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Meet the Professional Development Team

The IPA PD team provides member agencies with training courses and workshops which encompass core business skills and latest theory and practice.

Who are we?

The team is led by:

Patrick Mills, IPA Membership and Professional Development Director, 0207 201 8208  (All areas of professional development)

…and includes:

Louise Hinchliffe
, Associate Director of Professional Development 0207 201 8232 (Courses and Qualifications)

Indre Dragunaite, Head of Learning Technologies, 0207 201 8251 (Qualifications)

Sarah Vickerstaff, CPD Manager, 0207 201 8212 (CPD Accreditation, Individual and corporate)

Rosie Chiang, Qualifications Manager - UK & Global, 020 7201 8275 (All Qualifications)

Heather Maguire, Global Qualifications Executive, 020 7201 8248 (Eff Test, Global training)

Sara Assumani, Professional Development Executive, 020 7201 8245 (LegRegs, Commercial Certificate, Foundation Certificate)

Rebecca Joyce, CPD & MIPA Executive, 020 7201 8231 (CPD, Personal Membership)

Gwyn March,Training Officer, 07775 764960 (CPD, IPA Services)

Gus Annetts, CPD and Membership Consultant, 0207 210 8278 (CPD, IPA Services)

How can we help?

The PD team’s goal is to set benchmarks for best practice throughout the industry, to give people the tools to take control of their own learning and thrive – collectively and individually throughout their career.

  • A full training and Continuous Professional Development programme for individuals working in member agencies with over 100 specifically designed training courses and workshops encompassing core business skills and latest theory and practice. Every year, more than 100 of our member agencies take part in this programme.
  • Training forum for those responsible for training within agencies, to share ideas, meet our trainers, develop themselves and network with people in similar roles.
  • one2one mentoring scheme is a free service designed to help people working in IPA member agencies develop new skills, overcome career challenges and benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of some of our industry’s best. Over 50 agencies are involved providing the ‘Top 100’ mentors for the scheme.
  • Bespoke training and consultancy on all training and development issues.


“CPD plays a big role at AMV BBDO and helps ensure we maintain high standards across the agency. We are committed to encouraging a learning culture and ensuring that everyone is given the opportunity to develop and build on their strengths, in both client-facing and non-client facing roles. 
CPD not only encourages and supports the talent within the agency, but also provides added value through increasing knowledge, skills and experience."
       Richard Arscott, Managing Director, AMV BBDO

“CPD gives me an even greater confidence in how IPA member agencies are helping to drive real competitive advantage and results for a business like my own."
Peter Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, Post Office

“Many service sectors have Continuous Professional Development and it's fantastic that the IPA has pioneered CPD within its agency membership. Clients want the best talent working on their business and they want to be sure that the people they employ to look after and build their brands are continuously refreshing their skills. The world of communications is moving so fast that everyone working in the sector needs to ensure constantly that they are up to speed with the latest tools, techniques and thinking. The IPA's CPD programme should deliver this knowledge to all who participate."
Debbie Morrison, Director of Membership Services, ISBA

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