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TouchPoints Champions

Launch of TouchPoints Champions Initiative

We have recently launched our TouchPoints Champions Initiative, where each TouchPoints subscriber nominates up to two representatives to work with the IPA to find out how we can help them get the most from the data for their clients.

The initiative is a great way for people who are new to the industry to get a foundation in how research data is used across agencies and media owners and to also network with their peers. Any time spent working on the TouchPoints Champions Initiative also counts towards CPD hours for IPA member agencies.

The TouchPoints Champions will feed back to us on the types of training materials, infographics, presentations etc., which they would find useful, to ensure that anything we produce is helpful to each subscriber.

We will also hold quarterly TouchPoints Champions’ breakfast meetings, where the TouchPoints Champions from agencies and media owners can get together and talk about the ways in which they use TouchPoints, the training materials they need and any concerns they have.

We will also be inviting guest speakers from the helpdesks of Telmar, Nielsen IMS and Kantar Choices, who will run through the top TouchPoints queries and demonstrate some TouchPoints’ ‘Quick Wins’. The first quarterly meeting will be held at 9:30 am on Friday, 23rd June at the IPA.

Please contact us to find out who your champion is.

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Last updated 10/08/2017

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