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TouchPoints FAQs

Background information to the IPA TouchPoints initiative providing some frequently asked questions and answers.

Is there a published report?
No, it would be almost impossible to produce a volume big enough for all the insights and information produced by TouchPoints. The data are accessed using the planning software available through the industry’s systems bureau companies.  Users can then specify the exact information and analysis they require, according to specific brief on which they are working.

How flexible is the Survey?
TouchPoints is designed to be very flexible, enabling basic standard enquiry and more sophisticated customised analysis using industry-recognised software. The Hub Survey by itself offers much new knowledge and its application is advanced by the integration into the existing media currencies to provide a new planning base. If they wish, users can add their own knowledge and research perspectives to develop tailored solutions and rationale.

When are/were the Survey periods?

Fieldwork dates and corresponding currency periods can be found on the TouchPoints Methodology page.

How easy was it for respondents to complete the Survey?

Very easy – and enjoyable! The survey methodology was thoroughly tested and checked at all stages, including a pilot study in 2004 which established that respondents understood how to use the PDA . The use of PDAs ensured very high levels of quality control especially important as respondent data entry is time sensitive. Typically, respondents complete their diary several times on the day and within two hours of an activity taking place.

Who is the Survey relevant to?
In short, anyone in the communications business who needs a better understanding of, and insight into, their target audience.  The extensive media intelligence is just one aspect of the Survey which also investigates consumer behaviour and lifestyles. The survey offers knowledge and insight to anyone who is looking to influence the relationships between brands and consumers.

How to calculate sample sizes

When looking at sample sizes, if the user divides the respondent number by 10, this will give an "estimated" sample size.

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Last updated 20/05/2015

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