards including the Hollis Sponsorship Awards in which Yahoo was the only digital company shortlisted and winning for ‘Best Research’ for ‘subconscious storytelling’, proving branding and sponsorship online works. This year, their work on Oscar winning film Life of Pi won three awards at three separate award ceremony’s including an IPA Media Owner Award for ‘Best Online Campaign’.

Laura also found time to file her first patent application with the US patents and trademark office. This makes her one of the only people in the UK office in the last three years to apply for a patent and succeed.

Laura has shown both direct impact to the growing success of Yahoo in addition to having an inspiring managerial influence on her subordinates, peers and business leaders. She has done this whilst continuingly gaining countless other significant achievements making her our ‘Woman of Tomorrow’.

I’ve worked with Laura on several ground breaking projects. Why do I love working with her? Because of her vision. Work with Laura, and you're genuinely exploring the future. Whether it's predicting how technology will change our beliefs and behaviour, or understanding exactly where mobile media's going to fit into our lives... after a project for Laura you're guaranteed to never look at the world in quite the same way again. She always pushes the boundaries of what research can achieve and constantly inspires us as an agency. Everyone needs a client like Yahoo and the opportunity to work with someone who has vision like Laura.
Neil Lovell, Brand Director, BASIS!
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Demonstrates leadership potential.
You don't get to be Grey's most successful new business and marketing director without knowing how to inspire and motivate people.

Since Cat joined in 2009, we have won 53 accounts and last year, the agency really became a force to be reckoned with. We were invited to the most prestigious pitches and won many of them, including Volvo, GSK Corporate, HSBC, Vodafone and Ribena globally. We also proved our mettle in retaining Pringles across the world, joining Kellogg's roster, in a pitch we were not expected to win. We triumphed in the hotly contested United Biscuits pitch and were chosen by the Government to plug an urgent skills gap in science and engineering and by Scope to change society and attitudes to disability. Grey has never been more talked about or been more attractive to talent and clients alike. That's a lot of late nights and 100%'s. And a lot of great teamwork.

Cat is relentless in her pursuit of a win or profile for the agency, but she knows she can't do it in isolation. Cat not only leads her immediate team, she cajoles, corrals, and charms internally and externally from the first RFI call to confirmation of a win, from office services to the CEO to get the job done. She has great empathy, having experienced agency life from every angle - a senior suit running global business and a client based in Asia before joining new business - so whoever she's talking to, she can relate to their situation. But above all, it's her energy, indomitable spirit and never say die attitude (as well as ability to manage a monster email account, never dropping a ball) that brings people along with her, persuading them to find extra hours in the day where there are none and to put on a great show after a 48 hour stretch.

And that's just Grey London. She does the same job for Grey EMEA across 47 offices as regional lead. While being a mum and living in Brighton. Phew.

In recognition of her success, and with a remit to extend it across group companies, she was promoted to become Grey's first CMO in Oct 2013, and this month invited to join the IPA New Business Group. Knowing Cat and her restless energy, she won't stop there. Watch this space.

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Demonstrates leadership potential.
Caroline is, and has always been, a key influencer within our business. Initially employed as an Account Director on one of our highest profile accounts, it was soon clear that Caroline was an extremely talented individual with a desire to constantly learn and positively affect change. Within 3 years Caroline was invited to join our management team and from that day her influence across the wider agency has been positive, progressive and impressive.

Central to Caroline's ongoing success has been her desire to always take her team with her. Whilst being a demanding line manager, constantly pushing for Best in Class execution, her team feel nurtured, respected and supported every step of the way. This feeling is also present outside of direct reports: last year Caroline took responsibility for our quarterly staff survey, and has used the results to create a blueprint for making our agency the best agency to work for in 2014. A great challenge fully supported by her peers.

In short it's her calm and approachable manner coupled with fierce intellect and dry wit that have led to Caroline's place as one of our agencies key female role models.

Fulfils their role.
As a business leader Caroline is an outstanding all rounder; commercially astute, strategically brilliant and creatively driven. She has diverse experience in direct, digital and social, managing clients across EMEA. In addition to this she is also responsible for the entire Client Services team and all client relationships (not just those she is manage on a day to day level).

From her first day in the CSD role Caroline began to orchestrate progressive change. Her proactive and analytical nature led to the identification of key challenges which were presented back as a series of positive initiatives.

1. She reworked our entire appraisal system creating a far more innovative approach to individual development plans focusing on the cultural, philosophical, commercial and creative development of all our teams. (This has proved to be so successful that we now invite our clients to participate in some of our training initiatives with us.)
2. She applied the same principals to our Client Survey showing a positive uplift in our relationships with our clients
3. She has worked closely with our FD and Ops Director she has also created a profitability model for our teams and clients alike to gauge and evaluate our profitability. Opening a dialogue with our clients and their procurement teams she has elevated the subject of fairer remuneration and is working hard with them to develop mutually beneficial agreements moving forward

What's so impressive about her is that while she is 'big goal' focused (ensuring excellence is the only standard to strive for, she has all the detail taken care of. Everything is thought through, every scenario planned for, and every member of team engaged and recognised. Caroline really is a tour de force. A strong, ambitious woman, who can achieve anything she wants, all whilst motivating and entertaining her talented and extremely loyal team.

Any other significant achievements.
Outside Elvis, Caroline constantly seeks inspiration and development (I don't think she ever sits down). She is a cultural sponge: supporting the Arts, with weekly visits to art galleries and the theatre (always reporting back to the agency). In addition to this she also visits her high school Rosebery Girls School to talk to the young women about their career direction and to coach individuals to increase confidence and provide inspiration. For the management team at Elvis Caroline truly represents the powerful female leader of tomorrow. We are, and continue to be, proud of her achievements.
Global Head of Planning, DAVID and Director of Global Cultural Strategy 
Nazia DuBois
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Nazia brings to her work a range of experiences that few people gather in a lifetime, let alone by their early 30s.

Raised in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, Nazia grew up experiencing daily the overt double standards imposed upon women in so much of the world. She knew that in order to make a difference, she needed first to broaden her horizons. At 15, she won the sole Bangladeshi scholarship to the United World College in Hong Kong, which has as its mission the grooming of future global leaders. She went on to gain a First in English from Oxford (a first for a Bangladeshi) and then an MPhil with distinction in Modern Chinese Art, Literature and Anthropology, also on full scholarship. After a year studying Chinese Literature at Beijing University she won a place on WPP’s accelerated management program as a Marketing Fellow, and was quickly leading diverse client projects as a strategist, based out of London and Shanghai.

In 2008, she joined Ogilvy & Mather as their youngest Director, aged 26. She set up the Global Cultural Strategy unit, an anthropology-­based practice that aims to steer the advertising industry towards a more diverse view of the world that reflects the reality of the modern global consumer. As a girl in Bangladesh she vividly remembers watching work that felt like it was made by others, for others. Today she insists that global brands must first understand and respect consumers on their own terms, no matter who or where they are. In 2010, Nazia founded Ogilvy Noor, the pioneering practice aimed at helping global brands understand the Muslim consumer, and authored the award-­winning book Brands, Islam and the New Muslim Consumer. At the same time, as Global Planning Partner at Ogilvy, Nazia led strategy for Coca-­‐Cola worldwide, creating work which won 16 Cannes Lions. She also spent five weeks in a favela in Recife, Brazil, working pro bono with local students to create a communications framework for an educational charity.

In early 2012, Nazia took up the role of Global Head of Planning at DAVID, Ogilvy’s creative boutique in Latin America. She now thrives in São Paulo leading a start-­up that’s doubled in size in the past year. Fluent in Portuguese, Mandarin, English and Bengali, Nazia speaks at conferences wherever possible on the importance of opening up the industry to more genuinely diverse viewpoints, and pushes this agenda in recruitment for the WPP Fellowship. She campaigns actively for more women in the industry, especially at a senior level, and for more female creatives to bridge the divide between male creative departments and female consumers. She believes that the global advertising industry has a huge impact on people’s lives and perceptions, and a great responsibility to project the right messages to effect real, positive change.

In 2012 Nazia was selected to join the OMEGA Time for Women network for female leaders across industries. She is currently researching a documentary on female leaders in advertising. She still finds time to indulge her passion for cooking and is married to Joel, a Belgian-­Chinese semiotician.

Kathryn Ellis
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I have 10 years experience working on major campaigns at top creative agencies including Tequila/London, TBWA, DLKW and Dare. My area of expertise is strategic planning, and I now enjoy a senior planning role at Karmarama working across clients like Plusnet, Pilgrims Choice, BBC and Clydesdale Bank.

Throughout my career I have been a catalyst for new thinking for the benefit of my clients and the industry. This has earned me many accolades including a Gold IPA Effectiveness Award and the Charles Channon Prize for New Learning in 2009 and the WACL Future Leaders Prize in 2010. The former was awarded for innovation in digital measurement and effectiveness, and the latter for formulating a new definition of Corporate Social Responsibility for the social media age. In 2012 I collaborated on a study of post-recession youth aspirations, published in Marketing Week, that was pivotal in winning Karmarama new business from youth brands like BBC Radio 1and Republic. In terms of day to day client business I am most proud ofleading the hugely successful branding and communications for Plusnet broadband for the last 3 years, which has resulted in a 253% sales increase and a faster customer base growth rate than any other telecoms provider. I have also been responsible for planning multichannel campaigns on Pilgrims Choice that have seen them move from a poor number 4 cheddar brand with delists threatening, to a strong number 2.

More recently, I have begun teaching and mentoring young people who hope to enter the communications industries. I have taken part in charitable schemes such as "I am Creative" and "The Global Generation", where I work with teenagers to develop their creative and business skills through the creation of communications campaigns. In 2011 I decided to make education a more serious part of my career. I worked with institutions like University of Bedfordshire, Arts University Bournemouth and Buckinghamshire New University to give guest lectures and set live briefs. This resulted in an invitation from Southampton Solent University to become an Associate Lecturer, and I have been teaching the Account Management and Planning Module to final year students on the BA (Hons.) Advertising degree, one day a week, since 2012. In May I begin an MA in Creative and Media Education at Bournemouth University, which will develop my leadership in teaching and engage me with the latest thinking in education and media industries which should make me more effective as a Planner in the short term and an academic in the longer term.

To summarise, I believe I am a great candidate for the Woman of Tomorrow because I want my legacy to be more than just the campaigns and brands I have been involved in creating. I want to be fundamental in developing the industry as a whole through new knowledge and new talent, and to become a leader in communications education.

Vibha George
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"Women are something of a rarity in marketing production; in technical digital production they are almost entirely absent. We were delighted when Vibha joined us to lead digital production for 02, one of the biggest digital accounts in the UK. By getting to the nub of production problems quickly, by supporting the development of talent in her team and through well-directed recruitment, Vibha's leadership has transformed the delivery of 02's online marketing to the reliable and successful programme it is today." Ed Hornby, Director of Digital Delivery, VCCP.

Vibha runs a team of 10 digital producers who manage the scoping and delivery of 02's digital portfolio of work. This ranges from project work as part of bigger campaigns to more bespoke digital solutions.

Vibha believes it is vital to empower others with the skills they need, taking into consideration the personality and motivations of the individual to help them develop the right skills to be effective in their role. She says: "The organisation is more than the sum of its parts and you cannot serve the corporate goal whilst neglecting the individuals."

Vibha is currently mentoring three women on a monthly basis - two in project management in agency world and one working within the experiential world.

She says: "I approach each new project as an opportunity for growth for both the individual and the agency, with an openness and awareness that build on the team's skills and experience whilst embracing new creative and technological possibilities. The success of this approach is evidenced in the delivery of digital projects for the 02 account - one of VCCP's largest accounts - where the pursuit of digital innovation led to winning Campaign Agency of the Year, Campaign of the Year and FWA Site of the Day. All this is in addition to the successful delivery of innovative digital work on 02 Match day App, 02 Tracks, 4G and the 02 Tracks Lady Gaga campaign since joining VCCP a year ago."

Richard Berry, an ex-colleague from BBC 6 Music says of Vibha:

"She is always able to offer the most sound advice, make connections with the best suppliers and crystallise a brief for all parties no matter how technically or editorially complex. Delivery focused, dynamic, passionate and a wonderful energy to be around."

Vibha says that this is achieved through leading by example. Instilling a belief of accountability around delivery also benefits those that work on the project.

Vibha is committed to the development of the individual through supporting, inspiring and empowering. Her experience of speaking at events like She Says, mentoring female colleagues as well as her time as a school governor, has led her to apply to the Prince's Trust to mentor young people through their personal development to nurture the self-belief and aspiration that leads to success in the workplace.

Vibha says: "I have been able to encourage others to be inspired and to encourage women in digital to embrace technology and all it has to offer."

Elle Graham-Dixon
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Since April 2013 Elle has taken a central role in bringing the disciplines of the Karma Group together from social through to PR and short-form content across all of her clients. She has successfully proposed and sold in a media neutral approach to previously above the line only marketers, and most recently has won the business two new fully integrated clients. Dan Hill, Head of Planning said of Elle: "She has been instrumental not only in helping us to win our last two pitches but also in helping our current clients to increase their effectiveness through innovative and multichannel approaches."

For the latest Radio 1 campaign: R1 Reboot, Elle proposed and lead a new approach whereby production and marketing teams worked together for the first time to determine both the editorial idea and the advertising approach together. The TV advert first aired by interrupting the opening credits of East Enders to the surprise of viewers around the country. This was a technical first across the whole BBC. It was also awarded Campaign Magazine's advert of the day. Since then, Elle has used the success ofthis approach to lead more integrated workshops across othr BBC clients businesses to great effect.

In her last role as Senior Planner at Elvis, Elle lead the winning pitch across the Mondelez digital business. Following this, she lead the digital strategy on the 103 Cadbury Creme Egg campaign: 'Have a Fling with a Creme Egg'. This campaign broke boundaries within both Mondelez and Facebook, by having the most success ever in proving return on marketing investment from a Facebook campaign.The campaign succeeded in both communicating that Cadbury Creme Eggs are only around for three months each year and demonstrating sales uplift, winning Gold at the DMA. The entry reads "Sales rocketed by 7%, and 54% of people (v. 16%) now know Creme Eggs are here for a good time, not a long time.'' During her time working on Mondelez, Elle also talked at two group-wide events on the comparative effectiveness of Facebook and 1V advertising.

Elle is passionate about gender pay equality and the role that advertising skills can play in helping individuals to find a future balance. Over the last year, Elle has been working on a personal website called Fair Pay To Her which recently received backing from the Karma Group. Once live, FPTH will address gender inequality in the workplace in a new way through storytelling. Elle also speaks annually at both the Westminster School careers fair and the Oxford University careers fair. Her talk is entitled Finding 'balance' in The Workplace and helps both male and female students to weigh up their choices before they leave education.

In her spare time, Elle is a passionate foodie and writer. She writes a food and lifestyle blog called Welcome To The Sisterhood with her sister, spoke on the panel of the Internet Week 2013 event 'Ready, Steady click' and has published a thought piece on gamification in Campaign Magazine.
Alice Hooper
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Few people have made quite such an impact within Leo Burnett over the past couple of years as Alice. Back in March 2011, Alice went to Recife (one of the poorest regions of Brazil) on a placement with The International Exchange to work with street children, and in particular to help the charity CPP fundraise and build awareness of their work improving the lives of Recife's street children. Working with local advertising agency ARCOS, Alice helped develop a multi-channel campaign that is still being used on an on-going basis by CPP today.

When Alice returned to London, she knew she wanted to do something positive as a result of the powerful experience she had had. Together with her planning friend and colleague, Kit Altin, Alice put the case to management for setting up a division within the Leo Burnett group dedicated to not-for-profit communications. In addition to setting targets for new business and creative awards,their proposal highlighted the very real benefit for Leo Burnett of having a new stream of diverse, challenging and morally inspiring clients, coming as it did at a time when Leo Burnett's involvement with government communications was coming to an end.

In August 2011, Leo Burnett Change was launched to the Leo Burnett London group. Alice had been inspired by the Ghandi quote "be the change you want to see in the world", which gave the new division its name.

Since its launch, Change has won the RNLI Coastal Safety and The Multiple Sclerosis Society accounts. Work for the latter is due out later this year, whilst the 'Respect the Water' campaign for the RNLI has already won numerous DMA awards and is shortlisted for 5 MAA awards. Most pleasingly the work showed initial signs of reaching parity on awareness measures with much longer established national governmental safety campaigns and has even demonstrated reported shifts in behaviour.

Change has also produced campaigns for Cocaine Unwrapped (singled out by Campaign as one of Leo Burnett's finest in their 2012 school report); Peace One Day (shortlisted for a D&AD White Pencil); Business in the Community's Reducing Re-offending through employment and continues to undertake work for Plan UK and Tommy's.

In addition to running Leo Burnett Change, Alice is a Board Account Director on the Kellogg portfolio and runs the RNLI business. She consults for Rosa, the UK's fund for women and girls, on their communication strategy and is involved on the steering committee of Leo Burnett's Viva Women group - part of the Publicis-wide women's network. She also partakes in fundraising activities for charities close to her heart including the Alzheimer's Society and ZANE (Zimbabwe A National Emergency).

Finally,having been diagnosed with dyslexia when she was 8, Alice is very keen to make the path into advertising easier for those who have dyslexia and is looking into how Leo Burnett Change can help to drive this initiative forward.

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I joined Carat at the end of 2005 having started my career in the TV department at another agency. Whilst TV provided a good start to my career I was keen to take on a role that would allow me to be more creative and autonomous in advising clients on how best to spend their budgets.

Since joining Carat eight years ago I’ve been promoted five times and now lead a team of five. Each role has stretched me but the last two promotions have been the most exciting and challenging. At the beginning of 2013, following the success of my innovative partnerships such as Nokia & The X Factor, which broke new ground when we placed the handsets in the palms of finalists with them documenting their journey using social media, I was promoted to a newly created role as ‘Director of Digital Partnership & Activation’. In addition to leading and mentoring my thriving team, I drive the department’s expertise within digital. My success within the role was to ultimately be measured by my ability to hit the revenue target set for this new area of focus.

By the end of 2013 I had presented at an IAB digital industry event, contributed to a European Sponsorship Association paper, led a training workstream that supported me in rolling out training and meetings with key digital suppliers and our income from digital was 3x higher than the set target.

Last November I created an event called ‘Culture, Content, Commerce and the role of Convergence’, a series of discussions that explored the exciting ways in which brands are tapping into culture to create content within the digital space that has a direct link to commerce. I arranged a day featuring YouTube superstars, power bloggers, gaming experts and more, the purpose of which was to inspire and educate, paving the way for pioneering campaigns which open up a new source of revenue for our business. The event was a great success with over 200 people attending. The feedback was fantastic and led to exciting business development opportunities with clients such as Mondelez.

In my new role as Global Partnerships & Digital Innovation Director, I continue to set the agenda for how we will set out to deliver best in class campaigns centred around digital/social activation. I’ll also be taking the lead on all global media partnerships, with an end goal of unlocking the revenue potential of our global client portfolio. I’m incredibly excited by this opportunity; what I love about this industry is the fast-paced rate at which we’re seeing change in consumer behaviour as a result of advancement in technology.

Outside of work my passions are travel and yoga. In 2012 a colleague and I rallied the ladies in the sponsorship team together to take part in Race For Life. It’s a cause that continues to be close to our hearts and one that’s now become an annual event: so far we’ve raised almost £2000, something we’re all very proud of.
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Transforming my clients' businesses through strategic counsel and compelling, cross-platform communications has been my passion since starting my diverse career in 2000. Fresh out of Oxford University - via a pit-stop in Central America learning Spanish and journalism - I began my business life as a graduate trainee in "new media" PR at Mantra (now Speed Communications) on the eve of the dotcom boom. These formative years established the foundations for three pillars underpinning my career to date: a firm belief in the transformative powers of effective communication, digital technology and international insight. They form the bedrock of the strategic advice I provide to UK and international clients in my current role as Head of Digital within Weber Shandwick's largest business unit in EMEA after Germany where I lead digital accounts across a team of 60 and new business acquisition among corporate, financial and public affairs clients.

I am proud to support clients with strategic advice facilitating the seismic shift from broadcast communications to a two-way conversation with customers, stakeholders and brand advocates. Since joining Weber Shandwick in early 2013 I have strengthened our digital capacity, integrating digital and social media across our portfolio and winning flagship accounts. Stand-out projects include global social media strategy for Pearson's English teaching businesses and launching Days of Ukraine festival in London for Group DF and their Firtash Foundation. I ensured Days of Ukraine was a fully-integrated, cultural diplomacy campaign that strengthened ties between the UK and Ukraine. We built an online community from scratch, engaged 2.25 million people through our social channels, secured online endorsement from digital influencers and reached 32.8 million readers through paid content syndication.

I came to Weber Shandwick on a high from in-house achievements transforming the National Trust for a digital age in key advisory roles. My team secured industry accolades including top 10 in the Charity Social Media 100 index and a trio of digital content awards including Best Not for Profit Website at The Drum Awards for Digital Industries. Directing their digital public affairs operation, lied the campaign that forced a government rethink on planning reforms which House magazine described as "one of the most influential, high-profile policy campaigns of this Parliament to date". Almost 250,000 people signed the petition and we recruited over 70,000 digital activists.

My strength in public affairs stems from a decade advising international clients on the policies, attitudes and probable actions of a range of governments. As Global Insight's lead Latin America analyst (2003-2008) I oversaw the digital output of a specialist editorial team across three continents. As an independent digital content consultant (2008-2010) Is social networks fundamentally transform how we communicate as journalists and businesses- and, quite simply, as human beings. I am committed to harnessing this digital revolution and providing clients with strategic advice to mitigate related risks and reap hard-fought rewards for brands and businesses.

Sophie Lewis
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Sophie has a unique and remarkable relationship with ideas.

In an industry driven and defined by creative expression, she's had an unusually close relationship with the generation of ideas throughout her career. Even as she started as an Account Manager at DFGW and then BBH she zoned in on creative work. Not only did she work on Virgin, Boddingtons and Levi's, she also set up the Culture Club at BBH which earned her attention and a seat at Board meetings before she was on the Board.

But it was her move, in 2006, to Mother, as a Strategist, that allowed Sophie to accelerate her connection with creativity. She was a key player in the launch of the hugely successful 'Here Come the Girls' campaign for Boots and after a short stint at JWT, she was reunited with her retail love and joined AMV to take the strategic lead on Sainsbury's.

In the three years she has looked after the brand Sophie has overseen the commercial powerhouse that is the 'Live Well for Less' campaign, their game changing Paralympics sponsorship and the recent festive work - Christmas in a Day. This roll call of great work, which has delivered commercial and creative success, would be impressive enough without there being a secret fact lodged within it.

"Sophie brings originality to everything she does and as a result improves the creative work on every account she works on. She is too modest to ever take the credit herself but the outstanding 'Christmas in a Day' campaign was Sophie's idea."
Bridget Angear, Joint CSO, AMV BBDO

An ordinary agency meeting became an extraordinary moment when Sophie combined insight about her target audience with a germ of an idea and casually suggested that "wouldn't it be great to ask Kevin McDonald if he'd do Christmas in a Day." One year, 360 hours of other people's Christmas days, months of intense team work and 1.2million views of Kevin's documentary later, the UK's most creative Christmas campaign was delivered. All thanks to Sophie's idea.

And she doesn't confine her creative thinking to work. Sophie writes poetry. She won the WH Smith Young Person's Poetry Competition aged 15, she was a finalist in the respected Eric Gregory Award and she works from her Brighton home one day a week on her creative writing. Sophie doesn't write for public recognition but she does hope to have her work published one day.

Sophie not only writes, she also sings in our choir and our band. She recognises the power of creative expression and believes in the ability to work in a way that stimulates a really full contribution to our industry. She already has a remarkable suite of work to her name which will only continue to grow as she works and writes for us and for herself.

Felicity Long
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I am incredibly passionate and excited about the media industry, especially digital. I am driven by doing my job to the very best of my ability and taking others on the journey with me! My enthusiasm is infectious and I’m a role model for demonstrating that with enough commitment, hard work and a little helping hand anyone can get where they want to be!

Last year I was instrumental in the restructure of Aegis business and the creation of Amplifi, our commercial and media owner facing operation, driving change throughout our business and creating value for clients. I managed to retain key talent during this time, losing no more people than I would have through natural churn on an average year and having some fun along the way. I also provided a blueprint that other areas of the business are now using for their own restructures.

I am a huge advocate of women in our industry and recently took part in a DAWN event, presenting around ‘how to turn the mundane into an opportunity’ to 80 women from various parts of the industry. I really pushed myself as this isn’t something I had done before, or something I felt particularly comfortable doing. Glad that I did as I found this a really rewarding experience and gained lots of insight from the feedback of the women that I had shared my experiences and advice with.

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to benefit from amazing mentors and feedback, I’m delighted that I am now in the position to mentor people myself, I find this thoroughly rewarding. I currently mentor 5 people on a regular basis; one on my team, two from other parts of the business and two individuals who no longer work in this business.

I was selected for our fast track leadership program. Only 5% are invited on the scheme globally and there is a rigorous application process culminating in a presentation to senior execs from across our business. It is fantastic and stimulating being part of this group future leaders.

I am also passionate about the development of others and have designed and executed a six month digital training programme, training 100 individuals across the business. This training programme has been so well received that it is now being rolled out across several of our clients.

When I joined Carat last year it was our busiest pitch year ever. I was a core part of our UK and Global pitches representin g the best of our digital expertise.

Outside of my day job I am an active member of Aegis Reading for Success scheme at a local primary school. I get as much out as I put in; motivating a seven year old over a school year takes a really different approach and I’ve found it a really useful experience.

In my personal life I am an accomplished horse rider, understanding and bringing on a horse takes a great deal of patience and understanding, valuable skills.

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"Be very good and be very nice", the advice Jackie received from her first ECD, Sir John Hegarty, is something she embraces daily. Hired as a router at BBH, promoted to Junior PM then Producer and finally joining Leo Burnett in 2008 as Lead Senior Project Manager on our fashion brands through Atelier. Successful management on Kellogg, Homebase, Coca Cola and high profile pitches have followed.

Thinking outside of the box, flexibility and creative vision inspires Jackie to lead initiatives and immerse herself in change. Beyond the day role of keeping finances & timings on track and creative values high, she also contributes towards ideas. For Plan, the global children's charity, she spoke to a contact of the women's legal network at a renowned law firm and secured her as the first speaker at Plan's first Corporate Talk organised by the Agency. Jackie & the team subsequently confirmed an array of established business and celebrity contacts, including Mariella Frostrup, Imelda Staunton & Jude Kelly, for further talks.

The Peace One Day Organisation approached the agency for ideas to be entered into the White Pencil Awards. The brief was given to the whole LB Group & ideas judged by a panel of senior management. Forming a team with 2 colleagues Jackie developed an idea to encourage people to obliterate hate by filling a "Missile of Peace" with everything they detest and launching it into space using a real rocket. This incredibly challenging project enabled her to take on a multi-faceted role. Sleepless nights, dreams of rocket making and literal rocket science organisational skills proved to be worthwhile as the rocket was launched & the idea entered into the Awards. It also won an internal Leo Burrnett Global Award. What really excites and engages Jackie is 'other stuff' that allows her to develop outside her traditional role. Mentoring is one of her strengths and she tutors junior members of staff in creative services, planning and account management. She is also involved in the Agency's Summer Scheme, a yearly event design to encourage school leavers to seek a career in the industry.

Keeping abreast of & championing new talent is extremely important to Jackie so leading the IPA's Creative Pioneer scheme at Leo Burnett seemed a good fit. Working with the Creative Services Director Jackie initially interviewed over 100 applicants, then whittled down the list to 10 key people before selecting the final person for a creative services apprentice. Following the success of this scheme, the IPA approached her to talk at their Sponsors for Educational Opportunities & Diversity Open Day for Undergraduates.

With a group of colleagues, Jackie formed the pioneer group Viva Women!, a Publicis/Omnicom initiative created to support women in their careers. Liaising with contacts across the Groups Jackie was a key lead in the successful launch at Google Headquarters and has continued to drive forward this enterprise.

This ensures that Jackie is at the forefront of both her own personal development and that of women throughout the industry.
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Holly empowers her people to find the best in themselves, by setting a positive example through commitment, consistent positivity and humility; by nurturing, mentoring, encouraging and imposing effective rigour and discipline around her expectations; and by rewarding success. Holly has over-delivered in her role in terms of commercial metrics (75% pitch conversion rate, exceeding targets by £1m), but has also over-delivered through the less tangible, measures of a positive influence on the culture of the Agency and the reputation of the Agency externally. Holly is a rarity among dynamic, strong-minded individuals in that she's a fantastic listener. She is genuinely interested in the opinions of others, genuinely assimilates them and uses them to make her a better professional.
Nick Bailey - CEO & Executive Creative Director,Isobar

Holly has a rare combination of warmth, empathy, drive and determination. She is rigorous, meticulous and sets high standards for herself and her team but she delivers on those standards by inspiring and motivating those around her, not by demanding. In this, she is a natural leader, one who not only has the right vision but who takes people with her on the journey.
Patricia McDonald - Chief Strategy Officer, Isobar

Holly is a resilient optimist. She has an enquiring mind. She’s thorough in her preparation, which gives her the knowledge to make confident, decisive contributions that you want to see in a leader. Crucially, her infectious enthusiasm for a sense of team and the collective good of the business makes her a person who enjoys the respect of people of all disciplines and levels.
Mark Cranmer - Global CEO, Isobar

Holly has had a transformative effect on new business at Isobar. She has a highly intuitive approach to what works for clients and a powerful instinct for client fit. Holly has made new business the energy source of the Agency and in the process has smashed our targets.
Cormac Loughran - CMO Aegis Media & Co-Chair IPA New Business & Marketing Group

Holly is the single most impressive person I have had the pleasure of working with. Leading from the front, she dazzles clients from the first meeting to the final pitch and beyond. She instills in others her ebullient positivity and winning mentality. She is always clear, articulate and authoritative, getting the very best out of others who gladly raise their game for her. I was forever glad to have Holly on my team and sympathetic to the agencies that didn't.
Adam King -  Executive Creative Director, King Raven (former Creative Director, Isobar)

Holly's super-sharp mind, her ability to simplify, her positive 'never say never' attitude and endless energy inspires people. They believe they can achieve. That they can win. She has the ability to transform a group of average players into superstars because of her focus, determination to win and to have fun along the way. I think Holly is a consummate leader. One who will only grow into an even more effective, fearless and confident leader by reminding herself that she has a natural ability to inspire, motivate and ultimately drive positive change through an Agency.
Penny Herriman - Global Brand Director, Boden (former CEO Isobar & WCRS)

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Choosing the right person to look after an agency's most talented, ambitious and prized cohort is a big decision. For AMV, it's been an incredibly easy one for the last three years.

Helen is the heart of AMV's Account Management department. She challenges and cares for 122 of our brightest people and always puts their needs first. It is a role she is utterly committed to and one she prepared for from day one of her career.

Success in her first five years, at Lowe, was built upon the rigour of Unilever marketing and a pastoral instinct that saw her dive into graduate recruitment and mentoring. In a shifting culture, Helen provided security and support to new recruits even as she was still growing as a young professional.

She joined AMV 10 years ago and she has built her commercial and creative prowess on a suite of pillar accounts, including Sainsbury's, PepsiCo, Camelot, Cancer Research and DEFRA. She's been at the heart of some of our most successful campaigns - 'Try Something New Today' for Sainsbury's, Walkers' 'Do Us a Flavour’, Act on C02 and 'One Day We Will Beat Cancer'.

Her experience on these has fuelled a belief in the pivotal role account management can play in the development of great creative work. She wants her people to be stimulants for, supporters of and signatories to our best ideas.

With this ambition etched in her heart, she took on the running of Account Management in 2011, with her joint department head, Justin Pahl. Since then, they have steered their team through an expansion of more than 30%, the drive for innovation and the balance of serving both strong clients and ambitious ideas.

They have provided the right dose of challenge and support to a generation of professionals who seek constant nurture, guidance and progress and AMV now has, without doubt, the most capable, confident Account Management cohort we have had in years.

Helen leads by example. She is still a highly skilled practitioner who leads some of our most creative accounts. She is the voice of our largest department in the management team and she takes the message about the evolving nature of her discipline to the wider industry. But the thing that she will prize more than anything is the effect of her profound, personal and unstinting care on Nick, Amy, Bobbie and the other 119 people in her department. In the words of one of them:

"Helen is incredibly intuitive and empathetic and is great at understanding people, their motivations and how best to help them grow. My meetings with her have always been incredibly useful - I feel she understands me and wants to help me develop."

Helen has the minds and the hearts of our people of tomorrow in her hands and we could not feel more confident of their chances of success. And happiness. In turn, we wholeheartedly commit to helping her to continue to flourish too.
Lucy-Anne Ronayne
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"She is 'real digital' in the way Kima Greggs was 'real murder police"'- Andy Sandoz, Creative Partner

Meet Lucy-Anne Ronayne, Creative Director, Work Club

Born in Ireland and educated in Central Saint Martin's, Work Club hired Lucy-Anne 4 months before she even graduated. She was named a Face to Watch by Campaign in her first professional year.

She is a natural storyteller with a gift for writing, a couture sense of design, and a complete understanding of tech culture - you could argue three creatives in one - the fully-rounded, future-facing Creative Director.

Lucy-Anne is the longest standing member of the Club, barring a technicality - she took a brief hiatus after 3 years to see the view from AKQA Amsterdam, before returning 'home' in 2012 with fresh perspective and global experience. She became Work Club's first female Creative Director at age 30, 5 years after starting out in the industry.

A Force For Better Advertising

Lucy-Anne has consistently pushed to make better advertising throughout her career. Her work generates more value for both brand and consumer with entertainment and utility, information and style. She has done so with an open and collaborative personality that wins respect as well as friends.

Whether creating an Alfa Romeo driver's online alter ego, casting 200 live bloggers to document their experience as battery cows for the WSPA, making interactive French bulldogs sell Nokia gaming, turning footsteps into mobile currency for Johnnie Walker, or amplifying adidas UK's social creative presence; all her work is strategically insightful and culturally inspiring.

An Inspirational Leader

Lucy-Anne currently heads up creative on a pan-European digital client and a UK fashion label as well as leading new pitches. Her energy, integrity, high standards, wicked sense of humour and attention to footwear endear her to clients and clubbers alike. Everyone looks forward to working with her.

She is a mentor to the new wave of junior talent at Work Club, guiding them with equal portions of work ethic, Club culture and high expectations. Somehow she finds time to jointly manage our intern programme- including annual briefs for students at Central Saint Martin's.

As part of her mentor role, she is also involved with the D&AD New Blood programme. Her best brief to date - find something you love on KickStarter and use the power of social to get it funded.

A High Achiever

In 2013, Lucy-Anne became a Contributing Editor of Riposte Magazine a new publication described by PSFK as an "Intelligent magazine for powerful women [that] challenges Cosmo's feminine ideal". It profiles bold, fascinating women and each article is written by a successful women in her own right.

She has an educated eye and huge zeal for fashion. This shines through in daily career, but also in a number of personal projects - including, a curatorial blog that pairs recently released shoes with recently released music.

See some of Lucy-Anne's character here
Emily Samways
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'Samways likes to have a lot going on', as said The Sunday Times when they profiled the busy working mother of two (7th February 2010). Returning to work after the birth of her second son, Emily wanted to 'build her confidence and get her brain going again', so she applied and won funding for a Masters at Goldsmiths. This was on top of her full-time job running New Business for WPP's The Brand Union and helping her husband manage their four-site food store operation, Source ( that Emily helped establish in 2006.

And the last year has been no different, with the ever positive and energetic Samways becoming an active member of Bloom, the networking, mentoring and fundraising group. Then when invited to teach on the IDM Digital Diploma she found herself saying 'I'd love to', leading to Emily writing and teaching further courses in 2013/14.

Being a bit of a 'Sarah Beany', Emily has also just completed a 10-month building project, renovating and doubling the size of her home, seeing Emily become architect, interior designer, and project manager... all valuable learning as she now plans a more ambitious self-build! Now bitten by the property market bug, she is looking to shake up the sector by opening a different kind of estate agency: one that provides a fairer deal for the vendor. And if that wasn't enough, Emily also works fulltime at Karmarama leading the Honda UK business.

Emily is an all-rounder, an entrepreneur and a polymath; a brand builder with experience in direct, digital, brand and strategic consulting as well as advertising. She has worked both client and agency side; led domestic and international accounts; run new business, launched countless brands, products and services for IBM,, Skoda, HSBC, C&W and JTI, as well as building her own business.

Emily believes "It's a sad day when you feel you can't learn anything more. Now more than ever you need new skills and experience" (The Sunday Times). A caring mentor and guide, she enjoys encouraging those around her to positively challenge themselves, adapt, grow and develop. She focuses on what people are good at and then creates a proactive learning environment to bring out the best in them. A confident and intuitive leader, Emily has the ability to take others with her, sustaining commitment, energy and focus. These skills have led her to become an IPA one2one mentor, coaching informally and through the IPA.

Emily loves Karmarama - it's a great place to work! Since joining, Emily has revised the appraisal process, job descriptions and financial account plans; as well as leading her teams to deliver over 300 TVCs for Nintendo, a pan-European campaign for Clas Ohlson, strategic positioning for Unilever's Colman's, and launched Tesco's blinkbox, and is now leading the agency's largest integrated account, Honda UK. As a key influencer, mentor and role model, Emily is instrumental in driving a programme of initiatives such as a senior woman's group, networking, mentoring, knowledge sharing and charitable partnerships to help Karmarama become the best place for women to work in the industry.
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Louisa is a loyal VCCP employee, having started eight years ago in 2005. She has worked her way up rapidly from being an account executive, to being a client services director running one of our most famous and time­ pressured accounts,, a huge responsibility that was handed to her when she was just 31 years old (Louisa is now 34).

Louisa has been promoted rapidly over the years as she has always looked for opportunities to take on other leadership and management responsibilities:
• She set up and still runs the graduate recruitment scheme at VCCP, via our parent company Chime.
• Louisa was Client Services Director in VCCP Blue, looking after the account management department whilst heading up In this role she set the vision for the department, plus managed career development and recruitment.
• Most recently, Louisa's leadership skills and her ambition to nurture talent have led to her being promoted to Head of Talent at what is now the second largest ad agency in the UK. In this role, Louisa works with the department heads and VCCP Management team to implement strategies and initiatives to make sure VCCP is finding, welcoming and keeping top talent.

It's a testament to Louisa's drive and ability that she has been given this senior role that previously did not exist. Louisa sits on a management desk alongside our founder Charles Vallance, Vice Chairman Julian Douglas and our Executive Planning Director Michael Lee, however she is not on the management board. Louisa is regarded as a senior leader in our agency and her talent and vision is championed internally.

An account handler by trade, leadership skills are central to Louisa's job, especially as she retains business director responsibilities on key accounts. Throughout her career at VCCP she has led teams on high profile client work including:
• 02 brand and sponsorship campaigns for 02, most notably the launch of Priority tickets and the 02 academies. To lead a team on 02 requires corralling, motivating and persuasion skills like never before, as you work with so many stakeholders both within the agency, with your clients and cross agency teams.
•, which she ran for nearly 3 years. Louisa oversaw all elements of this creative and exciting business, in particular the launch of their Meerkat toy reward scheme plus sponsorship of Coronation Street. Working on requires a particular kind of leadership. Maintaining the quality of creative output is paramount, plus it's full on and a huge team effort so you need to be focussed, decisive and create the right environment so everyone can focus on doing their best work possible.
• Burton's biscuits, Ancestry and MYJAR. Louisa currently looks after these 3 brands, which are all at different stages of their businesses. Keeping the different teams focused and balancing their respective objectives requires agility in how you lead.

Louisa believes that being a good leader means being a self-starter - no one is going to tell you how to lead, you just need to go for it.
Sarah Taylor
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Since January 2008 Sarah transitioned into the position of Head of Learning & Development for Starcom MediaVest Group following a successful 20 year career within planning & buying. This has given her a wonderful background, drawing upon considerable insight, experience and versatility to understand the needs of our people and our business at a very real, authentic level - both from a commercial and a personal development perspective.

Over 6 years Sarah has evolved our programme beyond recognition to one that has become part of SMG's cultural DNA; intrinsically linked to helping the business grow commercially whilst recognising the challenges and aspirations of its talent. We are incredibly proud to see Sarah craft, alongside an exceptional team, an evolving programme that is relevant, diverse, innovative and engaging as reflected within our own staff engagement surveys and as a key contributor within our Sunday Times Top 100 Companies recognition for across 2011, 2012 & 2013! Moreover it is recognised as industry leading receiving IPA Platinum Accreditation and is now identified as a 'Centre of Excellence' within our global SMG network. Sarah has worked with our VivaKi peers in Dubai to shape a meaningful L&D programme for the MENA region with great success and similarly our content, ideas and strategy have been shared with offices around the globe as well as advising clients - further recognising our influence, value and achievements holistically.

Equally, her role is about balancing strategic needs (including pioneering wellbeing initiatives) with a strong commercial head. With a 42% increase in headcount whilst working within a static L&D budget for 5 years, Sarah has introduced a 50% increase in initiatives;- calling upon significant resourcefulness and negotiation whilst leveraging trusted and collaborative relationships. lnternalising 65% of workshops capitalising on our own exceptional talent (many of which Sarah has crafted and delivered) whilst investing carefully in progressive areas such as mindfulness and parenting.

However, for Sarah it's more than just about shaping content. It's about the approach, passion and care that is taken in helping our people be the best that they can be. It's about listening to the individual and the business in a way that anticipates future needs and diversity & responding accordingly.

From a leadership stance Sarah takes great pride in striving to lead by example both in supportive and approachable behaviour;engagement with the wider business agenda and in seeking to continuously raise the bar. Also, Sarah's a Mum working across a condensed week, and believes she sets an example for others aspiring to an enriched career within SMG.

Sarah also challenges her own personal growth pushing for new ways of thinking and venturing beyond her comfort zone - mindfulness, coaching and becoming an MBTI practitioner are just a couple of examples. She is humbled to know that this is well received by colleagues not only in the support and faith they demonstrate in her but also evidenced in the mentoring she is involved with along with the feedback that she receives.

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To me, leadership means taking people on your journey to achieve something great while allowing them to maximise their abilities. Over the years I have gained a reputation as someone who is 'firm but fair'. My style has always been straight-talking but I am someone who truly cares about my team. I love to create a fun, dynamic and hard working culture.

I am passionate about technology so decided to start my career in digital at Mindshare in 2000 and quickly moved up through the ranks into management roles. By 2007, I was heading up the 45 people working across online and mobile. My role was to ensure delivery to clients on all things digital and that Mindshare was continuing to push the boundaries in the digital space. I also played a thought leadership role within the digital and mobile space and helped set the strategic direction of Mindshare as a member of the Management Board.

In 2009 I gave birth to my daughter Arianna three months prematurely. Becoming a mother clearly changes your life but having a baby that needed more support changed my entire outlook on everything. She spent her first few months in hospital and still has to attend regular appointments. I am inspired every day by her and how she doesn't let anything hold her back. I have always been committed to helping women who work with me advance through mentoring, as I want Arianna to grow up knowing her mum helped other women succeed.

Having Arianna also allowed me to take stock of my career and by the end of 2011 I left Mindshare to become the Managing Director of 02 Media. I had full P&L responsibility and for evolving the proposition. I led the business for 10 months, including the transition into the 'Weve' Joint Venture. At this point I had to show true leadership to take my team on a journey to understand Weve's value and embrace the changes, as 02 Media shut down.

I recently moved to Facebook to lead the agency business. In partnership with the rest of the UK Facebook leadership team, I am setting the go-to-market strategy and helping drive innovation, creativity and value for our clients. I am also developing our existing talent and helping attract new stars to Facebook.

I have always been an active member of the advertising community, participated in conferences, key events and have won a number of industry awards including the; Revolution award in 2004 for best use of interactive TV and a WACL bursary in 2006 which I used to have Business Coaching. I was so inspired by how much the experience helped me develop I went on to train in NLP which I use with the teams I manage. In 2007 I was recognised in Campaign's Annual Top 10 digital talent, in 2010 I was elected as the UK Co-Chair of the Mobile Marketing Association and in 2012 I was voted one of Business Insider's Most Powerful Women in Advertising.

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Submission by Roisin Donnelly, P&G, Corporate Marketing Director, UK & Ireland

Anke Will is one of the best Brand Managers I have ever worked with and has built the business and built the organisation in a number of roles in P&G. She is one of those very rare Brand Managers who is always a pleasure to work with as she has so many strengths. Anke brings creativity and magic to all her brands inspiring her agency partners and delighting her P&G Senior Management. She is a brilliant team player, leading a big team internally but always knowing when to let others have the limelight. She is a brilliant thinker and strategist but also happy to roll up her sleeves and solve pragmatic problems day to day.

Anke joined P&G in 2002 in her home country Germany where she worked on Old Spice and Max Factor leaving her impact. She worked on the Herbal Essences and Max Factor Global teams in Geneva designing new products and campaigns.

She moved to the UK in 2009 and has led the Petcare business and then Femcare where she took Always and Tampax to record results. She is now Brand Manager for the UK & Ireland Beauty and Grooming business leading a wide portfolio of brands including Gillette, Pantene, Olay, Head & Shoulders, Nice'n'Easy, Venus, Max Factor, Herbal Essences, Shockwaves and Aussie. She brings experience and expertise from her previous roles to her current portfolio of brands, adding magic every day!

She constantly brings marketing innovation to all of her brands as well as raising the bar on effectiveness and efficiency. Some of her recent campaigns include:

• P&G Beauty Recommended - the P&G multibrand beauty platform
• Herbal Essences #Scherzinghair - a multimedia campaign which trended globally
• Pantene Great British Hair Diet - a breakthrough concept built on consumer insights
• Gillette Movember - an innovative charity campaign running for 2 years
All her campaigns have deep consumer understanding. As Anke is not a native of the UK, she goes out of her way to be in touch with her consumers, listening to them and insuring her marketing strategies and plans are in touch with them. And she makes a big understanding to bring the right British insights and language often making the whole team laugh with new slang she has discovered from her consumers or team.

Anke is a collaborative partner for her creative, media, digital and PR agencies. They love working with her and admire her passion for the business, strategic leadership but openness to new ideas and innovation. She is a pleasure to work with - open, honest and balanced but with an infectious enthusiasm for making a difference.

Anke is passionate about people and makes a big difference at P&G. She is a key recruiter for Brand Management, interviewing and onboarding the next generation.

She is a committed coach for her team and a trainer for P&G Brand Management. She also coaches her agency teams and she has a very diverse roster of partners at 2 media agencies, 4 creative agencies, 3 PR agencies as well as digital agencies.

She is a trusted mentor Anke and invests time helping her peers and newly promoted Brand Managers succeed in their new roles. She is also a trusted friend to marketers returning to work after maternity leave and stays in touch with 2 of her team on maternity leave coaching them in their new challenge as new mums!

Anke has led the P&G "Vibrant Living" programme for P&G across all functions helping all employees with work/life balance. This included a brilliant employee engagement programme behind P&G's sponsorship of the 2012 Olympics. This provides great engaging campaigns for the different P&G offices to benefit all employees.

Despite a huge and demanding role, Anke is a great role model for work/life balance with 2 young sons. Outside work, she loves to travel and loves to shop.

Ann Wixley
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Fuelled by her passion for a creative democracy in the industry, and the belief that great ideas can come from anywhere, Ann's ambition is to help redefine and broaden the creative output of media agencies, beyond traditional media execution. By championing a more collaborative approach that expands the potential for ideas generation and creative thinking across the internal media agency structure, as well as externally with media and agency partners, Ann's vision is to reframe the role that media agencies have traditionally played, to produce ideas with scale that truly innovate brand marketing and communications.

In her first step to realising this vision, Ann has pioneered the role of media agency Creative Director twice in the last five years, first at MEC UK and now at OMD UK, where she joined in November 2012. In this role, Ann has developed multiple training initiatives geared to empower and inspire hundreds of 'non-creative' colleagues across all levels, in the discipline of idea generation and development.

Here, Ann's role is to help spearhead a shift in the traditional agency model, how our clients perceive the media agency offering and supercharge creative output. In the last 14 months, Ann has played an integral part in establishing OMD UK's new way of working (FLOW) to integrate creative concept creation and development into the media planning process to work internally and externally in collaboration with media owners and client roster agencies, with several futher initiatives underway to upskill colleagues in creative facilitation and craft.

With an IPA Grand Prix under her belt, a first for a media agency, Ann is already validating the belief in this evolved media agency vision.

"Ann brings a unique energy to OMD UK. Her passion for driving positive change in the media industry made her absolutely the right person to become OMD UK's first Creative Director and help us pioneer an evolved media agency model. Changes as significant as this don't happen overnight, but Ann's passion and ideas have provided healthy provocation, which has challenged the status quo and is evolving the way the agency operates. With creativity truly integrated at our heart, the culture and energy of the agency has step-changed and our clients are seeing the benefits in stronger, braver and more creative work that we do for them".

Dan Clays, Managing Director, OMD UK

Ann is passionate about developing young creative talent and diversifying their career oppmtunities beyond the traditional advertising agency creative roles. In her first year at OMD UK, she established the agency's first creative team (currently all-female) and instigated agency sponsorship of the School of Communications Arts, where she has mentored for the past three years - OMDUK is the first media agency to explicitly support communications creative talent of the future.

This year Ann is founding an informal community of creative practitioners across media agency and media owner groups, to inspire and share learnings that will help fuel the shift in the industry. Watch this space!
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