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Brand Safety

The following suppliers and facilitators of online advertising inventory have committed in principle to having their ad misplacement minimisation policies independently verified by August 2013:


Ad2One-160 Adaptv-160 Collective-160 Exponential-160 GlamMedia-160
Ignitionone-160 MediaIQ-160 quantcast-160 SpecificMedia-160
TremorVideo-160 TubeMogul-160 Unruly-160 Vibrant-160  

Independent Verification

Independent verification will take the approach of reviewing the company’s responses to a set of questions about the service(s) it offers.  Those questions will include whether the company offers Content Verification technology (and if so, which ABC certified tool(s) they offer) and/or the application of Appropriate/Inappropriate lists.  

Following the above review it is envisaged that the company will be asked to provide relevant examples of the supporting documents and information on which their answers were based.  Having reviewed these documents the auditor will arrange a visit to discuss the processes involved and seek any further documentation and explanations that may be necessary to complete their work

Last updated 03/06/2013

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