Mental fitness will grow your business

After weeks of over indulgence and teetering on the fiscal cliff the last thing anyone needs is to be corralled into extracurricular activity that will interfere with the extensive to do list that is January. Being the traditional time for never kept resolutions, the IPA suggests a more realistic approach to enable ambitious practitioners to outshine their peers in 2013.

Set yourself one objective: to become more knowledgeable.

Agency CPD submissions show that businesses that invest in learning and development perform better. Knowing more than the competition will make you more attractive to clients.

To support membership CPD we offer some tasty morsels that won’t increase your waist line but will broaden your horizons and help you fulfil your ambitions for the year ahead, to ensure your new found knowledge influences business performance, get involved.

The IPA Foundation Certificate is for those starting in the industry, there’s 30 hours of free learning online which will give you the knowledge to perform your role with confidence and expertise, the programme takes you through brand communications from client brief to final execution and evaluation.

If you are itching to take the strategic lead on your client’s business then enrol on our Strategic Planning course, Ellie Kaye, Planner LBi explains, “This course is designed to gird and empower the planner, to reconsider the terrain in which we operate. It made me feel stronger, tougher and more excited about every brief I will ever write. I highly recommend it.” Three intense days with top agency planners from creative, media, digital and data backgrounds is a sure fire way to kick start your strategic planning career.

The IPA Advanced Certificate is a demanding and must have qualification for media planning professionals. This online programme, entirely written by media practitioners, will give you everything you need to excel in your role, from the ability to create compelling communications strategies, to understanding the dynamic media and technological landscape.

For those who fancy a bigger challenge and have a passion for understanding how brands work consider the IPA Excellence Diploma, the output being the NPD of the advertising industry. Pete Buckley from MEC sums it up: “Once you do the Diploma you’ll never look at brands in the same way again”, Graeme Douglas of W+K added “It opened my eyes, it dared me to question our industry and its established wisdom, and brought a sense of perspective to my thinking”.

Blow away the cobwebs and blow your client’s minds with your new found expertise.

View the full list of upcoming (provisional) dates and deadlines for the Professional Development Programme in 2013.

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