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TouchPoints Insight Nuggets

Here we have a library of presentations, charts, infographics and videos to use and share

TouchPoints 2016 Top-Line Data

We have done a complete review of the current self-completion questionnaire and as part of this we have analysed the top line results for every question we ask. TouchPoints Subscribers who would like a copy of this document, please make a request by e-mail here.

Video: An Introduction to TouchPoints in Three Minutes

We have produced a very short video explaining what TouchPoints is and how it works. It takes less than three minutes to watch and is available here. Please share it with any of your colleagues who want to know more about TouchPoints.

The Introduction to TouchPoints video is also availableon YouTube here.

TouchPoints Infographics

TouchPoints Infographics are a great way to gain a better understanding of the breadth of the TouchPoints dataset and what it can tell you.

TouchPoints Infographic 1 looks at Shopping Habits

TouchPoints Infographic 2 looks at Britain's New Seven-Day Week

TouchPoints Infographic 3 looks at The Media Day in 2015

TouchPoints Infographic 4 looks at TouchPoints Passive Data

TouchPoints Infographic 5 looks at Students

TouchPoints Infographic 6 looks at Silver Surfers

TouchPoints Infographic 7 looks at Social Networking

TouchPoints Infographic 8 looks at Connected Devices

TouchPoints Infographic 9 looks at The Media Day in 2016

TouchPoints Infographic 10 looks at Dual Screening

TouchPoints Infographic 11 looks at The Rise of the Smartphone Zombie

TouchPoints Infographic 12 looks at Passive Data and How It Can Be Used

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future TouchPoints Infographics

TouchPoints Reports

TouchPoints Reports provide an in-depth deep dive into specific areas of the TouchPoints data.

TouchPoints Report 1: The Power of Passive Data

TouchPoints Report 2: Smartphones and Tablets - Help you work, rest and play

TouchPoints Bitesized Presentations

TouchPoints Bitesized are designed for clients to illustrate the type of data TouchPoints has on a specific topic. These presentations will be useful for anyone with an interest in that particular topic whether agency or media owner. 

TouchPoints Bitesized 1 looks at Dual Screening

TouchPoints Bitesized 2 looks at Connected Devices (TouchPoints6)

TouchPoints Bitesized 3 looks at Post and Mail (TouchPoints6)

TouchPoints Bitesized 4 looks at Social Networking (TouchPoints6)

TouchPoints Bitesized 5 looks at Students (TouchPoints6)

TouchPoints Bitesized 6 looks at Silver Surfers (TouchPoints6)

TouchPoints Bitesized 7 looks at Mums (TouchPoints6)

TouchPoints Bitesized 8 looks at Shopping (TouchPoints6)

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future versions of TouchPoints Bitesized.

TouchPoints Smart: Passive Data Presentations

TouchPoints Smart allows users to easily combine passively collected smartphone data with respondent level e.Diary data.

To give examples of what passive data can be used for, we have put together a collection of presentations.

TouchPoints Smart 1 looks at Women & Gaming

TouchPoints Smart 2 looks at Social Media Usage

TouchPoints Smart 3 looks at Mobile Newspaper Brands

TouchPoints Smart 4 looks at Mobile TV Networks

TouchPoints Smart 5 looks at Mobile Streaming of Video and TV

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future versions of TouchPoints Smart.

The 9 October 2015 saw the launch of the sixth iteration of the TouchPoints survey. Newly published research has provided real-time, current insight into the the Nation’s lifestyle, mood and media usage in 2015. Here are some interesting insights into life in 2015.

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