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TouchPoints News Archive

Archived TouchPoints news and press coverage

TouchPoints 2017 Daily Life Launch Photos

TouchPoints 2017 launched on the 15th of September at BAFTA.

See the photos from the event here

What's New in TouchPoints 2017?

We have produced a great booklet to tell you all you need to know about TouchPoints in two minutes along with information on all of the new updates for 2017.

The TouchPoints 2017 booklet is available here

TouchPoints Champions Update

We held our second TouchPoints Champions meeting last month. There was a great turnout which resulted in a really engaging and collaborative session which saw the champions working together to create “day in the life” profiles. In our next session on the 30th November we will be announcing the winning team who will deservedly receive a fantastic prize.

The TouchPoints software bureaux  were also present, they demonstrated how their programs could help users get more insight and value out of TouchPoints and they also discussed how roadblocks could be overcome. We are really looking forward to keeping up the momentum in our next session, taking place here at the IPA on 30th November, prior to our subscriber drinks.

We also have the rare opportunity to welcome a very inspiring speaker to join us early next year for our fourth TouchPoints Champions meeting, so watch this space….

Find out who your TouchPoints champion is

TouchPoints 2017 Featured in Harpers Wine and Spirit

Harpers Wine and Spirit have published an article looking at the changing habits of British consumers and the implications for the alcohol trade using data from TouchPoints 2017.
Read the article here

New: TouchPoints Day in the Life App

A great new subscriber tool for running quick Day in the Life charts for TouchPoints 2017.

The TouchPoints Day in the Life app is available to TouchPoints 2017 subscribers here

Data Launches for TouchPoints 2017

The TouchPoints Passive Data will be available via your software provider from week commencing 13th November . It contains data passively collected via smartphone and tablet and can be cross analysed with the rest of the TouchPoints data set.

The TouchPoints 2017 Channel Planner will also be available via your software provider from week commencing 13th November. It contains the new VoD metrics which can be used for cross media planning. Please contact your software bureau for more information about delivery.

New: VoD Metrics available in TouchPoints 2017

We are delighted to announe that 21 VoD channels are now available for analysis in the TouchPoints Channel Planner in all bureaux systems. This means subscribers to TouchPoints can plan VoD within a cross media campaign. The new data includes all viewing by PC/Laptop, TV set or any mobile or tablet device. It has been modelled from the core TouchPoints data and verified by the buy and sell side. It covers all of the major broadcasters as well as news services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Find out more about VoD in TouchPoints 2017 here

New: Targetable Media available in TouchPoints 2017

Telmar have also introduced the ability to create targetable media in TouchPoints 2017 Channel Planner. This allows users to analyse a programmatic or addressable targets alongside traditional media metrics derived from industry media currencies. The new functionality also means that proxy media derived from TouchPoints can be analysed and planned against as part of a cross media campaign for the first time e.g. coffee cups.

Find out more about Targetable Media in TouchPoints 2017 here

The Audiences Not Platforms Methodology Explained

In 2014, The Guardian developed Audiences Not Platforms, a new methodology for adding media channels which were not part of the industry currencies into the TouchPoints Channel Planner..

This paper explains how this was accomplished, it's results and the future development of the technique. It was presented by Ian Gibbs, previously of The Guardian and now of Data Storage and Lynne Robinson at the recent Publishing & Data Research Forum (PDRF).  

The Audiences Not Platforms paper is available here

Launch of TouchPoints Champions Initiative

We have recently launched our TouchPoints Champions Initiative, where each TouchPoints subscriber nominates up to two representatives to work with the IPA to find out how we can help them get the most from the data for their clients.

The initiative is a great way for people who are new to the industry to get a foundation in how research data is used across agencies and media owners and to also network with their peers. Any time spent working on the TouchPoints Champions Initiative also counts towards CPD hours for IPA member agencies.

The TouchPoints Champions will feed back to us on the types of training materials, infographics, presentations etc., which they would find useful, to ensure that anything we produce is helpful to each subscriber.

We will also hold quarterly TouchPoints Champions’ breakfast meetings, where the TouchPoints Champions from agencies and media owners can get together and talk about the ways in which they use TouchPoints, the training materials they need and any concerns they have.

We will also be inviting guest speakers from the helpdesks of Telmar, Nielsen IMS and Kantar Choices, who will run through the top TouchPoints queries and demonstrate some TouchPoints’ ‘Quick Wins’. The first quarterly meeting will be held at 9:30 am on Friday, 23rd June at the IPA.

Please contact us to find out who your champion is.

TouchPoints Smart dashboard: helping you to interpret passive data

We have now launched the Smart dashboard for the TouchPoints 2016 passive data.

Click here to find out more.

TouchPoints Breakfast Briefings: a round-up and what's to come

We have recently run two very successful morning events which are free for TouchPoints subscribers.

The first saw a distinguished panel of speakers - including Sarah Gale from OMD and Oli Robertson from Thinkbox - ‘Rethinking outdated stereotypes’. The second event was focussed on media channels and highlighted how different media owners use the data to drive commercial value.

We are currently planning the next two sessions. The first will highlight the new planning functionality which we are introducing for VoD campaigns and the second will be looking at how subscribers use the mood data in TouchPoints.

If you have a great case study using TouchPoints data which you would like to share then we’d love to hear from you.

TouchPoints launches VoD metric

We are very pleased to announce VoD channels will be available within the TouchPoints Channel Planner from the beginning of June This new metric will allow TouchPoints subscribers to plan VoD within a cross media campaign environment.
The new VoD data does include all viewing by PC/Laptop, TV set or any mobile device and has been modelled from the core TouchPoints data. The reach and frequency results have been checked and verified by the major broadcasters.
If you would like further documentation explaining the methodology please contact us.

Doreen Dignan joins the TouchPoints Team

We are very excited to welcome Doreen Dignan to the TouchPoints team. Doreen is an experienced research and insight professional. Before branching out independently, much of her career was spent with advertising agencies - both creative and media, in the US and UK. Ogilvy, Mindshare, MediaCom and Denstu Aegis, to mention a few.
Doreen has worked with a diverse list of clients from public (e.g., Home Office, Public Health England) and private (e.g. HSBC, Unilever) sectors, multi-national and domestic.
Doreen joins the IPA as the Head of Research and Survey Management for TouchPoints, a good fit for someone who's enthusiastic about the impact of digital technology on society in general and media research in particular.

TouchPoints Works 2: Showcasing the best TouchPoints case studies

Following on from TouchPoints Works 1, TouchPoints Works 2 was published in April 2017. It is an overview of the best TouchPoints case histories from the past couple of years. TouchPoints Works 2 shows some of the many ways in which our subscribers have used the unique TP data to gain actionable insights on behalf of their clients. The case histories cover thirteen agencies, four media owners and two media trade bodies.

TouchPoints Works 2 is available here.

TouchPoints 2017 Status Update and 2018 Consultations

The production of TouchPoints 2017 is progressing at a pace. We have now completed the fieldwork for TouchPoints Daily Life which will launch in September and have a larger sample size of over 6000 GB adults.
The launch of TouchPoints 2017 Daily Life will take place on Friday, 15th of September at BAFTA (Invites to follow nearer the time). The TouchPoints 2017 Channel Planner and Passive Data will follow by the end of 2017.

We will also be holding our client consultations for TouchPoints 2018 in October, please let us know if you would like to be involved.

TouchPoints 2017 questionnaire and e-diary available now

We are pleased to announce that the TouchPoints 2017 questionnaire and e-diary are now available for download.

You can find the documents here:
TouchPoints 2017 self-completion questionnaire
TouchPoints 2017 e-diary

TouchPoints 2016 Passive Data

The TouchPoints 2016 Passive Data will be released on Wedneday 7th December 2016.  The released dataset includes the passive data for the 7-day e.diary week with reach metrics.  Due to changes in iOS, this dataset is not directly comparable with the previous passive data as the measurement methodology has changed.  
The full dataset will be available on request from the IPA.

TouchPoints 2016 Channel Planner Available Now

The TouchPoints 2016 Channel Planner was released on Tuesday 15th November. The 2016 data is also available via Channel Planner Light which is supplied by Telmar.

TouchPoints 2017 Update

The questionnaire reviews are now virtually complete for next year’s TouchPoints study.  TouchPoints 2017 goes in to field in January and will be published in September 2017.

New: TouchPoints 2016 Time Tracker

We have developed a useful dashboard which allows users to analyse specific “moments” in TouchPoints and then understand what happened before and what happened after.  For example, you can choose a media behaviour such as watching the TV live on a TV set at 10 pm during the week and see what else these people were doing in the same half hour (relaxing, drinking and snacking). Then you can look at what the same group of people were doing in the two half hours prior to and post 10pm.

Time Tracker is available to TouchPoints subscribers here.

New Video: TouchPoints Explained in Three Minutes

We have produced a very short video explaining what TouchPoints is and how it works. It takes less than three minutes to watch and is available here. Please share it with any of your colleagues who want to know more about TouchPoints.

The Introduction to TouchPoints video is available here.

New: TouchPoints Questionnaire Evolution 2006-2016

To help you to understand how TouchPoints has evolved over the last  10 years, we have produced a colour-coded version of the self-completion questionnaire and e.diary which shows when each question was added. This should help in making trend analysis between surveys much easier.

The questionnaire evolution document is available here.

New: TouchPoints 2016 Top-Line Data

We have done a complete review of the current self-completion questionnaire and as part of this we have analysed the top line results for every question we ask. 

TouchPoints Subscribers who would like a copy of this document, please make a request by e-mail here.

TouchPoints End of Year Round Up Photos

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures from our drinks reception here at the IPA held on 23rd November 2016, this evening was our way of saying thank you to our subscribers for all the help and support they have given us in making TouchPoints such a success over the past year.

You can find the event photos here.

TouchPoints 2016

TouchPoints is the place to go if you are looking for data around device use and also to understand both digital and analogue use of different media channels. There are also revised questions about video viewing – both short form and long form. If you want to find out more about what is covered in TouchPoints please either go to the IPA website and look at the TouchPoints Navigator or use this link to access the full versions of the questionnaires.

TouchPoints6 Passive Dataset launched

The passive dataset is collected via an app which is downloaded onto smartphones and tablets of a subset of TP6 Hub Survey respondents. It monitors all uses of these mobile devices therefore delivering a much more granular database including individual website and app usage over a 7 and 28 day period.

Used in conjunction with the TP Hub Survey, it provides a single source database for analysing consumers daily life, their pan media usage and their specific use of their mobile devices.

If you would like further information please contact the TouchPoints team.

TouchPoints Bitesized

TouchPoints Bitesized are designed for subscribers to illustrate some top level findings on a specific topic. Bitesized presentations are designed to be “nickable” and shareable and are usually no more than around 10 charts. Our latest Bitesized is on Connected Devices and can be found here.

If you have any ideas for subjects for future Bitesized presentations do let us know.

New TouchPoints Case Studies

One of TouchPoints most useful resources is our extensive library of subscribers’ case studies and examples – we have close to 100. These include case studies from every survey – from TP1 all the way to TP5. With TP6 now being regularly used by our subscribers, we will be hoping to add some TP6 examples later this year. Our existing case studies cover nearly 20 categories -  from airline to beauty, automotive to entertainment, charity to finance, government to retail – and also relate to a range of communication challenges that our subscribers have tackled for their clients.

We have recently updated our website with 10 new, varied TP5 examples from some of our big media agency subscribers, which make an interesting read. You can find them here.

If there is a particular category or communication task which you are looking for an example for and you can’t find it on the website, we may well have one – please get in touch.

Dan Flynn and Clare McNally-Luke join the TouchPoints team

We have two brand new team members to look after the annual running of the survey and to grow the sales and marketing focus of TouchPoints.

Find out more here.

TouchPoints 2016 Diary Dates

The launch of TouchPoints 2016 is already booked for September 15th at BAFTA, so please make a note in your diary now.

We are planning a breakfast session here at the IPA which addresses the question of how to use TouchPonts to answer a brief. The date is yet to be finalised but a “save the date” note will be sent out shortly.

Later in the year we are also planning our regular morning seminar where we showcase some agency case studies – this session is usually aimed at media owner subscribers. Again, a “save the date” will be sent out nearer the time.

Let's Talk About TouchPoints Passive Data Infographic

With the imminent launch of TP6 Passive data, we have produced a “Let’s talk about TouchPoints Passive Data” infographic which is designed to answer all your key questions about the TouchPoints Passive data set.

You can find the infographic here.

Launch of The TouchPoints6 Hub Survey

Over 200 people attended the launch of the TP6 Hub Survey at BAFTA on the 9th of October.

We had presentations from Neil Mortensen of ITV on the implications of becoming a content provider, Jennie Sallows of Kinetic on how mood affects receptivity, Ian Gibbs of the Guardian explaining Audiences not Platforms, Rolfe Swinton of Reality Mine on the global expansion of TouchPoints and Belinda Beeftink of the IPA taking a top line look at the new data an previewing two new TP analysis systems.

Take a look at the Presentations from the Launch of TouchPoints6.

Photos from The TouchPoints6 Hub Survey Launch available now

Take a look at the Photos from The Launch of TouchPoints6.

First look at The TouchPoints6 Navigator

The richness of the TouchPoints database means it is often difficult to know exactly what the Hub Survey covers. The newly launched TouchPoints Navigator dashboard provides a quick and user friendly interface to search the entire Hub Survey.

Take a look at the TouchPoints6 Navigator.

Brand New TouchPoints Channel Planner Lite

The Channel Planner Lite has been developed in response to subscribers wishing to have a simpler, faster and easier channel planning tool to use with TouchPoints, designed for top level planning. It has been jointly developed with Telmar and access is available via Telmar.

Take a look at Channel Planner Lite.

TouchPoints Insight Nuggets section re-vamped

We have recently re-vamped our TouchPoints Insight Nuggets section to include a variety of fantastic new insights from TouchPoints. In the section you will now find a range of Bitesized presentations which look at key topics through TouchPoints data. You will also find TouchPoints Smart presentations which look at key market areas through TouchPoints passive mobile phone data.

The section will be updated monthly with new charts and presentations and will be highlighted to TouchPoints subscribers through our monthly TouchPoints Update e-mails.

Find out about TouchPoints Insight Nuggets.

New: TouchPoints Bitesized presentation looks at Social Networking

We have recently added a new TouchPoints Bitesized presentation which looks at how people interact with social media through TouchPoints research.  The presentation shows a range of interesting findings which demonstrate the unique nature of the TouchPoints data.

Find out more about TouchPoints Bitesized: Social Networking.

New: TouchPoints Smart presentation looks at Mobile Newspaper brands through passive data

Passive data offers a window into the everyday lives of people through looking at how they interact with their smartphones. By analysing this data through TouchPoints Smart, we have been able to find out how people use mobile newspaper brands whilst on the move.

Find out more about TouchPoints Smart: Mobile Newspaper Brands.

TouchPoints6 Status

The production of TouchPoints6 is progressing at a pace. We are well underway with data collection on both the Hub Survey and the latest passive data which now includes a tablet sample.

We are scheduled to launch the Hub Survey in October and the Channel Planner by the end of the year.

The TP6 Hub Survey has been extensively updated. In particular, it will deliver a much clearer picture of the device used for accessing each medium on a half hourly basis. We have also expanded the definition of each medium to include its online consumption so television looks at all video consumption, radio all audio and newsbrands all news consumption etc.

Click on the links for a more in depth look the TP6 e.diary and self-completion questionnaire.

New consumer insights from the TP Passive Data

We have developed an easy to use dashboard called TouchPoints Smart which helps users get into the passive data quickly and easily. We have created a number of short presentations using TouchPoints Smart, covering Gaming and Women, Social Media use and most recently Mobile and Newspaper brands. If you would like copies of any of these presentations or if you would like to see TouchPoints Smart in action please let us know.

In addition to the dashboard we have also commissioned a report called "The Power of Passive data", which outlines our overall smart phone use and then looks in some depth at how we use communications apps, how we use social media via our smartphones and how we access Media content apps and sites and how we access General Commerce apps and sites.

Mobile metric now available in Telmar's Channel Planner

We have worked with Telmar to create a mobile metric which can be used in the Channel Planner. This means that for the first time mobile can be planned alongside all other media - what can mobile add to a TV schedule or an Out of Home schedule for example! For more information about access to the mobile metric please get in touch or contact Telmar.

TouchPoints goes global

We are delighted to announce two very exciting global developments for TouchPoints.

1. SMV Mediavest Group have announced that it is expanding its PACE Panel - its proprietary global consumer knowledge platform - with the inclusion of the UK TouchPoints Hub Survey and other ‘TouchPoints – like’ consumer centric, cross media datasets from around the world.

2. Following the licensing of the TouchPoints name and logos to Reality Mine, RM has announced an expansion of its US operation and that it will be launching TouchPoints syndicated services around the world including markets such as India and China.

The TP Training Module has been re-launched

We have just launched the completely updated e-learning module, Introduction to TouchPoints.

The updated module tells you everything you need to know to get started using TouchPoints in an easy to use and intuitive way. Completing the training module takes between 3 and 5 hours and IPA members can claim these on their CPD logs.

The new learning module can be accessed here.

IPA launches TouchPoints Smart

The IPA has launched TouchPoints Smart, a highly visual user friendly, analytics tool providing IPA TouchPoints subscribers with in-depth insight into how TouchPoints 5 respondents use their smartphones.

The IPA's TouchPoints Smart allows users to easily and quickly combine the passively collected smartphone data together with the richness of theTouchPoint 5 e-diary data, enabling users to analyse for example, what respondents are doing on their smartphones whilst watching TV during peak time on a Saturday night.

Belinda Beeftink, Deputy Research Director, IPA: “This tool makes it easy for subscribers to quickly gain insight from a highly complex and extremely large data set. It brings the analysis to the user and means that access to the data is not limited to specialist analysts.”

Find out more information about TouchPoints Smart.

IPA to publish TouchPoints annually from 2015

The IPA has announced that it will be producing the sixth TouchPoints data set in 2015 and that, following discussions with subscribers, TouchPoints will move to an annual publication cycle from 2015 onwards. 

The TouchPoints data set is a unique cross platform, cross media data set which can be used through all stages of the campaign planning and post evaluation process. The new dataset will also include passive data collected by monitoring all usage of respondent’s smart phones and tablets.

The IPA pioneered the TouchPoints approach to consumer centric, cross-media measurement, publishing the first dataset in 2006. It has since been copied in most major advertising markets around the world.

Lynne Robinson, IPA Research Director, “We look forward to transforming TouchPoints into an annual dataset. As the communications landscape becomes ever more complex, the insight TouchPoints delivers on the consumer’s media journey becomes increasingly relevant.”  For further examples and information, visit the TouchPoints section of the IPA website. 

Publication - 10 Years of Case Studies with TouchPoints Works

We are delighted to present our new publication, TouchPoints Works. This guide looks into some of the best client case studies showcasing how TouchPoints can be used effectively across all stages of the communication planning process.
Lynne Robinson, Research Director, IPA: “It is ten years since the IPA launched the TouchPoints initiative to address the growing agency need for consumer centric, independent and industry available data which could be used to plan and evaluate the growing number of cross channel and platform campaigns. At that time we had little idea just how complex the communications landscape would become and how essential TouchPoints would be in the communications decision making process. We hope that the examples we are showcasing in this guide will inspire our subscribers to get even more from TouchPoints and use the data in ever more diverse and creative ways.”
The guide is free to IPA members/subscribers and £50 to non-IPA members. It is available as a pdf here or as a hard copy here.

IPA TouchPoints EventTP6-event-200

To mark the launch of TouchPoints Works and to say a huge thank you to our clients we had a little get together in November. We would like to thank everyone who came and enjoyed the short presentation as well as the canapés and champagne.

View photos from the event.

TouchPoints BiteSized – New Short Topic Presentations

We are pleased to say that we’ve started producing a series of short topic presentations under the banner TouchPoints Bitesized. These are designed for clients to illustrate the type of data TouchPoints has on a specific topic. These presentations will be useful for anyone with an interest in that particular topic whether agency or media owner.
The TouchPoints Bitesized decks available now are are Dual- Screening, Devices and integrating TouchPoints with other sources. If you have any suggestions for future topics please get in touch with the TouchPoints team here.

IPA hosts TouchPoints breakfast event highlighting what TouchPoints can tell us about newsbrands

Read more

TouchPoints5 now launched

The IPA launched the TouchPoints5 (TP5) Hub Survey at BAFTA where over 200 people attended.

Read more

New Life Mapper tool for easy access to TouchPoints top-line data

The IPA has developed TouchPoints Life Mapper in partnership with Kinetic. It provides users with easy access to top-line data from the TouchPoints5 Hub survey published in March 2014

Read more

TouchPoints5 Channel Planner available in early summer

Coming soon with the latest industry currencies integrated onto the TouchPoints5 Hub Survey.

Read more

TouchPoints5 to include passive measurement data

Passive data reports activity which has taken place on the respondent's smartphone, including location via GPS.

Read more

Route data now available on the TouchPoints4 Channel Planner

Route data has now been incorporated into the TouchPoints4 Channel Planner and is available through your usual software supplier.

Read more

TouchPoints relaunches in the US

The US version of TouchPoints has been relaunched.

Read more

Facebook and BBC amongst TouchPoints new subscribers

TouchPoints is now a recognised media currency that is used by over 50 subscribers.

Read more

TouchPoints Insight Nuggets: useful factsheets & insights from TouchPoints data

The TouchPoints website now includes a click-through button to a new interactive area with ready-to-use information and charts.

Read more

TP4 fieldwork completed:

Ipsos have finished the fieldwork for TouchPoints4 – the process has gone very smoothly and to the agreed timeplan. Like TP3, the sample has been primarily drawn from NRS and RAJAR recontacts, with the remainder coming from Ipsos’s own access panels.

The data is now being passed on to RSMB for expansion onto the BARB Establishment Survey and the integration with TGI data to form the Hub Survey – this is scheduled for launch in April. The Channel Planner will be ready for release in July after the remaining industry currencies have been fused onto the Hub.

The Hub contains a wealth of new questions particularly on shopping, mood, experiential marketing and how and when people use the internet and on what device.

Sneak Preview:

We have some interim data (unweighted) from Ipsos on the new shopping and mood questions.

These show that less than 5% of waking hours are spent shopping or purchasing, over 90% of shopping still takes place in person and two thirds of purchases are for less than £20.

In terms of mood, the new emoticon section showed our respondents tend to be a happy lot with just over 50% of all waking timeslots being recorded as feeling happy, although 20% of timeslots were recorded as feeling tired.

Are we happier when we are shopping? We will have to wait for April to look at that....

Finally, a quick hole count on the time spent using i-pads shows that they account for about 2% of all our internet access…..

Ipsos are recruiting respondents to take part in the TouchPoints app test. Ipsos is working with Lumi Mobile (winner of Research Magazine’s Best Innovation Award in December 2011) to turn the TouchPoints diary into an app which can be used on the 4 main smartphone platforms: iOS (iPhone), Symbian, Blackberry and Android. The test will allow us to evaluate the take up rate, completion and compliance by smartphone operating system and test the clarity of installation instructions and reminder mechanisms.

As well as keeping the TouchPoints diary for a week on their smartphone, respondents will also be asked if the passive app can be installed. If they accept, all their smartphone activity will also be captured for 4 weeks. This will allow us to report on top-line usage of the different smartphone functions (calls, SMS, apps, web browsing, etc…), the top apps and websites, as well as the differences between smartphone operating systems.

If successful, we are planning to introduce the app methodology into the TP5 fieldwork.

TouchPoints USA:

Following the launch of TouchPoints USA in October 2011 as a continuous survey, sales are steaming ahead with 7 of the top 15 US media agencies ready to sign up. They will be joining ESPN, the global cable television network, and Katz Marketing Solutions, the largest provider of advanced analytics to the US radio industry.

To date, the data which uses the MRI database (press and product usage) as its sample source, has been successfully fused with the Nielsen Television Index and Nielsen NetView (for online audience measurement) surveys, as well as Keller Fay’s TalkTrack Word of Mouth database.

TouchPoints Seminar:

RIBA presentations:

150 delegates from media agencies and media owners attended the latest TouchPoints Half-Day Seminar on 5th October, giving unique insights on how our subscribers use the Hub Survey and Channel Planner.

The very successful event featured presentations from Kate Cox from MPG Media Contacts, Neil Mortensen from Thinkbox, Martin Greenbank from Arena Media, Kat Bozicevich from Manning Gottlieb OMD, Stuart McDonald from NI Commercial, Denise Turner from MPG Media Contacts and an update on TP4 by Belinda Beeftink from the IPA.

For further information please read our TouchPoints Archive

Last updated 09/03/2018

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