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Thank you for your interest in becoming a corporate member of the IPA, one of the world’s pre-eminent trade bodies for marketing communications agencies.

Our mission is straightforward: to promote the value of our agencies in membership. We do this in two ways: firstly, by acting as a spokesman and representing our members on issues of common concern; and secondly, by contributing to their professional operation via our range of advisory, information and training services.

Currently, we have almost 300 of the UK’s brightest and best agencies in membership, who between them account for an estimated 85% of all UK advertising spend.

Gaining membership is no easy task and we have exacting criteria in place to ensure we admit only agencies that are suitably qualified to wear our badge (please see the following Preface for more details on our entry criteria).

Accordingly, this application form asks for a lot of detail about your agency but please don’t let this deter you from applying. The extensive benefits of membership make the effort well worthwhile.

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