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The future consumer; there is no more B2C or B2B – it’s H2H: Human to Human

The IPA Head of Insight, Jim Clark, will be presenting his key learnings gleaned from The Future of Consumer Intelligence, which took place in California in May.

The role of brands is changing. Consumers are more demanding than ever, navigating through ever-increasing levels of marketing clutter. They’re also looking beyond “authentic” messages and seeking brands to help them focus on the intangible things in their lives, from love to health and fulfilment.

The playing field is also changing and the relationships consumers have with brands are becoming more fluid as a result of growing technological sophistication. This fluidity, while posing a challenge to long-term relationships, also provides significant opportunities for advertising agencies.

Jim Clark, Head of Insight at the IPA, will discuss how successful marketers are shifting from trying to “understand” people to “empathising” with them. By doing so they are making brands central to people’s lives, from functional billboards in Peru to unique experiences tailored by data driven insights. 

He will talk about new technologies that are enabling brands to create more relevant marketing communications, touching on existing trends such as the “quantified self” and deliberating on whether or not location is the “new cookie”. How can it enable marketers to physically interact with consumers in real life? 

Jim will also challenge assumptions about the constancy of change. Far from being linear, change is exponential. How can brands keep up in an environment where something that seems absurd or impossible today becomes a reality overnight? Can we really expect 20,000 years of progress in the 21st Century?

Key Speakers Jim will be relating to in his presentation include:

• Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google
• Manoj Fenelon, Director of Foresight at PEPSICO
• Simon Thomson, Director of Commercial Solutions at ESRI
• Jonah Berger, Author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On”
• John Havens, Founder of The H(app)athon Project
• Jake Katz, VP, Audience Insights & Strategy at REVOLT

This session is a must-see event for anyone involved in strategic planning, new business or account handling and we’ve confirmed dates for the following locations:

2nd September – Edinburgh, 9-11am
3rd September – Newcastle, 12-2pm
10th September – Manchester, 12-2pm
15th September – Bristol, 12-2pm
18th September – Birmingham, 12-2pm
24th September – London, 9-11am
25th September – Tunbridge Wells, 12-2pm
1st October – Belfast, 9-11am

Tickets cost £20+VAT for members, £40+VAT for non-members and £10+VAT for students.

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