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Diversification AdaptLabs

AdaptLabs take place between 8.30am – 1pm on Tuesday 4th February and Wednesday 5th February 2014. See below for date, venue and content details of each of the three workshops.

AdaptLab1 on Tuesday 4th February: with The Bakery and IC Tomorrow. Hosted at The Bakery, 25 City Road, London EC1Y 1AA

"Software is eating the marketing industry. How can Agencies make this work for them?” 
Typically Agencies sell communications and get paid for time. It seems nobody particularly likes this model. 
So what if you could sell useful technology instead - products and services that makes better customer experiences? 
And what if you got paid a license fee for this? 
We believe that Agencies can profit from a world where brands are increasingly using technology to do helpful things for customers. 

Join us for a morning workshop that looks at
i) "Beyond the Agencies” – BMW and Unilever share where brands are looking for product and service innovation
ii) “The customer experiences enabled by technology” - short presentations from the best tech companies in UK
iii) “Taking technologies to market” - a working session on current brand problems
Delegates will leave with a POV on: 
  • How to provide (more) product and service experiences for your clients
  • How this can work in practice.
  • How to make money from it

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AdaptLab2 on Wednesday 5th February: with Power to the Pixel, and the BCMA

 “Making the Leap from the 30 second spot to multi-platform branded content”
 Hosted at Imagination Gallery, 25 Store Street, London WC1E 7BL
Shape the future for multi-platform storytelling with TV, film and gaming producers, strategists and creatives at Noho's Imagination Gallery.
The session will provide creative frameworks for helping to think outside the box in terms of content development. This doesn’t mean the end of 'the big idea' but rather experimenting with how to take it broader/wider/further and how to put the skillsets and networks in play to help you get there.
 Moderated by Paul Tyler (Handling Ideas) and Liz Rosenthal (Power to the Pixel) experts in generating multi-platform content the day will start with quick-fire interviews with four experts from Film/TV; brand experience and gaming - Peter Carlton, Producer, Warp Films (Southcliffe, This is England, Four Lions), Julian Baker, Executive Creative Director, Imagination London; and Colman Hutchinson, TV producer (Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Blind Date). Participants will then break into small groups and use LEGO to workshop new multi-platform learnings in a brief led by Axel Chaldecott, Global Creative Director, JWT.
 Delegates will leave with hands on experience of exploring new diversified creative frameworks that can be applied to leading brands.

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AdaptLab 3 on Wednesday 5th February: with GoogleLab

Hosted at Google Town Hall, 1 St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8AG.
“Data Makes Your Briefcase Heavy, Insight Makes You Rich!”
How the digital world data can super-charge creative insight and ideas
Truly understanding consumers and their behaviour has long been the responsibility of agencies. It’s a vital role in helping brands create and deliver great creative marketing strategies. Whilst the art of using data to unlock that sustainable competitive insight advantage remains unchanged, the world of data we have to explore as agencies has exploded in the digital age.
Join us for a morning workshop to explore how to unlock the creative solution using some readily available data tools. We’ll show you how several brands have successfully used data to transform their brand campaigns and strategies before asking you to work on a live brief to generate some of your own insights.
 The morning will flow as follows:
  • Fact vs. Opinion: How combining art and science fuels Google’s 10x thinking
  • Supercharging consumer understanding: Examples of where data has helped brands get ahead of the competition in the branding space
  • Getting under the hood of some powerful tools: Seeing a demonstration of select Google data tools
  • Giving it a go: Hands on session with the tools on a live brief
 Delegates will leave with their heads full of stimulus and provocation as to how to move a spreadsheet into words, stories and pictures.

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