How TouchPoints is being used

See who’s been using it and the insights it has given them for overall communications and specific campaign planning.

This section gives a theoretical and practical overview of how TouchPoints data can be used throughout the communication planning and buying processes:

How to use TouchPoints data : How TouchPoints data can be used at each stage of a brand's communication strategy

The Planning Process : Information on uses and applications of TouchPoints for planning purposes

Using the Hub Survey : Information on using the TouchPoints Hub Survey as an integral part of the communications strategy process

Using the TouchPoints6 Channel Planner: How coverage and frequency is derived from the TouchPoints Channel Planner and how it can be used

TouchPoints6 Channel Planner Cover Guide : A downloadable guide to using the Channel Planner

TouchPoints5: The Power of Passive Data : How passive monitoring of mobile phone data can allow us to understand more about peoples everyday lives when used in conjunction with attitudinal or behavioural elements of the TouchPoints survey

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Last updated 01/06/2016

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