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Tracy De Groose, CEO at Carat, on what inspires her...

I’m not a regular church goer, but just before Christmas I went. Not because I’m a believer, but because they have an amazing choir. It’s across the road from me and I saw it as an opportunity to hear some beautiful arias for free. The music was inspiring, and in fact so was the sermon.
The lady vicar talked about how, thanks to technology, we don’t have to queue for anything anymore – speedy boarding, order on line and pick up in store, the list goes on. Whilst we all see this as a positive, her point was that it can be a negative. Why? Because queuing and waiting in queues is the perfect time to think. If we’re not queuing as much are we thinking less? Her concern was simple.

Two observations from this
  1. Go and do something you’ve not done before, it’s amazing what you can learn (like going to church was for me)
  2. While technology is a source of constant stimulation and inspiration, don’t assume you’re naturally thinking more because of it. In fact the opposite is probably true
Let’s all make sure that we use the time we save by queuing less to think more.

One final thought to any woman this week considering whether or not to put themselves forward as “Women of Tomorrow”, check out someone who really inspired me - Sheryl Sandberg. Watch her Ted talk here and make sure you “take your seat at the table”.

Sorry, no list from me. Some brilliant people have already done this. I thought a story might be nice.

The deadline for entries for the Women of Tomorrow competition is 6th February. Enter here
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