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For advice on UX, response rates, cookies and online media trends and metrics.

Who we are

Nigel Gwilliam is the IPA's Head of Digital and runs the IPA's Digital Creative/Media and Search Groups.

You can contact Nigel by email: or call: 020 7201 8250

How we can help

If you are not sure how or what we can help with, here are some typical questions we've answered:

  • I am looking at a complete overhaul of our digital strategy including our website, using customer insights and external communications. Where do I start? Or who do I turn to for advice.
  • We are looking to change the way we approach client management, what is the difference between a producer, project manager and an account manager?
  • Where does a digital strategist fit into the equation?
  • What is UX and how will this benefit my client or our agency structure?
  • What advice can you give with regard to complying with the new Cookies Law (PEC Reg 2011)?
  • When do we speak with compliance teams for projects or campaigns?
  • Last year we developed a microsite for a client, is this still a good way to engage people? Or is social media a better way of communicating?
  • what are the industry benchmark response rates for the following:
    1. Number of direct visits to a website from a national advertising campaign?
    2. Visits to a website from organic search during a national advertising campaign?
  • I'm looking for market updates for online media trends in Spain, UK, IT, Benelux and Nordics. More specifically, behavioural trends for gamers on Facebook and Youtube (or the online market in general) things like usage per day, UU by territory, as much info as possible really
  • We are interested in what the typical response rates are on brand campaigns with a respond to web element. Traditionally direct marketing based media has provided a response per impression/mail pack but we are interested in whether similar metrics are available for the following media:

    - Paid print activity
    - TV (brand rather than direct response)
    - Outdoor
    - Cinema
    - VOD


Member testimonials/responses

Nigel is always willing to help out and get involved with our projects.

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