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Effectiveness Hall of Fame - Richard Storey

The IPA Effectiveness Hall of Fame honours Richard Storey, Global Chief Strategy Officer of M&C Saatchi, for his contribution to effectiveness as a Convenor of Judges at the IPA Effectiveness Awards. Richard was Convenor in the 2007 awards, and subsequently edited the book of winning cases, "Advertising Works 16".

Richard is also the author of several IPA Effectiveness Award-winning papers.

Q: Describe the high points and low points of your career in the communications industry to date?

High: It's a cliché, but watching the results flow in for our "Be Clear on Cancer" activity. Always heartening not just to be effective, but to save lives.

Low: I once informed a very important American client I would be using PowerPoint at a big meeting in Dallas. I received confirmation the room would be ready and equipped.

Having jetted in with just a memory stick, I was shown into a room containing about 20 eager clients but no laptop or projector. Enquiring about using the PowerPoint, I was met with an enthusiastic 'sure', then pointed to the electricity socket on the wall, or as our American friends call it, the power point!

Q: Who has had the biggest influence on your communications thinking and practice - and why?

Robert Heath and specifically his thinking around low involvement processing.  In my experience, we and our clients become most unstuck when we unwittingly assume the customer is even fractionally as interested in our brand and products as we are.  

I came across a stat the other day that 91% of followers of brands on Facebook only follow said brand because they responded to an offer, competition or incentive of some kind.

Q: What knowledge or skill do you have today that you wish you had possessed when you started out?


Q: What is the single, most important change you have seen in the industry since you started? Has it been a change for the better or worse?

We no longer treat the customer as stupid or passive, but informed and in control. In fact, if anything, our industry has lurched so strongly towards the consumer 2.0 agenda that we forget the reality so brilliantly presented to us by Robert Heath (see above). 

Nevertheless, the influence is and will continue to be extremely positive on creative standards. Earning our customers' attention is a difficult but exciting game to be playing.


Richard Storey learned his trade at the "home of planning" - BMP DDB London. He subsequently joined the then start-up, M&C Saatchi, leading its "brutal simplicity" approach to strategy.

Richard has won IPA Effectiveness awards for clients including British Airways, The Police and Scottish Amicable.  Equally passionate about creativity as effectiveness, Richard has also won a number of APG Creative Planning awards.

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