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Improve your client agency relationships with Professor Julie Hay

As part of the IPA's ADAPT programme, Professor Julie Hay is helping clients and agencies to improve their working relationships.

Professor Hay, an expert in transactional analysis and neuro-linguistic programming, is helping us to develop two ideas which emerged from the first Adaptathon, which focused on improving client agency relationships. 

  • A relationship contract to help clients and agencies collaborate better together.   
  • research study on how interactions (known as 'strokes') can help create effective relationships.

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Hear from a relationship expert - then test yourself 

 Professor Hay shares her advice on creating strong relationships at work, along with quizzes to help you understand your own working style. 

About Professor Hay 

Professor Hay is Chief Executive of training consultancy Psychological Intelligence Ltd. She has over 40 years of managerial and consultancy experience in the public and private sectors and has trained managers across the world. 

She has a postgraduate diploma in management and a masters degree for research into managerial characteristics, is an internationally accredited trainer in neuro-linguistic programming and in transactional analysis with organisational and educational specialisms. She is a prolific author of books on people skills and organisational change, including Working it Out at Work: Understanding Attitudes and Building Relationships. 

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