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Broadcast production

Covering visa issues, terrorism insurance and filming during the 2012 Games.

Who we are

For help with tricky production issues, such as visa requirements for overseas shoots, child regulations, insurance or problems with talent contact Kim Knowlton on or call 020 7201 8203.

How we can help

In addition to specific queries, we have a variety of books, pre-production forms, contracts and agreements for you to download from this site. We also collectively use our members feedback to ensure the industry's systems are working efficiently and effectively, especially on broadcast clearance.

Here are some typical questions:

    • Do I need permission to include famous buildings in my commercial (at home and overseas)?


    • How many hours can a 12-year-old girl work on set?


    • What is a sponsorship licence and why do I need one to bring non-EU talent into the UK?


    • I am filming goldfish in a bowl - do I need a vet on set?


    • What paperwork do I need to move a herd of cattle from Scotland to Essex?


  • I am filming in a station. Do I need release forms from the public? What should I do?

Member testimonials/responses

Always thoroughly professional and sound with his advice, Geoff understands the stresses and strains of making a commercial. He is always helpful, and his advice has been invaluable.

CEO Survey respondent

Published guidance

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