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Women of Tomorrow - Further guidance

FAQ's for the 2018 Women of Tomorrow Awards, and advice from 2016 judges

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about entering the Women of Tomorrow Awards then take a look at our list of FAQ's first where you may find your answer.

Can I nominate myself as a Woman of Tomorrow?

Do I have to work at an IPA member agency to be eligible for entry?

What will the role of the nominator/senior approver be?

When is the entry deadline?

Will the deadline for entries be extended?

I'm a freelancer, can I still enter?

I'm part of a creative team, should I still submit an individual application?

I have entered in the past, can I enter again?

If a candidate is unable to attend the interview in person on the specified day, will a Skype interview be acceptable?

Can you offer any advice for writing a successful entry?

Who are the judges of the Women of Tomorrow Awards 2018?

If you have any further questions on the Women of Tomorrow Awards which are not featured here then please contact Ava Gill on

Advice from 2016 Judges

Alice Weightman offers her tips on how to write a successful entry after judging the 2016 Women of Tomorrow Awards.

Claire Beale shares her experience of judging the Women of Tomorrow Awards 2016.

Judges from the 2016 Women of Tomorrow Awards share their advice on what makes a successful candidate. 

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