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Using the Hub Survey

Information on using the TouchPoints Hub Survey as an integral part of the communications strategy process

1.  Role of the Hub Survey
The TouchPoints Hub Survey can be used in all stages of the communications strategy development process.  It is particularly useful for defining and understanding target markets.  It can also be used to produce a candidate list of media channels that can be interrogated in-depth later on through the ‘currency linked’ TouchPoints Channel Planner.

2.  Defining target markets
Target markets can be defined in a number of ways through the Hub.  Chiefly these ‘graphics’ can be constructed from standard demographics, such as sex, age, class, terminal age of education, presence of children etc.  Alternatively markets can be defined via geographics (non-overlap TV regions) or geodemographics (MOSAIC or ACORN).  However, the Hub can go much further than this by allowing targets to be defined through a selection of questions on attitudes, opinions and views on life, companies, brands, business, advertising and so on.

As a large part of TouchPoints is devoted to reaching target markets effectively through media, each medium has a section of questions specifically dedicated to it.  These ‘media values’ questions can again help define a target market or sections of a target market.

The Hub is unique in that it allows target markets to be defined based on actual behaviour taken directly from the PDA time based diary.  Here we have the opportunity to construct target markets based on amount of time spent with family members, friends, work colleagues and so on.  We can also identify people that spend more or less time than average with their children, with their partners, at work, travelling, shopping etc.

As the e.diary shows activities by half hour, time of day/day of week targets can also be constructed such as ‘late night shoppers’ or ‘Sunday shoppers’.  Alternatively the Hub can be used to identify those who shop mid-week without their children and/or shop weekends with their children.  We can also use the Hub to define target markets based on multi-tasking, allowing us to identify people who are truly time stressed as opposed to those who just think they are (via the attitudinal questions).
The range of target market definitions possible is extensive and multidimensional.  As such, a target market can be created that includes combinations of demographic, attitudinal and time based criteria.

Please note: The only target markets that can not be directly duplicated across the Hub Survey and The Channel Planner are those that involve a media based filter.  This is because the Hub Survey media data was replaced with currency level data in the Integrated Database.  This is to avoid potential conflict between two media contact definitions and to ensure usage of the official currencies during schedule planning.  Apart from this one limitation, all other TouchPoints Hub Survey targeting options have been made available within the Channel Planner.

3.  Analysing target markets
Once a target market is defined through the Hub we can begin to analyse it in a number of ways.  We could for instance construct a ‘week in the life’ of our target covering all aspects of their lives (some of which have been touched upon above).  This analysis could contain time series of their behaviours over the week – from the moment that they wake up - to the time that they go to bed – from Monday to Sunday.

The full battery of attitudinal questions can be run against the target in order to understand mindsets and views and opinions.  Other analyses can be conducted such as geo-demographic profiling, usage of technology etc.  Again a number of analysis possibilities exist across the Survey that in combination, should supply a deep understanding of the target market.

4.  Analysing media channels
We can also investigate a target market’s relationships with media.  We can look at which media are consumed and when they are consumed – across the day/week.  We can investigate how different sections of the target market use and respond to each medium.  Through these analyses we can begin to develop a clear understanding of target market’s relationships with media.  In turn this will allow us to develop a candidate list of channels for the next part of the communications planning process i.e. media vehicle by media vehicle schedule planning.  It is at this point that we should turn to the TouchPoints Channel Planner.

Note:  Copies of the contents of the Hub Survey can be examined via the Hub Survey self-completion questionnaire and e.Diary.   Download copies of these.

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