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We publish key thought leadership pieces to promote the value of advertising or further the industry's learning on a particular subject. Topics covered include behavioural economics, creativity, effectiveness and accountability.

TouchPoints Works

TouchPoints Works provides a comprehensive overview of the best TouchPoints case histories from the past 10 years, showcasing the invaluable ways that subscribers have used the unique data to deliver actionable insights for both their clients and their own businesses. The guide provides a wealth of examples of where agencies have gained insights from the unique TouchPoints data, where media owners have created commercial advantage from TouchPoints, and explains how TouchPoints contributes to wider industry debates. Members: Free / Non-members: £50.

Media Databases: The challenges and the potential in the age of convergence

This free report, as part of the IPA’s comprehensive Know the Value of Media project, acknowledges the increasingly complex media landscape in which multiple sources of media databases are available to advertisers. It also provides advice, a 10-point checklist for working with media owner databases and 10 best practice case studies, to help the industry to manage, interpret and extract maximum value from this data. Free to download.

Effective marketing strategies for food and drink

In this in-depth report, Andy Nairn - the serial IPA Effectiveness Award winner and founding partner of the Lucky Generals agency - analyses the challenges facing food and drink brands and shows how marketers have used a variety of strategies to keep growing brands in mature markets.

Effective marketing strategies for automotive brands

This report by serial IPA Effectiveness Award winner Andy Nairn, a founding partner of the agency, Lucky Generals, identifies insights and trends from more than 50 award-winning cases of automotive marketing, analysing the way communications was used to tackle business challenges. It also includes predictions for the future of the sector's marketing.
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The New Britain

This latest report provides an important update for marketers as it sets out the most important and interesting facts about Britain's growing BME population. It further explores their spending habits, attitudes and behaviours and looks at two new questions: language and length of residency in the UK to provide insights into generational differences. It shares some case histories, outlines the ethnic media landscape and highlights new initiatives and developments that have taken place since the 2012 Multicultural report. Members: £25 / Non-members: £50
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Data Integration Explained

This report offers a practical guide on how the different forms of data integration work, the best practices involved in producing a data integration, as well as how to prepare for it, how to evaluate the results, and what to bear in mind when using integrated datasets. Members: £35/Non-members: £70
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The Big Opportunity

This report discusses Big Data specifically in the context of audience measurement. How can the industry make the best use of this data? What are the implications for advertisers, agencies, media owners and the industry currencies? Free to download.
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The Long and the Short of It

This publication is the eagerly anticipated update of Marketing in the Era of Accountability, examining the impact of timescales of effect, exploring the tension between long and short-term strategies for brands and businesses as well as providing evidence-based recommendations on how best to approach investment in advertising. Hard copy: Members £25 / Non-Members £50. PDF: Members £25+VAT / Non-Members £50+VAT
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2012 Multicultural Britain

This report examines the rapidly expanding multicultural landscape of the UK, highlights common misconceptions and profiles the ethnic media landscape. Hard copy: Members £25 / Non-members £50.  PDF: Free for members / Non-members £25+VAT
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London 2012 Creative Showcase

This publication features creative work and case studies showing how brands used sponsorship opportunities presented by the London 2012 Games. Brands featured include: British Airways, Cadbury, Coca Cola, EDF, GE, GLA/Mayor of London, Lloyds TSB, McDonald's, The National Lottery and Visa. Free to download.
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New Models of Marketing Effectiveness

The third publication in the IPA Datamine series is a practical guide to integration today, analysing the methods of organising marketing communications and exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. The authors are Kate Cox, John Crowther, Denise Turner and Tracy Hubbard; the companies involved were i to i research, MPG Media Contacts and Publicis.
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The Link Between Creativity and Effectiveness: 2011 Update

This report features an updated analysis of the correlation between a campaign’s performance across the creative awards recognised by The Gunn Report, and its business performance in the IPA Effectiveness Awards Databank. It draws from a sample of 435 IPA case studies spanning 16 years, allowing for a demonstration of the time trend to the link between creativity and effectiveness. Members: £10+VAT / Non-members: £25+VAT
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The link between creativity and effectiveness PDF

The link between creativity and effectiveness; exciting new research about this relationship, conducted by Marketing Consultant Peter Field and commissioned by Thinkbox and the IPA, analyses the correlation between a campaigns’ performance across the creative awards recognised by The Gunn Report, and their business performance in the IPA Effectiveness Awards databank (2000-2008). Amongst other findings, the research shows a direct correlation between strong advertising creativity and business success, with creatively-awarded campaigns being, on average, 11 times more efficient. Price: £10 plus VAT Members £25 plus VAT Non Members
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Pricing for the Upturn

How communications can help brands price for profit. Members: £10+VAT / Non-members: £25+VAT
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The Marketing Opportunities for Advertisers and Agencies in Multicultural Britain

This report provides the advertising industry with an update on the rapidly expanding multi-cultural landscape of the UK; both as a potential employer and a market place. Members: free / Non-members: £15
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How Share of Voice Wins Market Share

This study by the IPA and Nielsen Analytic Consulting shows that share of voice continues to drive brand growth, and without investment here, innovation in media and creativity is wasted.  Members: £10+VAT / Non-Members: £25+VAT
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Price Promotion During the Downturn: Shrewd or Crude?

Price promotion during the downturn: shrewd or crude?, reveals that brand owners are giving in to retailer pressure by increasing their spend on price promotions in-store, despite evidence that it makes no commercial sense and can in fact cause long-term damage to the brand.  Members: £10+VAT / Non-members: £25+VAT
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Social Media Futures

This 10-year perspective is the sequel to the original 2006 report, The Future of Advertising and Agencies, which put forward three alternative scenarios for the future of commercial advertising. This latest report explores in greater depth the consumer-led scenario in the context of social media (social networks, blogs, virals etc) and its likely impact on the ad industry. Members: £59.50+VAT / Non-members: £70+VAT
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Measuring Marketing Payback

Increasingly, marketing personnel are being asked to measure the effects of marketing and to demonstrate how it adds value. This FREE best practice guide, produced in conjunction iwth ISBA, is aimed at anyone who wants to measure marketing payback in financial terms. It offers practical tips on measuring the effectiveness of activity and how to calculate the contribution to shareholder value.  Free to download.
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Advertising in a Downturn

This report is the result of an IPA seminar held with leading consultancies from Millward Brown; a leading UK provider of brand and consumer data, Data2Decisions; an econometric modelling consultancy, Malik PIMS (Profit Impact of Market Strategy) an econometrics consultancy, and IPA Datamine: quantitative analysis of 880 cases from the IPA Effectiveness Awards Databank.  Free to download.
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Marketing in the Era of Accountability

This report identifies the marketing practices and metrics that truly increase profitability. In this most comprehensive analysis of the communications process to date, authors Les Binet, European Director, DDB Matrix, and Peter Field, Marketing Consultant, have drawn key quantitative findings from 880 national case studies taken from the IPA Databank.
Marketing in the Era of Accountability can be purchased directly from Warc

Best practice in narrative reporting

Best practice in narrative reporting: an international perspective analyses 50 reports from the 2008-2009 financial year, including the top 10 consumer marketing spenders from the USA, Europe and Asia, and a further 20 UK reports, representing top media spenders in the UK.  Members: £10+VAT / Non- members: £25+VAT
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The Future of Advertising and Agencies Report

This report sets out the findings of the extensive research and consultation process, conducted by the Future Foundation for the IPA. The report outlines what advertising will mean in the future, what the agency of the future will look like and how agencies may get paid. Members: £150 / Non-members: £300
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The Intangible Revolution

A definitive collection of the latest thinking on the reporting of intangible assets. The report challenges CEOs, CFOs, company secretaries and corporate communications directors to develop a relationship with representatives from the IPA community to present a truer picture of intangible assets and the value they generate. Free to download.
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Driving Top Line Growth

The first report in the IPA Datamine series is a review by Millward Brown's Dominic Twose of the brands that have achieved growth based on the case studies published in Advertising Works (Volumes 9 - 13). It explores whether there are common patterns to their achievements and evaluates what lessons can be learned to achieve topline growth. Members: £60+VAT / Non-members: £70+VAT
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Celebrity Sells

Book written by Hamish Pringle. Celebrities have always captured the imagination of the public. In today's age of consumerism, their ability to influence our behaviour can be seen worldwide. Harnessing this power can reap huge rewards for business: The Jamie Oliver campaign helped turn around Sainsbury's fortunes, with the return on investment estimated at £27.95 for every advertising pound spent.  Members: £12.75 / Non-members: £15
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Shared Beliefs

Shared Beliefs is a small, pithy hardback book that explains the ad industry's core principles for the first time and is the culmination of a three year qualitative study into what makes good and great advertising. The collective view of the study is that there are 20 core principles that apply to all disciplines of marketing communications. This book is for every client who wants to maximise the potential of advertising and for everyone who works in an advertising agency. Members receive a 15% discount on this product. Shared Beliefs is due to be updated with a new edition in 2015. Members: £8.50 / Non-members: £10
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Brand Manners

This book shows that, when a firm's employees convey a brand's essence in everything they do on its behalf for its customers and other stakeholders, they can improve significantly their success in the market place. At the same time they can make the world a better place for themselves and their customers. Members receive a 15% discount on this product. Members: £21.25 / Non-members: £25
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