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Effectiveness Hall of Fame - Charlie Snow

The IPA Effectiveness Hall of Fame honours Charlie Snow, Director of Strategy at DLKW Lowe, for his contribution to effectiveness as a Convenor of Judges at the IPA Effectiveness Awards.

Charlie was the Convenor of the 2011 Effectiveness Awards and subsequently edited "Advertising Works 20".

He is also an IPA Fellow.

Q: Describe the high point and low point of your career in the communications industry to date.

High point – letters and emails of thanks from people saying how the 'Stroke Act F.A.S.T.' communications had helped save lives.

Low point – any pitch loss.

Q: In your work, who has had the biggest influence on your communications thinking and practice – and why?

Messrs Delaney (wisdom), Lund (business acumen), Knox (decency) and Warren (clarity of thought); and all for their sense of humour.

Q: What knowledge or skill do you have today that you wish you had possessed when you started out?

Keeping it simple.

Q: What is the single, most important change you have seen in the industry since you started?  Has it been a change for the better or worse?

Mobile phones: both brilliant and awful.


After spending a few years in Qualitative Research, Charlie Snow joined the planning department of DMB&B/D'Arcy in 1994. He joined DLKW in September 2000 to head up the planning department as Planning Director.

He is now Director of Strategy at DLKWLowe.  In his time, he has won the APG Grand Prix and two IPA Effectiveness Gold Awards including a Gold in 2010 for the Stroke Awareness campaign for the Department of Health.

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