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TouchPoints Insight Nuggets

Here we have a library of presentations, charts, infographics and videos to use and share

TouchPoints: What it is and what's new in TouchPoints 2017

We have produced a great booklet to tell you all you need to know about TouchPoints in 2 minutes along with information on all of the new updates for 2017.

The booklet is available here.

TouchPoints: The Media Day in 2017

This is our third iteration of the Media Day which is published each year along with the new data and shows key media facts across the day.

Infographic: The Media Day in 2017

TouchPoints: In Focus

TouchPoints: In Focus look at specific audiences and will include 5 headline facts about them.

22 - 29 year old men

15 - 34 year old women

15 - 19 year olds


Business Decision Makers

Children aged 0-3 in Household

Housewives with children in Household

Gym goers

Gift card buyers

25 - 34 year old Londoners

Female chief shoppers

Football supporters


Pet owners

New car buyers

Health food buyers

AB social grade

University students

Females aged 60+

Skilled Tradespeople

Theatre goers


Home owners & home buyers

TouchPoints: Top 10 facts

The "TouchPoints top 10 facts" are the 2017 - 2018 range of TouchPoints infographics which we will be publishing up until September's launch.





Online audio

Out of Home



Social media


TouchPoints Insight Nuggets Archive

Take a look at all of the TouchPoints infographics and bitezise presentations which we have produced in the past.

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